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( April 8, 2020) I am a day late by Maverick celebrates his 4th birthday yesterday on 4/7.  He’s just a bit loved and spoiled!  He has certainly enjoyed the time we have all been spending with one another during this shelter-in-place we have going on here in California.  He will get to enjoy this through the month of July as I am a teacher and get to do teaching via distance learning.

Maverick was able to go out on a few pheasant hunts this past season with Bill and my boys, Ethan (13) and Owen (11).  Oh does he love to hunt those birds! He is definitely a creature of habit.  If that routine breaks ritual, he is sure to be the first to let me know! It cracks my husband up how silly Maverick is.

He loves his blankets to cuddle with at night, even going as far to dragging them around the house while I get ready for bed.  You ask him to fetch up his rope, he brings it back to your feet… ask him to fetch up his bow, there it is, at your feet…. this can happen until all his toys are lined up.
I’m sure we can all carry on about how silly, quirky, loyal, lovable our Velcro Weims are.  Thank you for ours.  He has brought us many smiles and laughs over the past 4 years.

Breeder Comment

I remember the first time we spoke–so many years ago. Now–Maverick. We are happy to hear that he is bringing joy, hunting, and more. Thank you–we appreciate the update—happy belated birthday to Maverick.


~ At Home

Peach and Kimber are finally best buds! We can’t keep them away from each other. They love to play and rough house all day long! Kimber LOVES being outdoors! She also loves to snuggle. 

Thank you both again! Kimber is already part of our family and we are so happy with her.

Breeder Comment

We love you choice of Names–Kimber. (Haha) Isn’t it fabulous that Peach and Kimber are playing together already? We love hearing that we didn’t disappoint. Thanks for updating us.


Undaunted by Adverse Conditions

Boyle's WellieTough conditions yesterday for wild birds.


Boyle's Crane 1

High winds made it tough on the dogs.

The above short clip show what I mean.


Notice the high wind and thick cover. Wellie isn’t afraid to find birds. It’s funny how he knows the spots to look. He’s got the drive. Hope all is well! ~ Tyler

Breeder Comment

Dear Tyler — You and Wellie have done well over the years. Thank you for keeping us apprised from time-to-time. Not many of our hunters are as faithful as you with updates.
Here are some memories for the readers who don’t recognize Wellie.

Featured Weimaraner — Gunner

We Meet

We Meet

 I have waited a long time for this…

Gunner's Favorite Crate

Gunner’s Favorite Crate

Gunner is doing well and is as adorable as ever.

The crate has not been a problem at all and he responds well to it.

Adjusting to life well…

We have been working on house training and that seems to be going pretty good too, doggy doors go in this weekend!!

On-going Socialization etc.

IMG_1057Overall, he has been a blessing and I couldn’t have asked for a better pup. He is still skittish around others but he is getting use to being around other people and other dogs, just taking some time for him to warm up to others.IMG_1055

Waiting here — I think it is time to do something fun…

We play fetch everyday and I think we have a hunter on our hands, he loved fetching pheasant tail feathers 🙂 He has been everything I hoped and more!!!

Breeder’s Note of Thanks: We appreciate the referral and recommendation. Thank You Janice, Scott, and Rod. We are glad we had this pup that would work for Dana! We like win-win situations!