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Idaho Weimar

Happy Birthday

     ~May 28th 

Dejah Thoris is 1-year old…all 80lbs of her!  And she was the smallest of her litter (Mesquite X Stackhouse).
She loves when we spend weekends working in the yard.


~With Colby

     and his Tiny Hyoomans

Colby and his Tiny Hyoomans3Its been awhile since I sent an update. So I thought I’d share a couple of tidbits with you.

Colby decided that there was juuuuust enough space to squeeze into my chair with me for some lovins. Then, the tiny humans decided that there was room for them, too. So we took a few photos. You can see his enthusiasm as the photo shoot progressed. He still refused to budge from his perch, though! He’s a very patient big brother. As soon as the tiny humans left, he got comfy again and stayed a while longer. He got up for a potty break, but as I am sitting here writing this, he has found his place back on my lap for another morning siesta. What a ham!

Here is a video of him eating an ice cream cone. This is something I have never done. But after a series of events that led us to the vet’s office, I decided to help him unload his stress by hiding his first dose of meds in an unexpected treat. He had no complaints. Feel free to share on your blog if you’d like!
Colby is a little lonely since our lab passed away and we have been looking into finding him a new companion. We are considering another weim and would like to look into possibly getting on the waiting list for another pup when I get home from my deployment in January.

Breeder Comment

We are happy that Colby has brought so much joy to the family. He has adapted to change which is excellent. We sincerely look forward to working with you again. Thank you, for the great share. We and ( and I am sure all our readers would agree) thank you for your service, too!


Celebrating Four Years

Foley's Maggie_1299.jpg

Santa Maggie.

Hard to believe Maggie turned 4 in December!  Thought we would send some photos of her so you could see how adorable she is.

Foley's Maggie_1206

Maggie found Elfie!

We are still amazed by her awesome personality and spunky spirit.  She keeps us young–but she has truly been one of the best dogs we have ever had!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

Foley's Maggie_1205

Maggie snuggling with her BFF-our Russian Blue cat(she’s 16).


Foley's Maggie_6780

Bird watching in the summer.

Foley's Maggie-3

Playing ball-her favorite thing.


Phil and Gretchen —  Rathdrum, ID

Breeder Comment

Dear Phil and Gretchen–we appreciate you folks thinking about us. It looks like Maggie is enjoying life and that she helped make Christmas a lot of fun. Yes, we love her photos. We always enjoy hearing about Maggie and seeing her photos–as do others.


First Snow


No Snow Here

Kaizer experienced his first snow this last week, he had to stop almost every 20 feet on walks to stop and take a bite of it.  it was very comical to watch him wipe out repeatedly when he would try to chase his ball outside.

Christmas With the Gray Ghost

Surprisingly he didn’t destroy the tree or eat any ornaments and only once did I catch him proudly walking around with one of the wrapped gifts in his mouth.  when it came time to open his little gift he attacked with such ferocity that all the camera could catch was a blur.  Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

                                                            -Pete and Kaiser — Idaho
“Looking Innocent and for the most part, I am.” “Woof!”

Breeder Comment

Isn’t it interesting he has his gift? You did well to capture a blurred photo. Thanks! There were several Facebook Posts where the Weimaraner got their present–didn’t touch the others. Then too–there were rumors of those who pilfered without preference at the tree. Some liking to unwrap the gifts more than anything. Others left the tree alone but not by choice.

We have not heard of any Weims eating Christmas Tree Limbs or goodies that sent them to the Emergency. For that, we are exceedingly glad. The fact the young Kaiser is doing so well speaks volumes about your work with him. Keep it up! We look forward to reading about his birding experience. Thanks for thinking of us!


Reporting on DukeIMG_20171124_171057

Duke is 9 weeks, 3 days now and adjusting well with us. We are working on the puppy biting, potty training, fetching and walking on a leash. He loves running with the other dogs in the backyard and learning which cats he can and can’t mess with! 😉 He especially loves our cat Tiger who tolerates being tackled by Duke daily! He also loves our walks down to the bus stop to pick up his human siblings. We are really enjoying him, he’s got so much personality and sass already!


Breeder Comment

Thanks for staying in touch and giving us this update on Duke. We know how much it is to manage the household, a small business, and everything else associated with the family. You are doing great!

If you are reading this and live in the Treasure Valley Sandy has a cake business. You can connect with her on Facebook–Cake Creations by Sandy! You’ll be glad you looked her up.



My Versatile Hunting Weim

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you a little bit about my weim. He has been a ball of joy since day one! He is my best friend, and we literally do everything together. And he gets so bummed if he doesn’t get to go with me when I leave, for something like school or work.
23231453_10156136166669411_7213260034136713095_nFrom a little puppy, I worked with him to become the amazing hunting buddy he is today. I’ve trained a couple of dogs before, and none of them were so coachable as him. He’s not perfect, but we are still in some of the training. By next summer he should be on point!!! He has an amazing nose, and I’m amazed by what he’ll find.
He is always happy and loves to go for rides in the truck, bed or in the cab with the windows down. And he starts whining like crazy when we’re getting close to our hunting spots outta can tell hunting is in his blood, he’s all smiles and joy when out in the blind, he watches all the birds flying and starts to wag his tail like crazy when they start coming in.
He does an amazing job at retrieving and pointing on birds, he does great in water and loves to be outdoors. He loves hunting!! 4:30 in the morning he’s up and pumped to go hunting and has plenty of energy to hunt all day but when we get home, and its time for bed, he jumps on my bed and turns into a snuggleball and take up most of my bed but I love it.
He has been the best hunting dog, truck passenger, Saturday explorer and most importantly, my best friend. And I’d like to thank you so much for everything you’ve done over at Owyhee Star. You’re my number one choice when getting a dog and always be!! Everyone asks where I got such a beautiful dog and Owyhee Star’s the answer!! Thank you again so much!!

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to learn that Trigger is a great Versatile Hunting Dog. Thank you, for the endorsement. It means the world to us. Most of our business comes from repeats or referrals.
Dear Readers, can we ask you a favor. This young man has an incredible business. If you know a serious Waterfowl Hunter, here is a great idea for Christmas. Order a custom duck or goose call from Hunter’s business — Northern Custom Calls.


Need I Say More?

Hartung's Koda_1436

It’s crazy to see how much Koda has grown in the 4 months we’ve had him.  He used to fit on my lap with no problems and now… well not so much. LOL!  He’s doing great.  Typical 6 months old.

Hartung's Koda_1435

You Know What I Mean

Ornery, loveable, too smart, counter-surfer and a huge cuddle bug!!!  Every day I’m reminded why we added another Weim to the family.

Hartung's Koda_1119

Weim Mentoring

Koda has taken on several behaviors from our 13-year-old, Gabriel.  He drools while waiting for you to put the food in his bowl, has to be with one of us constantly and thinks the couch/bed is their property just to name a few.  They are truly incredible animals!!!  Thanks again for adding so much to our family!


Breeder Comment

Thank you, Chris, for the glimpse into raising your Koda. We know there have been challenges of the sort you would expect. Nonetheless, you have dug deep and accommodated the new fur-family-member. You are in the thick of adolescent behavior issues, but here you are working at the keyboard with your new kid helping you (tongue-in-cheek humor). The rewards are many, but we understand what it takes to make all this happen. Keep up the great work, and we appreciate your frequent updates on the process–as do our readers.


Some Friends You Choose

       ~Others Select You


Davidson's Ellie Shares 1


This darn thing won’t leave me alone!




Davidson's Ellie Stays Warm2


Also, it’s cold outside




Breeder Comment

Dear Ellie, I see your kitty is still stalking you—or more aptly getting in your space in your previous report ( click here to see Ellie and her kitty in an earlier OwyheeStar Blog).

It is hard to imagine how life could be more to your liking even though you share your space. The furniture looks comfortable, the blankets cozy. We know the stove will soon be lite to keep you toasty warm. What more could a girl want?

Where Does Time Go?

Yikes! 5th Grade

14125758_10208602925045273_1036523514031574226_o.jpgEmma & Ella started 5th grade today, and Lulu Jo is not impressed. I did not cry as they flew out of the house so excited to start their new year, oh how they love school 🙂

I thought you might enjoy seeing Lulu Jo! She loves taking her sisters to school but she really likes it when we pick them up! She is such a wonderful addition to our family. We are so thankful to you and Cliff for bringing Lulu Jo into our lives 🙂

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you sharing the photos that included LuLu. We still remember when you contacted us and the only pup we had available was the Blue Longhair. I said, “I don’t believe you will ever be sorry.” Here we are down the road quite a few years. Thank you so much for making her an integral part of your family. BTW–cuteness runs in the family!

Ruger continues to do well…

Hello Again Cliff and Shela,

Wow….thank you for the sweet words in todays blog. Made me get all teary eyed.  I really do appreciate all you and Cliff do to get us all the best Weim for our family.  It was defiantly meant to be – Ruger is a perfect fit. He is so fun. Sweet and entertaining. BOY oh BOY is he smart.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The bells are ringing…

By Monday night he was starting to understand the door bells – and now (Saturday) he has is down! “I ring it …my people come running and the door opens! Just like magic!” LOL ! He has done absolutely amazing with the potty training. He rings the bell and out he goes. 🙂 LOVE IT!!! We have had horrible below zero weather so our trips outside are very quick! and then back in by the warm fire.

Food Changes are tough…

We had discussed a different food (with Cliff), and he said it looked good. Regardless, the change caused a very loose stool. We used the canned pumpkin like you suggested. The pumpkin has been wonderful. I took your advice and we fed him just the pumpkin and then mixed it in with his food. He LOVES it! So I think I will continue to do it for a little while.

Shaydee is so great with him…

Back to back....

Back to back….

BTW– he weighs 17 pounds.  I really think that Shaydee thinks he is her baby, and I say Shaydee where is your baby, and she looks around for him. She wears him out and then they both crash for a little while. (as you will see in the pictures) They really enjoy tug a war .  🙂 It is cute!

The first night I had planned on letting him sleep with us – cause Shaydee does (yes I know I am crazy) but he got to hot next to us so we brought in the kennel and he went right to sleep…..and that is where he has slept every night. 🙂 He has really been a blessing – a lot of people knew our Meade and a lot of them say OH a mini Meade! 🙂 Ruger is such a great boy.  He just amazes me. Very smart! (As you might remember) our Meade was older when we got him and so we had our hands full. Don’t get me wrong – Ruger is a handful – but i think those few weeks makes a HUGE difference in behavior (it also helps that Ruger had amazing breeders that only give us the best ! YES I AM PARTIAL!!)

Snow Happens…

On Wednesday we got around 6-8 inches of snow (most we have had all year) and because of our old school building the kids got out of school  for snow days on Wednesday afternoon thru Thursday (Salmon only has a Monday thru Thursday school week) so as you will see in the pictures Haylee and Ruger in the snow. He thought it was all fun and games until he got cold…..then it was back inside with Granney to curl up by the fire place. 🙂 He’s no dummy!

Bath Time; puppy biting, etc

I gave him a bath the other night for the first time…..He was very good…..i put my legs in with him so he wasn’t scared and it seemed to help. He felt like silk afterwards!  We are all working on the puppy nipping (biting) which feels like little pinches! Lol He knows he is not suppose to do it…lol but just can’t help himself. 🙂 I cannot believe it; next  Tuesday he turns 12 weeks!

We are in love, and having a grand time….

Well just thought I would share these pictures and let you know we are all in love with Ruger! I am going to attempt to send a video I took of him – I am not sure you can make it work – I took it on my cell but I can’t get it work right on my computer…..hope you can make it work. Haylee was making a odd noise on the coffee table and Ruger was on the couch giving her a crazy look and turning his head from side to side……I think it is soooo cute 

Breeder’s Note: Ruger (formerly known as Brewster) made news when his family had a crisis at the last minute and could not pick him up. He was featured, and gained an instant following. Hollee wrote to ask about him–the rest is history. (Click Here to read a previous post on Wes and Hollee’s Ruger.) It is a bit confusing, because one of Ruger’s litter-mates is also named Ruger. He lives in Western Oregon. You might also note that Blu (featured yesterday) is Ruger’s sister. When a litter first leaves, there are more updates (as you might guess.)