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Natural Ability

Dealy's George_0084Hi guys, just wanted to touch base.  George had his NA (NAVHDA Natural Ability) test last weekend.  He pointed 3 chukars during the field search (even grabbed one on the wing) and, taking after Stackhouse it sounds like, has turned into an enthusiastic and strong swimmer, but blew the tracking phase.  Dea;y's George_0113He’s tracked dozens, maybe hundreds of birds this year so that was disappointing.  I have my theories but it is what it is.  only took home a Prize III and we were hoping for more but it’s just a trial and he’s already a proven field dog.  I thought I’d send over some photos we got.  I hope everything’s going well.

Richard and George

Breeder Comment

Congratulations Richard!

Earning any Prize is noteworthy. We always have to remind ourselves even though the Weimaraner has a steady skill set that on a given day any number of things can go awry. Everyone covets the Prize I and some folks travel from NAVHDA test to NAVHDA test to snag one. We don’t have that luxury.

The most important thing is the field performance. He is a young Weim with a solid set of skills. We are positive that competing in the NAVHDA event even though it didn’t net you the top prize helped cement the skill set even more. Thank you, for doing that and reporting back to us. Also, we love the photos you shared. Keep up the good work with George, and we wish you many years of success in the field.

Featured Weimaraner — Wader

By the riverHe is beautiful and athletic!

I just wanted to say hello and send a few shots of Wader (Elle x Blue, 2011).  He is a beautiful and athletic blue boy weighing 75 lbs.  

He is fun!

We have so much fun together, both adventuring outdoors and snuggling inside.  He is a real “comfort king,” always seeking out the softest, warmest, comfiest spot to sit, which is generally either the couch or over a heating vent.  We recently moved to the outskirts of town so Wader is enjoying a larger yard where he stays during the day (likely in his heated doghouse most of the time).Muddy

Wader is a Versatile HunterWader hunting

The quail and rabbits come through and keep him busy.  Dan hunts chukar with him; Wader finds birds and retrieves well.  He went duck hunting once this fall and retrieved in icy water.  Young Wader in canoeHe is very confident outdoors; on our walks he races to retrieve his dummies, taking huge jumps and climbing through brush.

Wader and the Canoe

We started him in our canoe as soon as he could swim; he sleeps in the middle on a foam pad while we paddle and fly fish.  He casually looks over when a fish is brought into the boat, and sometimes sniffs it.  He also likes to balance on the canoe gunwale and watch the birds on the water. Scouting for duck season

ProfileHe is our running companion too!

I have recently started trail running with him, he can also run next to a bike using a Walky Dog leash.  In the summer he loves to swim in the river every day, retrieving stick after stick.

He is friendly, intelligent, and obedient!

Wader knows his commands well, loves people and dogs, and is extremely intelligent. He gets compliments for being beautiful everywhere we go.  Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog – we are so happy to have him in our family!