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In the Limelight

~Our Charlie Mae Shines

Well, that is interesting. You might remember Charlie Mae as the girl who wears the Christmas lights every December. Here she is in all her glory–, isn’t this spectacular? Oh–what more can we say?


noun lime·​light | \ ˈlīm-ˌlīt  \

Definition of limelight

 (Entry 1 of 2)1aa stage lighting instrument producing illumination by means of an oxyhydrogen flame directed on a cylinder of lime and usually equipped with a lens to concentrate the light in a beambthe white light produced by such an instrumentcBritishSPOTLIGHT2the center of public attention

Addicted to

~the Longhair

Your new babies are beautiful! We named our pup Willow. She’s amazing. I am in awe of her everyday.

Can I ask how long of a wait list you have for long haired blue pups? Thanks so much! All the best, Julie

Breeder Comment

Dear Julie–we are happy you and the new fur-baby are doing excellent. Thank you, for letting us know. As for the Blue Longhair Wait List–well, we have a few folks waiting (maybe about six) exclusively for the Blue Longhair. We cannot say precisely how long it will take us to get them –we are working on it, it depends upon the girls cooperating. We need the right pairing. If we get the current option, there would be several Blue Longhairs coming by late summer or early fall. We don’t have a clue yet–we will keep trying until we get them, though. At least one person who says they want one has not yet given us a deposit—so there is that. Meaning we have some floaters that want one but are not invested enough to get us the Wait List Deposit. If you want on the list, we would need that deposit, Julie.

Applications are good for a year at most–information gets old. So, at some point, we have to have an updated application. And, as I said it requires the ($100) Longhair Wait List Deposit which applies towards the cost of the puppy. But if anyone who is reading this is wondering–it requires the approved application followed by a deposit to lock in a place on the Wait List.


~ Arrived in Boise

Mauka exploring her new yard

First, they stopped at Hank’s Home

Teresa Wrote: China just stopped by with their new puppy. OMG she is so adorable! She had a chance to meet Hank, and they figured out right away that they are related. They had a chance to play in the yard for a few minutes. I thought you’d like to see these cute pictures of their first play date. It reminded me of when Hank went to play with the Spights’ dogs when I first got him.  🙂

Breeder Comment

I am so very happy to see she already met Hank. They are going to be the best of friends. We know you are going to be really busy with getting her acclimated –doing the right things. We wish you all the best, and let us know if you need something.

Hank Updated

We’ve Relocated

Hank moved to a new house last summer, only a mile away from where he used to live. But his new house is bigger and it’s only four blocks from the park and all the fun trails in the Boise foothills. He loves to hike and play with other dogs. And he got to swim and hike in Coeur d’Alene this summer, too!

Molitor's Hank_8685

Molitor's Hank_7965
Here are a couple of cute pics of Hank:
Showing off his glow-in-the-dark collar, and (above) hiking in Coeur d’Alene on Tubbs Hill.
Breeder Comment
We are happy to hear that Hank is doing well. I am sure he loves his new roomy residence. We also have your application for another fur family member.
We look forward to working with you again–and hearing about your two-Weim family in the months ahead.
Thanks for everything–your loyalty, this update, and most of all for providing the best of everything for Hank. We truly appreciate you!

Draping Lights

On Charlie Mae

     ~The Annual Tradition


“Woof” “and now, every year it this with the lights.”

You can tell it’s Christmas time at the Spight house!!🎄🎄🎄. We got Charlie Mae 5 years ago just before Christmas and she wouldn’t leave the lights alone when I was trying to fix them and I wrapped her up. Been a traditional activity ever since!


Feeling Off

I Guess it is Cabin Fever

phillips-lulu-and-lyla-ghee2Snow days kinda make me naughty… Even Lulu Jo looks disgusted at Lyla Ghee for helping herself to a seat at the table.  Snow days seem to bring the worst out in little Lyla Ghee but man she sure is a cute rule breaker!  She would sit at the table all day if we would let her.

phillips-lyla-ghee-asleepAs I write this Lyla has now fallen asleep on the chair.  It is tough being a naughty little Weim it tends to wear one out so you just pass out wherever you are 😳

Thanks, Shela and Cliff, never a dull moment with these two in our home!  We love them so so much 😘

Heidi Jo 

Featured Weimaraners — Charlie Mae and Mace

Hello there!  I’m back in the USA and HAPPY to be home!!!

Will with the kids

Will with the kids

Charlie Mae & Mace March 2013

Breakfast time!


Just wanted to drop a line and a couple updated pics of our wonderful little grey ghosts who are blessing our life every day!

The Homecoming

It was SO good to get home, I let Jill let the pups out and I laid in the yard and waited for them to find me..  (per your suggestion)..

Well as soon as Mace noticed me he “WOOF’d” and went running back to the house…  Charlie wasn’t fooled at all and came running over and jumped on me.. Mace wasn’t far behind and a few scratches and some bent glasses later… (they don’t know their own strength) we were re-united!!!

Mace and Housebreaking

I’m so proud of Jill, she worked through stubborn boy Mace and I’m happy to report he’s doing GREAT on the potty training activities.  She had to work hard with him, but he’s either just going outside on his own or ringing the bell in our bedroom.  Knock on wood.. he hasn’t had an accident in the house for about a week now 🙂

The two of them play like CRAZY!  But their personalities are really starting to shine…

Charlie Mae March 2013

Charlie Mae on the move!

Charlie Mae our pretty little lady!

Charlie Mae is our BEAUTIFUL lady, Jill and I continue to be just STRUCK with how pretty she is!  That long fur on her ears and her sleek, perfectly proportioned body is just striking, she’s going to be an amazing long-hair specimen I believe..  She is too smart for her own good, and sometimes she decides to not listen when her name is called (and we KNOW she knows her name), but she will be a strong willed girl for sure!  So far the only issue we have with her is her obsession of eating twigs/grass/walnuts.  She’s thrown up about 4-6 times over the past weeks and it’s mostly this stuff that comes up at night.  It’s not every night, but we do worry some.  We try our best to discourage her, but when she goes outside in our dog yard, we aren’t always out there to see her chewing this stuff..  Think we need to be concerned or is this just puppy phase?

Mace March 2013

Mace (Still doing his head tilt!)

Mace is less confident

Mace is quite different, he’s personality seems more like our previous female (Chloe), he’s more easily frightened, and not quite as adventurous as Charlie.  He’s worried he’s going to get in trouble and if he thinks he is, he runs for the hills :).  He’s still shorter in height than Charlie, so it’s really hard to envision how big/tall he’s going to get.  At the 5 week checkup he was like 35 lbs so it’s hard to think he’s going to be a big boy from that, but just looking at him, we still think he has a bunch of growing to do..  Time will tell I guess…

Breeder’s Note: Will and Jill are enjoying their longhair. Not too long ago they had never heard or (or seen the longhair). We introduced them to Charlie Mae, and they have been on an adventure together since then.

A lot of our clients travel, and there is always the return. Sometimes this involves being deployed, or work that takes a person overseas. Returning home can present with an interesting response. As we all know, the Weimaraner does like change (or surprises). Once they find this to be a part of their lives, they will accept it. However, at first it is important not to overwhelm them. We suggested Will could recline on the ground, so he would be less intimidating. Thank goodness Charlie Mae is unflappable. Otherwise, it would have taken Will a bit longer to win Mace over. We are sure they wonder where you came from. You disappeared (something that is always upsetting to the Weimaraner), and then you suddenly appear. Maybe they think you are a ghost. Being creative, and relaxed can ease you through this potential problem situation. An ingrained fear can be a difficult challenge to overcome. The sad truth is ingrained fear happens in a moment, and usually by us doing the most natural thing–soothing them.

We appreciate these fine folks taking time to share this experience. Thanks for thinking of us! ~ Shela and Cliff

Featured Weimaraner — Cele


Here is an update on Cele….


We are loving her addition to our family.  She is a sassy girl with tons of personality.  She loves the fireplace and curls up right in front of it with a content look on her face.  She loves to play fetch and has learned sit and down.  She travels well in her crate and has visited many places with us in the car.  She prefers to go with us as opposed to being left at home.  She loves the boys and gives lots of kisses good morning and good night.  

Cele has a sensitive tummy….

She did get sick and we were worried it was parvo, but it turns out she can’t tolerate pig ears.  She has a sensitive tummy!!  She is healthy and happy and we love her dearly!! ~ Amee, Ted, Connor and Braydon 

Breeder’s Note: Cele is Charlie Mae’s sister. Both families were thinking a smooth coated female when we first met them. Regardless, after weighing the options and meeting these longhair girls, they were infected with the Weimaraner longhair virus. What can we say? It happens. Honestly, we didn’t twist their arm–they fell for these lovely girls. The longhair is often referred to as the other Weimaraner. 

Pig Ears, Jerkey, and other treats…

We want to caution you to be very careful about the treats you purchase. In the news, this week there is a recall (click here), from a trusted household brand name–Purina. Nearly every dog food company has run into an issue at one time or other. We want to do everything we can to ensure our fur family members well being. We suggest using as many natural treats as possible–apple slices, carrot bits, and such. Even then, limited amounts are important. They may not sit well (or digest well for some Weims). Weims love romaine lettuce. I never throw away the end. They consider it a huge treat. Any other lettuce would need salad dressing. In the winter, they crave this treat even more than usual. In the summer, it is cucumbers. We always have more than we can eat. Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and yogurt are three excellent choices.