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Happy Thanksgiving

~ To Our Radial Weim-loving Friends

The list of things for which to be thankful would be long, but most assuredly, if you are reading this includes your name. Well, I am sure a few of you are unknown (anonymous), but even those readers we have not yet met are appreciated. We are thankful for puppies–2020 was kind, and the girls were producers. We can tell her there have been seasons when we mated girls and got nothing or only a pup or two. That doesn’t make for a happy Waitlist crowd. (OMG)

Cliff and I wish you a lovely day–we hope your list of blessings is lengthy.

Happy Memorial Day

~ Give Me An Ear

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May. It was formerly known as Decoration Day and commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day and it is traditionally seen as the start of the summer season.

We remember those who gave their lives to ensure our freedom. Let’s not forget the sacrifices made to provide us with the opportunity to spend our weekend as we choose.

Waiting For Christmas

~With Chester

Winchester’s first Christmas.

Chester has been such a good sport during this holiday season. He seemed a bit confused about the tree in the house at first he gave me that “I’m not allowed to bring my stick in the house but you get to bring in the whole tree?” Lol. But he has been a very good boy for the most part. He even posed in front of the tree with his Christmas sweater and hat! He will be so excited to get his presents on Christmas day! I can’t wait for his first Christmas.

Breeder Comment

How you delight in everything Chester makes our heart happy. We are glad for your beautiful friendship. You make it all magical–thank you. Merry Christmas –enjoy every moment. We know you will.

Questions Answered

?? Have You Been Naughty or Nice??

Mesquite says, “give a minute and I will show you naughty.”
“I’ll eat this darned Santa Hat and we will be done with it.”

Lyle Writes

Mesquite is a fun dog, and we enjoy having fun with her! She is the smartest dog I have ever had. She is the only dog I have owned that doesn’t bother while your eating at the table. She lays on a rug behind my chair, when I am done eating and slide my chair back she gets up.

Breeder Comment

Honestly, this breed is the worst about surfing the counter or the table. So, you are beyond fortunate that she is not a beggar. 

The photo is fabulous even though Mesquite is not impressed that you would not let her pass on it. (Haha)

In Honor of Those Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice…

Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day has evolved. Today, we decorate the graves of not only the fallen, but our ancestors. We remember just about everyone; however, in the beginning all eyes were on the sacrifices made by those who were lost during the Civil War. Flowers were strewn upon the graves of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting in the war that divided our nation.

The Weimaraner was not a part of the early Memorial Day celebrations. The Weimaraner didn’t gain popularity in America until after WWII. Nevertheless, they first appeared here long before then.

In 1929, Howard Knight, a Rhode Island businessman, was the first American to gain membership into the highly regulated German breed club. The 8 dogs Mr. Knight brought to America in the years following are considered to be the foundation stock of the Weimaraner in the United States today. (Weimaraner History)




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Today, we find the Weimaraner joining into our Memorial Day activities. They may not be welcome in the cemetery (on a day like today); however, the Weimaraner can be found just about everywhere else. Most are included in family activities. We hope you are enjoying this Memorial Day made possible by those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We cannot afford to forget why we are able to make choices, and enjoy the freedom to do so. We should keep this truth close to our heart, and ever-present in our mind.