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Older Girl Learning New TricksDSC_0679

Here are a few pictures of Mesquite out in the field today, south of Prosser in the Horse Heaven Hills.  I have been waiting to be sure the snakes are in for the winter.

She is having a good time.  She loves to get out.
Everything is going well. She eats good. Just to be sure, she reminds me when it is time to eat! We both love her dearly and are very happy with her.  She has adjusted
very well.  I think she has trained us.
I still don’t have her dialed in on hunting pheasants yet, butshe is coming
along.  I have been using pheasant wings, which I hide in the tall grass and
weeds.  She has no trouble finding them at all.  I hide them and tell her to
find the pheasant, and that light the burner and she is off.  I can’t figure
out how to get her to range out from me farther.  She has trouble with a
running bird when she gets the scent she thinks the bird is right there,
but of course, the bird has moved on.  She has trouble telling fresh scent from an old
scent.  That may be a drawback of using old wings.  She will figure it out
one of these days.  Mesquite loves to go hunting.  I get a kick out of her,
when I go somewhere and don’t take her when I get home, she goes around and
smells the tires on my Tahoe.  I guess she is checking to be sure I haven’t
been out hunting.  She is sharp as a tac.  She will click one of these days.
A big problem is there aren’t enough birds around.

Breeder Comment

Cliff says to keep working on it. You’ll get it. It is amazing how well you are doing in a very short period of time. Her lineage is well known for their ability to hunt. Thanks for loving her so much!


Natural Ability

Dealy's George_0084Hi guys, just wanted to touch base.  George had his NA (NAVHDA Natural Ability) test last weekend.  He pointed 3 chukars during the field search (even grabbed one on the wing) and, taking after Stackhouse it sounds like, has turned into an enthusiastic and strong swimmer, but blew the tracking phase.  Dea;y's George_0113He’s tracked dozens, maybe hundreds of birds this year so that was disappointing.  I have my theories but it is what it is.  only took home a Prize III and we were hoping for more but it’s just a trial and he’s already a proven field dog.  I thought I’d send over some photos we got.  I hope everything’s going well.

Richard and George

Breeder Comment

Congratulations Richard!

Earning any Prize is noteworthy. We always have to remind ourselves even though the Weimaraner has a steady skill set that on a given day any number of things can go awry. Everyone covets the Prize I and some folks travel from NAVHDA test to NAVHDA test to snag one. We don’t have that luxury.

The most important thing is the field performance. He is a young Weim with a solid set of skills. We are positive that competing in the NAVHDA event even though it didn’t net you the top prize helped cement the skill set even more. Thank you, for doing that and reporting back to us. Also, we love the photos you shared. Keep up the good work with George, and we wish you many years of success in the field.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

The August of our Summer

It is what we can consider our last official week of Summer’s most famous month–August We will not say good-bye yet. Nevertheless, our waving will be forthcoming. The trees are gently waving this morning, and the crisp feel of the promise of fall is touching our skin. Lauren has returned to school, but was gracious enough to come a couple of nights a week to help us with sundry items. This week she was helping with puppies, and she worked with a couple of older Weims. Slater (Lauren’s brother) was lending a hand too. He helped with the pups, and he helped Cliff trap a gopher. We are never short on things.

For fun here is Lauren and Dexter in training…

Cliff and Bernie

Bernie 2013

Bernie and Cliff last year

Cliff was at the VHDF (Versatile Hunting Dog Federation) hunt test yesterday. He had Bernie with him, and she performed well in his estimation. Weimaraners in general do not run-big as they say. Bernie did run-big, and overall Cliff was really happy with her performance. She required a bumper to enter the water. That was more on Cliff’s lack of time to work with her, than anything. Bernie is a huge lover, and makes friends wherever she goes. We were glad that there was no sighting of the Rattlers. This was at the same location where Jeff Funke received his baby rattler bite a couple of weeks ago. We are glad he recovered enough to participate in the hunt test, but we wholeheartedly recommend that you avoid tangling with the Rattlesnake.

On a Personal Note

Cliff and I joined the family to celebrate Cara’s birthday. It was a fun event, and we got to hold our great-granddaughter Eve. It was grand to watch grandpa Rich with her. There is nothing quite like the first grandchild. For that matter, there is nothing as wonderful as grandchildren. I was able to have lunch with our daughter on Friday. It is important to find snippets of time for personal connections of the most important kind. Cliff and I both were treated with a new background on our phones–one of Eve. Thank you Lauren for fixing that for us.

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. In the weeks ahead we can use them. We appreciate you all!

Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

Hunt Training; Harvest, Planting, and Puppies

Cliff on Tractor_2719We really dislike the busyness-bubble, but sometimes you get trapped in it. Things will converge in such a manner that you unless you blow off your responsibility, you have too much to do. This is especially true with farming. We are only hobby farmers, but Cliff is embroiled in planting, harvesting, and irrigation all at once. Then the intensive training season has knocked on the door. This puts him on the road to train at least once a week–meaning he must travel an hour minimum east to meet his training buddies (VHDF)–for which we are thankful. Regardless, it requires an extra scramble-mode to keep up. We are planning to get some help with the farming. We would like to see this at a sensible level of insanity.

1_Duchess X Blue WK3-17Alfalfa will go in where the wheat was harvested. We won’t get a crop until next year, but getting it planted and established before winter arrives is important. Fortunately, for us, we know the right folks to give us the exact type of help we need. We didn’t mention that the big tractor is ancient, and the new tractor is really not meant for this type of thing. It can do it, but if we spend its life doing these things, it might not be there for all the things we use it for. Cliff uses the tractor nearly every day.

Puppies are here. For those who have been waiting, as well as for us, it is good news. It is the gloss on the busyness-bubble. We have a rule. The pups come first. Anything they need they get. It is that simple. We have a couple of helpers that come (several times a week). They know the routine. The work is fun, but like anything in life; there are the ups and downs. There is the cleaning–bedding changes, pooh clean-up, ears, and whatnot.

 Here are the links for this week’s blogs….

Other News

DSC01134The remodel on dad’s house continues. The bedroom floors are stripped; the master bath is gutted. The windows have been ordered. The electrician will be coming soon. The photo shows some of the better wallpaper. I took photos of some paper we discovered that had to be sixty plus years old. Cliff has also hired a helper; however, he is currently away at football camp. There is the must-do family vacation. Nonetheless, when he can come, he is excellent company, and gets the job done in quick order. Without his help, Cliff would be looking at an all winter project. We need to get the house in rental condition by fall. 


On a personal note……

Grandpa and Evangeline meet

Grandpa and Evangeline meet

We have not seen Evangeline since her arrival to Ontario. We hope to make a connection with that great granddaughter again soon. Life is fleeting; we cannot afford to miss making the connection to this newest family member. Life is also busy for Ashley. They have discovered that the baby means they are busier than before her arrival. It is funny how that happens. I got to have lunch with our daughter (JoAnn) yesterday. It really takes a lot of effort to keep connections when life pulls everyone in the opposite direction. I believe we are having dinner with our son and daughter-in-law this evening. (Yea) Maybe we can arrange to see Ashley and Nick this weekend. Who can say? Grandpa wants to schedule a four generation picture. We wish it could have been a five generation photo; however, we were so fortunate in all that occurred.

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. In the weeks ahead we can use them. We appreciate you all!


Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!