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Birthday’s Happen

~ Ace in Anticipation

Birthday Day Treats for Ace–something different for Charlie Mae

Breeder Comment

You would think he never got a treat–look at those eyes. I wonder if he counts his blessings that Charlie Mae is the one wearing Christmas Lights?!? If you didn’t know, this is her annual look! Click Here!

Murphy Swims as well

Will and Jill’s Two Water-savvy Weims


You might remember these two Weimaraners–they are the Longhair Charlie Mae, and Murphy, who is a Blue. You might also remember on June 23rd that we reported that Charlie Mae was now swimming.  (Click here to read, or review, that blog post.)

Breeder’s Comment:  We are so very pleased that both Weim kids are swimming. It is a fabulous way to get safe exercise, and at the same time to burn off a lot of excess energy. We all know who has the latter in abundance.

A solid retrieve to hand is a good foundation for achieving the swim. The water retrieve is not usually a five-minute process. It takes some patience, and a few deep breaths. When you can relax about the process, and see it through to the end you will achieve your desired results. Usually, the process is thwarted by a lack of human-belief that it can happen. Secondly, the wrong environment (and especially the lack of patient follow-through) will undermine your success. Pressing too hard often proves counterproductive. The Weim might become afraid of the water. Some swimming Weims hate their bath, but love the pond-swim. Once they have crossed over to embrace the water-retrieve it is a beautiful experience for all concerned. Congratulations are in order, and sent toward Murphy for achieving the much-coveted water retrieve in such good style. His swim style is a very nice one for a beginner.


Congratulations all around!