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We are Expecting

~ Bettee is Due Anytime

We can do nothing but hold our breath until the projected whelp happens–this is the first of two slated for this month. And, more importantly–this is an all Longhair Litter. Of course, we cannot guess what we will get–coat color, sex of the pups, or the number born.

The Longhairs, part one

Often referred to as the Other WeimaranerGreta's Newborns

Greta cradles Three

Greta cradles Three

We promised to talk about the longhairs. So, let’s start at the beginning. Above is a photo of the 2013 Greta X Stackhouse litter. There were ten pups in her litter, and six of the ten were longhairs. Greta carries the DNA marker for the fluffy-coat trait. Therefore, if she is mated with a Longhair or with a carrier (like herself), she will produce longhairs within her litter. The number of longhairs we will get varies. The average is 50%; however, the year before she produced two in her litter of seven pups. Predicting what we might get is a slippery slope.

You will also notice, that the pups look the same. We get early DNA testing to ensure we know which pups are the longhairs. Before long, it is very evident. 7B_Greta X Stackhouse 2WKS (11)1B_Greta X Stackhouse 2WKS (20)At two weeks of age, there is no need to identify which pup is going to be the longhair. It is clearly evident.

Rapid changes unfold each week, and soon the pups look more like this….7B_Greta X Stackhouse WK5 (54)1C_Greta X Stackhouse WK5 (6) The two photos were taken on the five-week birthday. We chose the same pups for each set of photos. The changes are always dramatic, but never more so than for the longhair.