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Kula and Pilikia

Relaxing on Sunday

………A Rare Occurance!

10561727_10204494032010470_4890471745502034379_nThis was of the first Sunday morning in, well pretty much forever that we all had a slow relaxing morning, and the Weim’s (Kula and Pilikia) took full advantage of it! I just returned home from a pretty long trip, and April is going full gas at work on top of running the dogs while I am away. They get plenty of trail and road running. One of their favorite things to do is run the 5.5 miles from our house to the Santa Cruz Bicycles factory where April is the HR director to meet her when she gets off work, then most times they get another 5.5 mile run back home with April! When we are up at our place in Downieville they both have taken to swimming in the river, Kula especially will swim after the stick as long as you will throw it for him! This from the dog that is afraid of the ocean (crashing waves), but thinks nothing of swimming through swift currents and rapids right next to him!

Note: Thank You Brent, we know you are always busy doing incredible stuff. Check out some of what Brent is involved in click here and here. You are an amazing person–we enjoy reading the tidbits about the latest bicycle, or sailing adventure. Thank you for loving your two OwyheeStar Weimaraners–giving them such a grand life.