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Puppy Kindergarten

~Andi’s Formal Training Begins Soon

Andi has her Forever Family right where she wants them–close at heart. We received the results from the titer test (done by Dr. Calhoun’s Idaho Veterinary Hospital–Nampa, Idaho)–Andi is safe to go out in public. Hurrah!

Andi with her Mallard — so, technically, she is a Duck Dog.

Nancy Says…

She doesn’t bark but sometimes she squeeks with good cheer.  Millie used to do that, Weimie squeaks, there’s nothing cuter.

What a wonderful dog she is.  I set up her crate which she immediately got into and sat telling me, “I got this.”  She adores my 5 yo grandson.  No indoor messes.  She prances behind me everywhere I go. She loves her toys keeping them all in a pile, her pile. She is not destructive in any way, tho I did move all my house plants up and gave a few away. She is absolutely the best!  She’s a people dog. Does she know how to bark?? Thunder outside right now, she is not bothered at all, calm and happy.

She is so well adjusted. Thank you for all you and Cliff did to socialize her. She is a very fast learner, she is so willing to please.

Sixteen Weeks


     ~The Titer Test Happened

Manfred @ 16 Weeks-11

I was getting ready to have sixteen candles when I learned that you don’t get them for sixteen weeks. Seriously, I don’t think that is right. (Woof!) Okay then, how about sixteen cupcakes. That works. Instead, Shela and Cliff loaded me into that thing they call the Patriot–is’s a large white rolling wagon. We drove to Nampa, Idaho. They said it was a big deal I meet Dr. Calhoun. I don’t see what the fuss is all about, myself.

They talked on about me getting a Vaccine Titer Test (to be sure I am protected). No one said there was a needle involved. They took some blood. My Mom and Dad dropped some cash –don’t you get money for donating blood? Just asking a simple question here and thinking we could stop for ice cream with the coin earned!?!

Bridget loved me and said I had the best personality ever. Cliff and Shela were chatting on like old friends with this Bridget woman. Seriously, she is the one that stuck me with the needle. I think it is a conspiracy. Dr. Calhoun said I was the whole package–testicles are down, too! I guess that is a big deal. What did they expect?

Greta-12Cliff made all these promises that girls would fawn over me at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital, but it was pretty darned empty. I saw three or maybe four hot chicks. Oh and then there was that Greta girl. I think she is a bit odd as birds go. I didn’t give her a look and seriously why was Mama Shela get all up in her face and fuss over this silly bird? She plucks her feathers–what’s up with that.

I guess you could say there is a Stripper Bar at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital in Nampa– look at this nut case. (Woof!) For some reason Mama Shela loves this silly Parrot.

Breeder Note:

Yes, we drive to Nampa, Idaho. Dr. John Calhoun and his expert staff are worth the drive. Manfred is Longhair Weimaraner–our newest Stud Dog. Many of our females (the Longhairs as well as the Longhair Carriers) are related to Stackhouse, our current Longhair Stud Dog. By the way–Stackhouse will be eight years old this November. His siring days are numbered–he has a couple of good years left at least. The biggest issue is we don’t breed back to the same lineage–Stack is related to most of these girls that will produce the Longhairs. Without Manfred, we would be very limited in our ability to produce those Longhair puppies. That would be a sad reality.

This Week at OwyheeStar

Greetings From OwyheeStar

Zula Blue Wellness B-20It is summer. You knew that for any number of reasons. For example, you get your fresh vegetables from your garden or the local farm stand. The county fair season is in full bloom. Oh yeah, and if you have school age kids they are home unless they are at a camp. There are vacations and family reunions. Summer is the time of year you try to squeeze in more than is possible right?

Zula Blue Wellness B-47This week included a Vet Wellness. The front office gals said they were so happy that we brought them puppy therapy. They are very nice; they take excellent care of us and the OwyheeStar Weimaraners. Of course, Dr. Calhoun has beyond good to us. You might have seen the comment on Facebook by one of our local clients saying how great he has been with her and their fur family members.

Zula Blue Wellness B-61We cannot thank Idaho Veterinary Hospital enough for all they do for us and our clients. We recommend them without hesitation.
Zula Blue Wellness B-48

 These OwyheeStar puppies said to say they endorse these gals. They were hoping that they might be their new mommy; however, they will soon be welcomed and loved (equally adored) by their forever family. The hugs and attention lavished on them was extraordinary. They can expect much the same from those awaiting their arrival. The gals asked Dr. Calhoun to get them one of our pups for a Christmas present. I guess the adoration was more than a mutual fling. Puppy loves make the day go better–so we are sending you that and some puppy breath.

This Week on the Blog

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible! We are running a bit thin on the material we for the coming week. So, thank you in advance for saving our bacon so to speak.

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On a very personal note

It has been a good week. It has been a difficult week. Sometimes our good and challenging events overlap. A person must look at the latter and keep a proper perspective. If you do not, then it can overtake your heart with a negative snare. That would not be a healthy way to live. Therefore, we got quite a bit accomplished on a personal level with our remodel, and as well with the Weimaraners. The downside came on Friday when despite Shela’s diligence to maintain her arm, it flared up in short order. Now, she has to have an ultrasound. We will wait and see what the findings divulge and how they affect the continued aftercare. 

The limitations are tough. Before the Lymphedema, it was often overwhelming to try to keep up with all that OwyheeStar (and the personal life) requires. Shela’s inability to do everything she would do for folks and everything asked of her is hard to manage. All too often people have to wait. Nonetheless, the puppies always get the care needed. They come first. Most people understand. If they cannot, then they will have to go elsewhere. Cliff and Shela are thankful for all the faithful and patient folks that work with them.

As Always

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–as I said above, I am running low on material. I need them for inspiration, and they brighten our day. Yes, and allow us to have something to share.

Toby at Christmas 2012

Tody Christmas 2012We just wanted to send you guys a quick update on Toby (Moxie/Benton) He just had his annual check up with Dr. Calhoun (at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital). Toby is one healthy pup!

We saw your post on OwyheeStar Weimaraner Facebook Page the other day with Christmas Weimaraner photos, and wanted to shoot this one to you of Toby! Hope all is well, have a merry Christmas!

 Ryan, Brittany and Toby 🙂

Breeder’s Note:  We appreciate the photo and the great news. Thank you for thinking of us. For those that don’t remember reading about Toby before, here are some of the previous post links:

Ryan and Brittany are friends of another OwyheeStar family. Referrals play a big in what we do. We get a lot of repeat families, and many new clients come to us after their friends share our information. Thank you for the referrals. We truly appreciate them!