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Two Years Old


  ~2-Hours Spa Treatment

I’m spoiled

Hope this message is finding you both in good spirits. Just wanted to drop in to say, again, how much we love this sweet boy. He is definitely my husbands fluffy baby. He just got a 2-hour pampering visit with the mobile groomer and smells like blueberries (my husband bought him a blueberry facial, but I’m still waiting for him to get me a facial) 
He loves the extra attention and I think he knows he has my husband wrapped around his paw. 

Breeder Comment

Maybe you noticed Smokey’s eye–it is quite evident. If you want to read more about his condition, click here to read a former blog. We appreciate how cherished, and pampered Mr. Smokey is –and that he brings your family joy. Thank You for everything! Happy Birthday, Smokey!

Goldee is Learning

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 Firsts for Goldee

Goldee had a week of firsts this past week, her first visit to the vet. She was pretty unsure of the vet and really didn’t appreciate having her temperature taken.

We made our way to Bend, Oregon for a weekend away. The first stop after the car ride was a dog park. Goldee has become very fond of her frisbee (last week she enjoyed the game of fetch not so much this week). While Autzen played fetch Goldee ran around and met all the other dogs and even approached a few new people.

After getting her wiggles out we decided to play a new game, catch the frisbee in the air! She is getting pretty good and brave with her jumps. I’m hoping my mom will be able to get a few action shots, but for now I’ll leave with just a few pictures from our weekend away!