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Snow comes to Port McNeill

Saying Hello from Port McNeill,


I work for a logging company, we use this train to haul our logs to the sorting grounds. It wasn’t moving for the day so I took the opportunity for Jagger to climb on.

Snow Fun….

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We don’t get much snow here in Port McNeill so when we looked out the window this morning (02/22/2014) we were very surprised. I think Jagger could have stayed out in the snow all day. ~ Warren

Breeder’s Note: Jagger is from a litter produced by Bubbles (which was sired by Boomer). A repeat mating has been done, and the pups are due to arrive any time. (Click Here) Bubbles will produce only blue pups; and when mated to Boomer the pups will all be smooth coats (just like Warren’s Jagger).