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Simian is a Good Traveler

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

     Seriously all is well, as long as you don’t forget me!

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He made a long trip and along the way stayed in a motel and then the boat.

Pet-Friendly Travel

Traveling with the Weimaraner is fun. It can also be challenging. Nonetheless, they are a part of the family and should be included whenever it is possible. We all know bad things often occur when the Weimaraner gets left behind.

On the road, precautions are important too. Be sure to carry their Vet records with you–including their rabies tag information and microchip. You need the basics when you travel. The basics will include a kennel. For those that don’t use them, it is important to know they can be maintained in the motel, a friends home, or whatever setting you find yourselves. If they destroy bedding, carpet, or personal items, you are liable, and they will not be welcome in the future.

The well-trained Weimaraner, who has had adequate socialization, is going to be easier to handle. They are going to be welcomed. You might even get an invite to bring them again. Motels and hotels are becoming far more pet-friendly. Some are posting signs to say your pet is welcome.

Links to Explore

Keep in Mind

You need to acclimate your Weimaraner before you do something new. All our talk about helping the concrete-thinking Weimaraner to learn to be more adaptable will become crucial during crunch times. The monumental task of raising the Weimaraner pup can lead to forgetting a lot of vital details. Socialization and 100 touches, while they are forming their idea of the norm, is imperative. New experiences and changing their schedule up a bit can mean they accept variations. Remember we just had daylight savings and many of the Weimaraners are still not happy about the time change. A lot of humans are not either; however, it is a fact of life. Regardless, the point is getting the Weimaraner to accept change and to be adaptable is what is best for them as well as you!


Let’s Celebrate!12033175_10204250919027208_5166849377019633282_n

Yesterday was this crazy pup’s birthday. She finally made it to a year old (I had my doubts). I can not believe that it was a year ago we got a call from OwyheeStar Weimaraners (Shela and Cliff Nielsen), and we started the process of bringing Lexi home with us. Who knew she would become as important to us as some people’s kids are? ( lol) We could not have asked for a better pal than Lexi. We love this crazy little dog and we are excited to look forward to many more adventures together!!!
Therefore, we did what any good parents would do and threw her a birthday party, with a cake and treats for all her doggy friends!!!

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Breeder’s Comment We are happy to hear Lexi has celebrated her birthday in style. There is no way to understand just how life changing the Weimaraner experience is until you take the journey. Thank you for remembering us and for loving Miss Lexi so much. We sincerely hope she brings you years of joy. 


Who Doesn’t Love Peanut Butter?

11027948_10207489631225986_3315836909104963246_nIt would be complex to answer to the above-posed question in detail; however, here are a couple of significant comments. People who are violently allergic to peanut butter would need to avoid the use of peanut butter. Such a person cannot keep the product in the household. To interact with Simian after his peanut butter eating feast, would not be a good thing for them. Nevertheless, countless Weimlovers share the peanut butter with the fur family member. There are some Weims who do not like peanut butter. I know–that is a shocking bit of information. Cream cheese is another option if peanut butter is out of the question.

Velcro Dog



As you know, Skye is my velcro dog. She follows me everywhere and tries to help with the chores around the property. So time to water the plants and Skye carries the empty watering can back to the spigot so I can fill it up again. Oh, I was hoping that is what she was doing, had a mental lapse-hahaha! In reality, she likes to steal the can and try to engage me in play since that is what SHE wants to do. Sky is always up for entertaining me that is for sure!!

Waiting On Mama

Other times we can be found together–her just lying here waiting to find out what we will be doing next. She goes just about everywhere with me.

Nosework is Fun

We are currently doing Nosework that is a discipline in which they learn to detect different scents. We have done a few practice trials and hope to start competing next year. It is her favorite challenge so far. We have been placed in the Advance group for training; she is very accurate and fast to find the “scent”(birch). We have done searches in boxes, interior rooms, exterior in fields and on vehicles.

We are a Loyal Lot


They are loyal to the breed. Many hook up with each to share the ups and downs of raising (and living with) the Weimaraner. You are either a Weimaraner person or not. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. There are many reasons this is true. Their dogged ways–forgive the pun might top the list. When they get an idea it can impossible to change their mind; therefore, you want to be sure they get the right ideas up front. They are prone to separation anxiety. Sprouting bouts of absurd and crazy behavior due to feeling abandoned (such as eating the sheetrock, barking incessantly, and destroying furniture) that can drive the less understanding person to distraction. They are not in many cases a leave in the yard dog. They are high maintenance and require a special kind of person to bring out their best behavior. Nonetheless, the breed is very addictive.

Speaking of Loyalty

The kids

The kids

Many of our OwyheeStar clients seem to achieve great things. For example, Jaime won the 2015 Road Race this year. Click Here to see more on his Facebook Page. We share this little snapshot that Jaime posted (on Facebook) to thank all their supporters. We are so proud of Jaime’s achievement–this is only one of many!

Mary Needs Our Vote

Mary has a beautiful heart wrapped in model-quality looks. If you read about her, you will see she works with some of the most special cancer victims–the youngest of all. Her profession and her focus show her true heart. Nonetheless, she, like us, shares the love of the Weimaraner. I am hoping you will take a moment and vote for her. She has steadily remained seventh in the competition, but it is winding down. She must reach the fifth position to go on to the next segment of the competition. Click Here to find the link to vote for her for Miss Jet Set!

Ulmo6714_oShe shares a love of the breed. She lives with two–one is an OwyheeStar.
Weimaraners are certainly a joy and challenge to raise. They are regal, fiercely loyal, majestic and can be quite stubborn when they want to be. If you want a dog who will want to be by your side every chance they get (yes, even when you want to go to the bathroom!), a Weim would be perfect. 🙂 They have quite the personalities and bring such joy to their owner’s lives and those around them.

We had our male Weim, Connor, for about 3.5 years before we decided to get a second. We were able to take home our second Weim, Ayla, in January of 2012. Shela was sure to go out of her way to answer any questions and provide lovely updates as Midge was progressing with her labor and then after she had her pups. Ayla is quite different than Connor in that she is more stubborn, calm, and more mischievous.

Weimaraners are the perfect companion for our family and we are glad we chose this breed.

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Housecleaning is for the Birds

I Wonder Why Mom Does This!


She would be a lot happier playing with me. Wait a minute. I guess it is me that would be a lot happier. Maybe she would be happy if I am happy. How I am, I doing? This unspoken exchange is a like a perplexing chess match. The match is on. I cannot tell where it is going. I got the right game face, though.

Resting with the Best

Weim Comfort Explained

   ~ Ideas for relaxing

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You can interpret this however you wish. Possibly it is explicable. Happy Sunday to you!


Did You Notice?

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Grayson is unique. First his father was a Longhair (Duck), and his mother was a Blue (smooth-coat Longhair Carrier). The fact the parents both carry the DNA marker for the Longhair (one a Longhair and the other a Carrier) means 50% of the pups will be Longhairs. There were three pups born to the litter–one was a Longhair. Looking at Grayson you would not imagine that his parents were so unique. There is something else unique about this boy too! He sports a full length (undocked) tail.

OwyheeStar gets quite a few inquiries that specify that they want the tail left intact. The Longhairs always have the undocked tail. The American Weimaraner Breed Standard calls for the tail to be left about six inches long. They suggest it to be a bit heavy on the length–not a shorter stubby tail. Tail docking happens sometime in the first week. Therefore, the person wanting an undocked tail must commit early. It also requires a larger than normal puppy deposit. Nonetheless, many people prefer this option to Show Breeder’s chagrin. Some countries have a ban of tail docking.

Sunday, Day of Rest?

Big Job Here1928263_1037794071816_1208724_n

Raider and LeightonSome of us cannot afford to take time off. We must keep on keeping on as the saying goes. I have faces to lick–the grandkids are the primary targets. I have Mom to entertain with my antics. I save amazement for select moments when it will have a spectacular impact. You know what I mean, “Woof.”

Did you miss that last slice of pizza? I think I did us both a favor–your slender physic gets unexpected help from me. Yes, I ate the sock too! I tasted almost as good as the pizza. In my defense, it had a hole before I started chewing. By eating the whole of it, I helped keep the mess cleaned up. Yes, I do remember you thought something was wrong when it came all the way through. I tried to digest it, but my tummy didn’t like it. I hear you are fortunate because it passed rather than sticking.

I think I do my part around here. When you miss something on the boob tube, I keep watch just in case it is something interesting. I don’t know how to express it so you would know what I saw, though.


For Those Off Leash in Idaho

Unexpected Danger

We post this story to make folks aware of this tragedy. It is also a reminder how quickly your best friend and the beloved family member can get into innocent trouble. You would not wish this to happen to your worst enemy. Please remember that the most innocent of activities can mask unknown danger. Our precious Weimaraners are the children that never grow up. They are quick as lightning. The act before thinking. They are full of life and for this we love them. Regardless, this trait can be the undoing of everything.

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When off leash the Weimaraner tends to be lightening quick and unpredictable. Some people say their Weim minds them better off leash than on–can we say shame on you? In checking with our expert Weim trainer Jan Magnuson, she was quick to agree that the Weimaraner, who does not honor your leadership by heeling with the loose leash, is not trained. Ultimately, the unthinkable can happen in a blink of an eye. Pick your off-leash status locations carefully. Gain control of the situation, and make sure your Weim respects you on and off the leash. Achieving the loose-lead heel is not just a good idea–it is life-saving.

A Sad Day for this Idaho Family

BOISE  (from KTVB)– A Boise man had to be taken by by air ambulance to Seattle after suffering third-degree burns on over 50 percent of his body after going into a hot springs near Salmon, Idaho.

Paden McCormic was hiking with his wife, Katie, and their two dogs when they reached Panther Creek Hot Springs, also known as Big Creek Hot Spring, on Thursday.

According to Katie’s stepmom, the dogs jumped in and burned quickly in the water.

Paden jumped in to save them, and was burned as well.

The dogs named Dexter and Dahlia died in the springs.

We’re told Paden has a long road to recovery.

The incident has prompted the Salmon-Challis National Forest to issue a warning that the hot springs are experiencing a dangerous temperature increase this summer.

People are urged to use caution when approaching the water in the springs because it could be near, or even above boiling.

Breeder’s Comment

We can only imagine the shock of the incident. Who wouldn’t have tried to save their dogs? Paden suffered burns while trying to save their life. He will forever carry the scars as a reminder. There is no way to rewind the clock and to make a different decision. We pray for Padan’s healing–body, soul, and spirit. Their lives are forever changed.