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Happy Belated Birthday Dusty

OwyheeStar’s Thunder Duster turned 9

……..on Superbowl Sunday–February 2, 2014

We planned a great photos shoot, but the weather will not cooperate. First, we had the muck (also known as the upper-crust melt). We hoped the frost would go out of the ground and release the moisture deep into the subsoil; however, that is not going to happen. Instead, we have a good inch of snow this morning, on top of the frozen tundra. The much-fact will increase come mid-February. In the mean time, we cannot really traipse with Dusty for great field-photos. In lieu of the new photo shoot, we share archived photos to celebrate his birthday.

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Many folks have an pup from Dusty’s lineage;

–this includes Jan’s “Willow” (Lacee X Dusty)

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Dusty Delivered the Goods!

He has produced some lovely offspring, and he is a sweet boy. As he ages, he becomes a big lover boy. The other day when our son was visiting, Dusty went over and draped himself over Richard. He has never really fancied Rich, but for whatever reason he does now. He is his dance when Richard arrived; he waved his bone in celebration. It was a bit like a Seahawk-fan. He gets so excited when Ellen comes, when Ashley comes, …….mostly he favors the female sort. He is of course wild about Cliff.

Accolades for Dusty…

Recent DustyMany thanks to Dusty, and his breeder. Unfortunately, his breeder had to leave the industry due to a bout with cancer. Thanks to everyone who field tested, competed, and showed his offspring. Happy Birthday Dusty; and thanks for all you are to us, and so many others.

We hope to get a spring field-photo shoot with Dusty. There is a repeat mating between Dusty and Lacee. It remains to be seen if we get the litter; however, we can hope. AKC accepts a breeder’s application for litter registration from any sire 7-months to 12 years of age (without question). Anything sired before 7 months, or after 12 years, requires special documentation. A breeder never knows how long a Stud Dog will remain viable, and continue to produce litters. Unlike females, age doesn’t matter for the quality of the pup. Nevertheless, the number of pups can significantly decline; eventually, getting a litter may be impossible. Some breeders freeze semen, and revert to artificial insemination. The results of that choice are often less than desirable.