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~ What a Good Boy

Our Run Today

We got a kitten today. I just wanted to send you evidence of how GOOD Edgar is!!

Ed also loves to run. Above is a picture of him on our run today and this picture shows how happy he is after running


Breeder Comment

Thank you–for the photos, the videos, and the news. What a great life you have together.

Hope and Bliss

IMG_0063Co-Existing and Sometimes Friendly

I thought you could use this photo of Bliss (Maggie & Zee 2011) and my cat¬†¬†“Hope” to show that Weims and cats can coexist.¬†¬†Since Bliss was a puppy she was told “No” and “Leave it” when she showed any indication of chasing the cat.¬†¬†Of course she received unequivocal training from the cat too.
Thanks for a great dog!
Breeder’s Note: We would never suggest that everyone can have co-existing Weims, that are friendly to felines, etc. Nonetheless, it is quite common among our OwyheeStar Clients. Here are a few photos that have been sent to us. There are more in our files, but you get the point. This is happening, and it happens on a bigger scale than we imagined.

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The Right Approach

A lot of the success has to do with the pup being raised with the kitten–one they deem as¬†their own. At least, they come to some kind of agreement to leave the kitty¬†alone. It would be rare to succeed at bringing home the adult Weim and netting the same level of success. ¬†On a few occasions the resident house cat, and the adult-Weim will¬†become fast friends. One of our retired females (Cindee) went onto a new career with an Oregon family. She and one of her pups reside with this wonderful family, who has an orchard, and rural lifestyle. Both (Weims) are living in the lap of luxury, and have become an integral part¬†in this busy family’s life. Michael wrote about the experience not long ago. Here is a heartwarming excerpt.¬†
…much to our surprise and great joy, both dogs seem to enjoy playing with the cat.¬† It’s very strange to me to see a full-grown Weim, a Weim puppy, and a smallish cat playing with one another, but it’s very nice that they get along so well. ~ Michael (Bend, OR)

It Happens 

We would estimate that more than 60% of our Weimaraner families also have at least one household cat. This is pretty interesting; however, it doesn’t mean that you can just throw the Weimaraner and random cats together with a good outcome. These types of things should be approached with caution, and certainly an old ailing cat should not be put at risk. Many times it is not necessary for the cat to escape to safety, but it should be possible.¬†