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Waiting For Christmas

~With Chester

Winchester’s first Christmas.

Chester has been such a good sport during this holiday season. He seemed a bit confused about the tree in the house at first he gave me that “I’m not allowed to bring my stick in the house but you get to bring in the whole tree?” Lol. But he has been a very good boy for the most part. He even posed in front of the tree with his Christmas sweater and hat! He will be so excited to get his presents on Christmas day! I can’t wait for his first Christmas.

Breeder Comment

How you delight in everything Chester makes our heart happy. We are glad for your beautiful friendship. You make it all magical–thank you. Merry Christmas –enjoy every moment. We know you will.

Questions Answered

?? Have You Been Naughty or Nice??

Mesquite says, “give a minute and I will show you naughty.”
“I’ll eat this darned Santa Hat and we will be done with it.”

Lyle Writes

Mesquite is a fun dog, and we enjoy having fun with her! She is the smartest dog I have ever had. She is the only dog I have owned that doesn’t bother while your eating at the table. She lays on a rug behind my chair, when I am done eating and slide my chair back she gets up.

Breeder Comment

Honestly, this breed is the worst about surfing the counter or the table. So, you are beyond fortunate that she is not a beggar. 

The photo is fabulous even though Mesquite is not impressed that you would not let her pass on it. (Haha)

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

August is Busy on Every Side

Duchess and Mousse Pups at 5 Weeks-298

The heat which was pressing on us has eased a bit. The workload has not. Some of it is such a joy; a person doesn’t mind. We have the business of puppies going. They require a lot on every side. Who can complain? Sometimes it is demanding, but the puppies-loves (and the puppy-bites) make up for it.

Duchess and Mousse Pups at 5 Weeks-8We have been blessed to have Lauren come and help us all summer, and she continues as it is possible during the school year. She came two nights this week. Everyone enjoyed her being here, and she took care of more than a few things for me. No one misses her more than the pups. They don’t understand that she is a senior in high school, a class officer, an honor student, and that she has a life outside of OwyheeStar. Come to think of it, it is hard for us to manage too!

School, football, and cooler temperatures send us a message. The calendar is going to require another page-turn, and soon we will see all that fall in nature gripping our world. In this four-season corner of the world, the change is evident. The fields are becoming ever-barren–Weimaraner color. The green is being shed for the gray that is to come. The corn remains, but many crops have been harvested. Our wheat field was dancing with the tractor yesterday in preparation for alfalfa to be planted before long. It won’t produce a crop until next spring, but the gray dirt will spring forth with green until the frost beats it back. I like the idea of that.

This Week’s Blog….

Looking Ahead

I don’t have a lot of blog material sitting there. I sometimes can work ahead, but not so much right now. There are always ideas, and topics awaiting our attention. Ultimately, our attention has been pulled several (extra) directions this summer. Nonetheless, the blogs seem to be coming together. When I feel I might be thin on material, someone sends us a bit of something. Thank you for that. We know the summer is always so busy. As summer and fall converge, there is a plethora of activity of every sort. We will no sooner get to the end of summer, and the holiday season will begin. Whether we like it or not Halloween doesn’t rest until it has pulled us through the New Year. Once that Halloween candy hits the shelves we can count on it to be soon replaced with the Christmas teasers. Some folks are delighted, but many moan. I guess it depends on your outlook. We keep our holidays simple. It is mostly about being together if possible. Therefore, I usually cannot be found pounding the pavement looking for gifts. I used to love to shop for the perfect gift, but we have discovered that grandparents are most appreciated when they let the kids make their own purchase. Cliff wasn’t much for this process, but I have won him over. It makes everyone happy.

Cliff continues with upgrades, repairs, and the farming. He is also engaged in the fall hunt-test season. The hunt tests will be over come the second week of September, but we will not be done with the remodel, or the farm work. Most of these things will continue as long as we are able to do them.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. In the weeks ahead we can use them. We appreciate you all!

Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!