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Growing Like a Weed

And More

     ~ Cute Faces

Cypress_1305-8x10-HiResCypress weighs 40 pounds now, she is growing like a weed!  She and Willow and Daisy play and play, they get along great.  I have been taking Cypress to my dog obedience classes and she is already doing well as a demo dog!  I will take her to puppy classes in January at my friend Kathy’s dog training center, as I will enjoy being a “student” and socializing Cypress.  She is very healthy and beautiful, I get tons of comments on her.  She is still quite shy but we are working on that, and I socialize her daily, I think she will come around as she gets older.  She is very bonded with me and doesn’t wander at all, she likes to stay near me which is great.

I hope you are having a wonderful week, take care, Jan~

Jan Magnuson
SUNSTAR All-Breed Dog Training

P.O. Box 98072, Des Moines, WA 98198 (206) 241-2908
-Home of “Willow”- UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial
Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, TKN, URO1, UAG1, TDI

Breeder Comment

We can never thank you enough Jan. You update us frequently despite your busy schedule. You refer clients and offer support when needed. Our lives are weaved together in a way only a few can understand.


All Muscle




November 27, 2017 — Cypress and Willow



~Veterinary Visit News

(November 14, 2017) — I weighed Cypress at the vet today, she weighs 31 pounds!!!  OhMyGoodness!!!  And there is not a speck of fat on her…


(December 1, 2017) — Cypress had her sixteen-week titer and it came back fabulous so she won’t need another DAP right now.  We did her rabies vaccine, so she is set for a while.  I plan to do the two-vaccine Lepto in a bit, as we do have Lepto in this area, it is not a combo vaccine (I did that with Willow too).  Cypress is very healthy, no signs of parasites and she is gaining weight. Her condition and coat are beautiful.  She is very clumsy, she is like a foal or a fawn, she trips over her own feet and legs sometimes!  She is around 35 pounds now at four months.

~At Class With Jan

I took her to obedience class this week, she is just learning her basics and I was able to use her for demos.  I am happy now that Cypress’s immunity is in full swing, she can meet more (safe) dogs.  She is kinda shy and reserved at first with people and new situations, she is more that way than Willow was, but she is coming around.  With that type of temperament comes the very positive aspects where she stays close to me and doesn’t wander off, checks for my approval constantly, and is VERY bonded with me.  She is VERY biddable.

~Cypress and Willow (with Daisy)

24172987_10214230882749296_630886405484584027_oCypress and Willow and Daisy adore each other, they all play and play, and they all have similar gentle play styles.  I chuckle that at first Daisy was unimpressed with a new puppy in our family, but within a very short time, they became fast friends!  Willow is the best big sister ever, she is so gentle and patient with Cypress, I am so happy.  I always make sure to give each dog their separate, special time with me, while I leave the other two outside or whatever- I feel that is one of the reasons I have always had multiple dogs that get along.

Talk to you soon, Hugs, Jan  

PS: I am always happy to be a reference as you know!  

Jan Magnuson
SUNSTAR All-Breed Dog Training

P.O. Box 98072, Des Moines, WA 98198 (206) 241-2908
-Home of “Willow”- UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial
Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, TKN, URO1, UAG1, TDI


I love her so much ❤️    Jan

Breeder Comment

We are beyond blessed. Thank you, for all your help over the years–support, encouragement, referrals, endorsements, and what you do with your OwyheeStar Weims. It means more than words on a page can express. We wish you continued success in your journey. We are ecstatic about the titles and the joy you find in all you do with the girls.

And There Was


Magnuson Picking Up Cypress_0876



We Wish Jan all the best with her newest family member–Cypress. We are sure they will do great things together!











Jan at the UKC Dog Show

                ~ Tigard, OR


Beautiful Willow won two Altered Reserve Best-In-Show awards at the UKC dog shows in Tigard, OR this weekend, Yay Willow! Thank You to NW Silken Windhound Society for putting on the wonderful shows, and a special big Thanks to Julie Lechuga who is the hardest working dog club member anywhere! 🙂

Lexi’s Photo’s

Here are a few pics of Willow and me in the ring last weekend, Thanks to photographer Lexi Darienzo !

Breeder Comment

Many thanks to Jan Magnuson for all she does including the competitions. Anyone who has competed realizes the cost on every level. Anyone living within driving distance of Des Moines, WA would be well-served to use her Sunstar All Breed Training Services.

Willow and Jan

How Willow Spent her Weekend

Jan Reports–Willow with her two Altered Reserve Best-In-Show ribbons from the UKC dog shows at Argus Ranch today (October 10, 2015)– Thanks to NWSWS and PSK9’s for the great job on the shows (as always), so much fun!

Willow is a regular on the OwyheeStar Blog. She is very accomplished and busy about the business of life. What doesn’t she do? Regardless, we love to share the OwyheeStar news–big and seemingly insignificant. The everyday routine of a Weimaraner is anything but the canine norm. If your pup’s antics would seem pale in comparison, don’t hesitate to send us something we can share. We need two or three good length sentences to have enough to share. Otherwise, we are grasping to find content. A photo is lovely; however, we need more than a picture to make the blog. Yes, we need at least one snapshot for any blog. If you love reading about everyone else’s Weimaraner, imagine how much they would enjoy hearing of yours and seeing a picture.

Speaking of Willow

She and Jan have brought home three Best-In-Show Ribbons over her short career. The United Kennel Club (UKC) now allows her to continue winning even though she has been altered. Jan Magnuson has thirty-five plus years experience with the Weimaraner. She is an accomplished all breed dog trainer. You can follow Jan as SunStar All-Breed Dog Training on Facebook. We highly recommend (if you live near Jan) you take advantage of her classes. This training opportunity is unprecedented chance to train with an accomplished Weimaraner advocate. We sincerely hope you would capitalize on this opportunity. Finally, we thank Jan and Willow for all they do to promote the breed in a positive manner.

Two Smiles

 Better Than One


Jan and Willow

When you smile it makes other people smile–if not on their lips, in their heart. It is a gift. It can change someone’s entire day. Smiles are a powerful thing. Some of us humans (and Weims) have a better smile than others. Whatever you have (smile wise) use it.

Willow and Jan are always busy bringing a bit of sunshine to others. They work the community events; they visit those who need help, and they are a favorite with the kids. Willow outshines Jan at these events. People know Willow’s name even when they forget Jan’s name–or call her police lady. If you look carefully you might capture another Willow smile.

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Cartwheel-turning, handsprings,  and smiles are Friday events. I think the Cartwheel might be a bit much for us, but we have sent you a smile or two!

Lyra comes of Age

Hello from Lyra’s Family

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Best Friend

2 and a half years ago, I received my best friend from you. I named her Lyra from a book series I love. Anyway, Lyra is from Lacee X Dusty 2012. Here are some photos for you to share; and as you can see she’s grown into a lovely girl. She is so beautiful and such an amazing dog/companion.

Another Blue Please

I’m ready for my second Blue. I want a large, strong male this time. Also Blue, and with similar characteristics as Lyra. I’d like him to be playful and curious, very intelligent and confident, and strong, athletic, and agile. A while ago, there was a police officer that had a female from you. She was a canine good citizen. Square face, strong legs, etc. I would like our boy to be a runner and hiker and adventurer, like that, like me and Lyra.

The ideal timeline for us will be late February or early March if it’s possible. Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you both again.

Breeder’s Comment

Referrals and return clients are our bread and butter so to speak. We value our relationship with each of you and hope you will stay in touch with us on a regular basis. We hope you share the good as well as bad things that happen along the way. We certainly hope the OwyheeStar pup bring you joy and more positive than negative experiences. That being said, we try to set up each puppy for success. We are not raising these magnificent creatures to meet an unfortunate outcome. We realize that all our work can be undone in very short order; however, we believe when a person follows our recommendations things can go extraordinarily well. Much of what the OwyheeStar becomes depends upon your follow through and a bit of knack. Each pup is unique. We keep saying this is a journey and recommend that you let it unfold. With the unfolding, you must stay on track and grasp the breeds tendency toward separation anxiety and its concrete-thinking mentality. Understanding those two traits along with you being in a right relationship (based on respect) make all the difference. Honestly, each person has a different level of leadership skills. You have to work with your skill set too! We are so proud of Lyra’s achievements, and we are equally thrilled she delights her family.

Florian speaks of “Willow” who has been featured many times on the blog. Champion Willow and Jan Magnuson have achieved some pretty amazing things together. Yes, they earned the Canine Good Citizen Award early on. Since then, they have earned Best of Show, a Therapy Dog Certificate, and more. Click here to read about Willow’s success. Lacee (Willow and Lyra’s mother) is coming near to the end of her first career; when she retires it cannot be said what she will be doing.

May 31, 2015 –UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, UROI, TDI

May 31, 2015 –UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, UROI, TDI

Back to School with Willow

…… at Steven J. Underwood Park

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We wish Jan and Willow had come to our elementary school or school events. Jan and Willow are regulars in and around their community. We cannot thank Jan for all she is doing and has done with Miss Willow. The titles are beyond wonderful; however, the work they do with the public may well be the most important facet of their achievements. The rest is pretty fabulous window dressing.

 Willow Links

The Color of Dirt

Shades of Gray

The idea of the coat color being an actual gray tone could be misleading. People write us all the time saying the Northwest Weims they see are brownish rather than what they would call gray. We write back that Weimaraner Gray is other than the gray you will find on your paint pallet. This yesterday Facebook post (the photo and comment) by Jan Magnuson is a much better description than most.

Where's Willow?

Where’s Willow?

 Smooth coated and the color of dirt, we love our Weimars! :)

Color is Subjective

We would label Willow as a Silver Gray Weimaraner. The traditional Gray Ghost dogs come in various hues, and shades of Weimar-Gray. In truth, this gray is more a taupe in the lighter colors, and could be called Mouse gray when there is more depth of color. Regardless, of the expression of color the Weimaraner never fails to be stunning, and elegant.

Many breeders label all their pups Silver Gray. Pups tend to be lighter. When they lose their puppy coat, the hair comes back a bit darker. It usually comes in with more slightly intensity along the backbone. With age, the top of the head can become distinctively lighter. Of course, as with humans, they can get quite a bit of light hair here and there–usually on the face. Keep in mind that the puppy color is lighter than the adult color.

Shades of Gray

resize #5

Layna is a Blue Weimaraner

The popularity of shades of the gray topic has left us Weimlovers stunned. We have known about this phenomenon for a long time. It a topic of discussion. It is a mystery for those that do not understand how the DNA pool can create these types of variations.

Of course, we are discussing an entirely different topic–our beloved Weimaraner. Those that know and love the breed are well aware that there are these color variations in the breed; they are also aware of that some have the darker blue coat.

Seriously Overrated

10592931_10206363200539896_5256921841001409179_nWe understand everyone has their preference; however, the Weimaraner coat color is often over emphasized. There are so many things which are more important–temperament, health, trainability, confidence, etc. Getting the perfect color is less important in our opinion than almost anything else. Regardless some folks dogged look to try to build the absolute perfect Weim. We often wonder if the effort put into this endeavor would not be best devoted to other things.

Charlie Blue (pictured here in the swimming pool) is slightly darker than Willow. She is an amazing Weimaraner on so many levels. Despite being brutally attacked (not all that long ago), she has continued to be an excellent family member. A lot of this is due to her caregiver’s attention to detail, and the fact that they didn’t ingrain fear when the worst of things happened. Beyond that, she is stunning.

Final Gray Thoughts

Every shade of gray has merit, and can be enjoyed. Without exception, the deeper colors rival the light shades. As a breeder weaving DNA, we see it as more important to get a good broad-based outcome. No one can avoid every issue. Nevertheless, the big picture is what we must focus upon. Let the Show Breeders micro-mange their program; they often will stick with the same lineages to enhance a feature. In our way of thinking (breeding back to the close family members with any type of frequency)  increases the risk of developing problems best avoided.

How Long Should I Expect to Wait?

Finding the New Family Member….

If you wait until you are ready to find your breeder, then you may find yourself settling for less on some level. We hear from frantic folks who at times try to pressure us into making their dream happen. Their lack of planning cannot dictate what we do, or how we do it. This frustrates some folks, and angers others. In America, we are used picking what we want off the shelf, and purchasing it. Sometimes we turn to the Internet, and find what we want. This is true when searching for the Weimaraner too; however, it is hard to know if you are getting an accurate picture of the pup, the breeder, or the situation. While it is nice to buy the dog down the street, that is not always ideal either. Nonetheless, sometimes it works out, and sometimes you take home a puppy you didn’t want because of the pull on your heartstrings.

Jan and Willow

Jan and Willow

Last week I sent someone to Jan, who sees other Weims in her class. I thought she might be able to help someone get a pup sooner. Here is what she wrote (and copied to us).

Hi- To be honest, I would normally not refer anyone to a Weimaraner breeder other than OwyheeStar!  Having had Weimars for 38 years, and raising, training and showing them, I have dealt with a lot of other breeders over the years and had a lot of experiences. Some of them were not positive.  Shela and Cliff are dear friends and wonderful, reputable breeders, and I have 100% confidence in referring potential puppy buyers to them.  

My “Willow”- UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, AKC Canine Good Citizen, UKC Rally Obedience I- is the nicest-temperamented, soundest Weimar I have ever owned in all these years, and I will return to Shela and Cliff when I am ready for another Weimar (probably next year).  I feel that a quality dog is worth the wait, and most of my dogs I have waited almost a year for.
If you decide that this is the breed for you, I would encourage you to reserve a puppy from OwyheeStar and wait for the quality that you will be thankful for in the end.  

Jan Magnuson
SUNSTAR All-Breed Dog Training

Best-In-Show Champion American Bulldogs & Weimaraners, LLC
Des Moines, WA 98198

How Far in Advance Should to Contact us about Getting on the Waiting List?

Jan started contacting us more than a year prior to her getting Willow. The whole scenario on her end took a bit longer than she expected, and I think between waiting for us, and working things out it might have been closer to two years. We recommend at least six-month in advance. If we have puppies we are working with, it might take us several weeks to get through the initial process. We try to stay on top of things, but sometimes it takes a while.
Finally, there is a lot of stuff that goes on in the world of dog breeding, training, and whatnot. Like every arena, there are the politics. Nonetheless, in the end your reputation will speak for you. Trust is something that takes time to earn. We do not take Jan’s endorsement lightly. She is courteous, and professional. We are happy to call her a friend. Our lives will be forever joined due to the Weimaraner.