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Looking For Birds

Our Koda

     ~Out and About Together

This looks interesting

It’s been a while since we checked in so I thought I’d send you a few pictures of Koda.  We went out mainly for exercise but also to see if he could stir up any birds. 

We covered a lot of distance but unfortunately, the only thing flying was a few geese that came into a pond we were circling.  Koda sure had a great time sniffing around and I think he’d do well but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, we appreciate the update. Koda looks the part–and genetically he would have excellent potential. Both Stackhouse, as well as Sadie, are proven hunters. Of course, it takes a knack to hone the field skills–once they get the idea, it should be fun for the hunter and the companion Weimar, too!


     ~No Cats Allowed

Ellie loves to rest on the couch by the fire with her blanket covering her.  Unfortunately, so do the cats. The black cat likes to “knead dough” on the blanket, especially if Ellie is under it.  This really annoys Ellie.  In this picture, Ellie is pretending the cats aren’t there.

All the Best,  Bob

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Bob, for sharing Ellie’s dilemma. I am sure she is not the first to cope with unwanted attention in this manner. You’d think though, that she would relish the idea of the kitty-kneading away. What a silly girl she is–and those cats make sure they are never too far away. (Haha)

Murphy and the Engagement

2013 Has Been Great!

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A little year recap! After the struggle of the housing situation we ended finding the perfect house for us in February. It even came with a doggie door (Murphy was excited as were mom and dad). Our house has a nice backyard which Murphy enjoys because he spends a lot of time out there. We live close to the greenbelt and enjoy taking him to the river and on walks. Murphy also loves going on bike rides with his dad. He knows exactly what is going on when Taylor grabs his headphones and cant wait to go for a little run!

Coming Home to Murphy Kisses

After a long day of work seeing Murphy and getting some kisses makes you forget about anything that has gone on. He is the best cuddler (even though he thinks he is 10 pounds). Taylor and I talk about what it was like before Murphy and we cant really remember. We find ourselves only talking about him and things he does. He really is our whole world.

Taylor and Kaitlin include Murphy

Taylor and I are currently planning our wedding and had the opportunity to go out and take some engagement pics with Murphy in them. 🙂 I am so lucky that we will always have these memories of us together as a family. He is a model:)