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Pheasant Finally

Stackhouse Reports


Dad and I went out to the Petersen place and tromped around the cockleburrs as some other stickers. I picked up more than a few. If I had not found a bird, the trip would have been a bust. Seriously, it was a little hunt adventure, but there are not all that many pheasants showing up. Oh, let’s not forget about this little quail I retrieved too. It doesn’t show too well, but if look closely and you can see it tucked next to my pheasant. Two birds in the pot are better than one in the sticker bush, right?!?

Maybe I will take the guys hunting again, soon. Tonight I will sleep well. All that fresh air and managing the two guys (did I mention Big Nick was there too?) is exhausting.

From California

About Moxie Blue

      ~ Chrissy Updates us


Greetings from California! 

Wanted to give you a quick update on Moxie Blue.  She is a fantastic girl and I can’t tell you how much we adore her.  image1

Upland Game

Cliff, I upland hunt and only started shortly before Moxie came home with us.  We’ve learned so much together, it’s one of our favorite things to do together.

For Those Wondering

About that long coat…she is the softest thing I’ve ever felt.  If you don’t know the Weims, they cuddle hard!  It’s just what they do.  Her silver undercoat is very soft like down but she doesn’t shed like a lab.  This breed is very people interactive.  She wants to be with us, on us, tell us about it and is not shy showing it.  I love her beautiful tail and her eyes.  Those eyes!

Breeder Comment

Hello! Cliff and I remember when you contacted us about a puppy. The only thing we had available was a Blue Longhair. I have said this more than once to someone over the last few years, “I don’t think you would ever be sorry.” It delights us that we were right.
I know–no one believes the hair is not going to be an issue. It is especially true when they are vacuuming hair from the house for months after the beloved Labrador departed. They are looking for a smooth coat for the reasons you might imagine. Well, some folks love the idea of their dog having a tail. Others not so much–they prefer the docked tail. We do not dock the Longhair tail on request. Some folks request their traditional smooth coat have the European-style undocked tail. We will do that, but the Longhair is meant to have the tail always.

Featured Weimaraner — Cele


Here is an update on Cele….


We are loving her addition to our family.  She is a sassy girl with tons of personality.  She loves the fireplace and curls up right in front of it with a content look on her face.  She loves to play fetch and has learned sit and down.  She travels well in her crate and has visited many places with us in the car.  She prefers to go with us as opposed to being left at home.  She loves the boys and gives lots of kisses good morning and good night.  

Cele has a sensitive tummy….

She did get sick and we were worried it was parvo, but it turns out she can’t tolerate pig ears.  She has a sensitive tummy!!  She is healthy and happy and we love her dearly!! ~ Amee, Ted, Connor and Braydon 

Breeder’s Note: Cele is Charlie Mae’s sister. Both families were thinking a smooth coated female when we first met them. Regardless, after weighing the options and meeting these longhair girls, they were infected with the Weimaraner longhair virus. What can we say? It happens. Honestly, we didn’t twist their arm–they fell for these lovely girls. The longhair is often referred to as the other Weimaraner. 

Pig Ears, Jerkey, and other treats…

We want to caution you to be very careful about the treats you purchase. In the news, this week there is a recall (click here), from a trusted household brand name–Purina. Nearly every dog food company has run into an issue at one time or other. We want to do everything we can to ensure our fur family members well being. We suggest using as many natural treats as possible–apple slices, carrot bits, and such. Even then, limited amounts are important. They may not sit well (or digest well for some Weims). Weims love romaine lettuce. I never throw away the end. They consider it a huge treat. Any other lettuce would need salad dressing. In the winter, they crave this treat even more than usual. In the summer, it is cucumbers. We always have more than we can eat. Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and yogurt are three excellent choices.