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Magnuson Picking Up Cypress_0876



We Wish Jan all the best with her newest family member–Cypress. We are sure they will do great things together!











Jan at the UKC Dog Show

                ~ Tigard, OR


Beautiful Willow won two Altered Reserve Best-In-Show awards at the UKC dog shows in Tigard, OR this weekend, Yay Willow! Thank You to NW Silken Windhound Society for putting on the wonderful shows, and a special big Thanks to Julie Lechuga who is the hardest working dog club member anywhere! 🙂

Lexi’s Photo’s

Here are a few pics of Willow and me in the ring last weekend, Thanks to photographer Lexi Darienzo !

Breeder Comment

Many thanks to Jan Magnuson for all she does including the competitions. Anyone who has competed realizes the cost on every level. Anyone living within driving distance of Des Moines, WA would be well-served to use her Sunstar All Breed Training Services.

Willow and Jan

Winning Again

        ~ Jan writes

Jan & Willow UKC BIS June 2017AWillow is amazing!!! She won TWO Altered Best-In-Show awards yesterday (Saturday June 3rd) at the UKC shows in Chehalis, we are all so excited! Big Thanks to judges Judy and Jim Jones for the wins and the nice comments, to Julie Lechuga for putting on the wonderful shows, and to Hillary Tregillus for the fabulous pro photos! Jan & Willow UKC BIS June 2017B
Willow is such a gorgeous, sound girl, and is so sweet- she enjoys visiting with everyone at ringside, getting petting and giving kisses to little kids!

Breeder Comments

Congratulations to Jan and Willow. They continue to net ribbons and titles as well as to make friends wherever they journey. This is most certainly not the last of their adventure. They have competitions slated for this summer.

Willow goes under the fence

In regard to  OwyheeStar Weimaraner’s News

                     (the Monday Post Opportunistic )

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Well Trained

     No Trouble Here!

Two days ago Willow decided to dig under the fence into the horse pasture (which is also all fenced) because I had given my horse Boomer some treats and he had dropped the crumbs onto the ground…Willow HAD to get those crumbs, heaven knows she must think I don’t feed her dog food that is more expensive than my food, LOL! Anyway, I was here, and called her to find her looking at me perplexed from inside the horse pasture, not sure how to get back, I guess she figured it was a one-way hole. I told her she was naughty and let her back into the main yard and then praised her the moment she stepped foot in the yard so she knows she is a good girl when she is here.

That is a big mistake a lot of dog owners make, that I tell my dog obedience students about- when their dog is naughty, they tend to stay mad at them even afterwards when the dog is doing the right thing; that is wrong, they need to make sure to praise them the MOMENT the dog is doing what you want!

Willow is a character and I love her to bits 🙂 ~ Jan Magnuson

Breeder’s Comment: It is always a bad idea to believe the Weimaraner will never get into trouble. Sometimes trouble will find them, and other times the Weimaraner will get into a situation via ingenuity. The best-trained Weimar can find trouble. If you want a perfect dog, then we suggest you buy a stuffed one. (oops) Many thanks to Jan for all she does for and with Willow. This is a great example of what can happen.

We like to recommend Jan as a trainer. Her expertise and years of experience with the Weimaraner make her invaluable. There have been several OwyheeStar clients, which have attended her classes. If you live closed enough to take advantage, we urge you to do so. Click here to check out the opportunity!