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Laps for Maizie

Whenever Jerry and I and Maizie return home from our runs, Maizie has to do laps around our front lawn–to show us her preferred running pace!  😉

Breeder’s Note: We want to remind everyone (especially those with a young pup) that the Weimaraner is a very high-energy dog. We see them as having two speeds. First, there is full speed ahead, and then there flop (and recline). This makes it challenging to exercise the very young Weimaraner. A lot of long-distance runners choose this breed. They can make a good running partner. Nevertheless, it is important to remember they are similar to us humans. They can wear out their joints. They also can get ACL tears, nerve damage, and a whole myriad of ailments from too much exercise–or an inadvertant wrong move. 
Growth and the Weimaraner
The Weimaraner will continue to grow until they are at least 15 months old. Some growth may occur as late as two-years of age. The only way growth can occur (as we understand it) is for the growth plates to allow expansion. This means they have not closed yet, and the bones are more easily damaged. This same situation means that the pliable bones have a limit to the amount of high-impact exercise they should see. Everyone has their own opinion on this topic. Nonetheless, we suggest that you be creative with your exercise routine. You might consider swimming. It is low-impact, and the water retrieve can burn off a lot of energy. For the first year, keep the runs to about 3 miles, or less. Remember, if you go three miles, they might have gone six. You want those hips and joints to last as long as possible. 
The Amazing Maizie
Maizie is in excellent condition. She is not a young pup, and easily able to do longer runs. We love this video. Isn’t it great how she runs laps on command? Thank you Linda for sharing it with us! it is very fun video….

Weim Tales

I have noticed your posts about a recent “issue” and am not exactly clear on what happened, but I can tell it was not good and just wanted to send you Weime love hugs.  Looking at the blog photos today makes my chest tight and my heart hurt thinking about something happening to that sweet thing. I am so glad you have a great network of weim people to call upon.Unknown

I am not being nosy, but I cannot stop thinking about that pup since I saw the photos this AM and I am so relieved that things worked out well.

Breeder’s Note: Yes, we were sent reeling that someone would do such a thing. (Get their puppy, and within a couple weeks decide they couldn’t keep them–advertise them on Craig’s list). I guess they don’t keep an agreement–our contract reads differently. Nonetheless, our hearts were touched to know so many persons (many unknown to us) were looking out for us, and the OwyheeStar Pup. The little blue longhair continues to thrive and do well with her family who dotes on her every breath. Nothing could have worked out better. 

Gatz snuggled in....

Gatz snuggled in….

Gatz is high-energy

I do think that some weims are more high strung than others, Gatz is way more energy than the Vizsla and GSP we walk with and more work than any dog I know other than a neighbor dog who literally takes off into the woods every time they walk off leash.  Gatz has a little neurotic tendency, at night he really needs a chew bone and some attention & he whines and frets and tries to hide the bone & eventually settles down for a 15-30 minute chew with his Dad holding the other end of the bone for him; he is weird about eating- won’t eat in the morning, then, depending on the day, he will eat 2-3-4-5 bowls (small) of his special chicken and rice, he may go into the kitchen and bark for food at 10 or 11PM. All the things he does are not a big deal for us, but I can see how someone with a more “normal” lifestyle, up early & off to work, early to bed, etc., might find him very frustrating. We just love him with all his weird little idiosyncrasies. If someone is not prepared or even just if they get a bad personality match, I can see how the dog-owner relationship could be a bad fit, but wow! Hard to imagine returning the pup, but better the return him/her than abuse him/her and better return him/her whilst they are still young & cute and not too ruined by the bad relationship!!

Whatever happened, I am sorry you went through that stressful time, especially when you both are already maxed out dealing with the varying physical and emotional stresses of the whole cancer thing!!!

Weim hugs to you both   ~Adria

Above we share our Gatz under the covers, snuggled up against Dad, back against Dad’s body, head on Dad’s arm 🙂 Below double-dog action ……we love our dogs. IMG_3199

Another Breeder’s Note: It has taken awhile for us to post this update. We wanted to maker sure things were great with Indy, and there have been other distractions. We thank you Adria for all you do with, and for Indy. We appreciate your kind thoughts, and for caring about what happens with all that goes associated with the OwyheeStar pups. 

Emma Blue

Hi Shela and Cliff! Well as much as I have thought about giving you an update on Miss Emma Blue, I cannot believe it has taken this long! The last year has been a busy one for us and Emma too. IMG_2337 In the last year, we have sold our house, bought a new place out in the country, moved twice, taken vacations with and without Miss Emma and done numerous household projects. Emma did absolutely wonderful throughout it all! Our first move was to my mother-in-laws home where we stayed for 2.5 months while we waited for our new home to close. It was in the middle of the winter and my MIL is not a huge fan of dogs. She had strict rules for Emma and Emma met the challenge perfectly. She didn’t run in the house, get up on furniture or come in the kitchen. She was very happy when we made it to our new home though and the furniture rule was over 🙂

I am busy; I am happy…


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Emma loves her Crate–thank goodness for that!

I owe a majority of our success to crate training. Throughout the moving process the crate was a blessing. You know how dangerous it can be to be packing boxes (things laying around that aren’t Weim safe), moving boxes (people leaving doors open and more non-weim safe items) and unpacking boxes, and because Emma had learned to love her crate it was a safe and comforting place when it needed to be. It also was a great tool when she was adjusting to the new homes because she had a constant that she could go too. However, she did better with the move than I think we did. I think the only thing she cared about was that we were with her. She really seemed to care less that her entire environment had changed overnight.

Emma’s Park and Playground

It probably helped that our new place is like her own personal dog park. A fully-fenced, six acres worth of running room that comes complete with an endless supply of birds, squirrels and critters for her to chase. There are also an abundance of deer that have made themselves a home at our place that constantly taunt Emma. We do our very best to make sure they aren’t around when we let Emma out on account of she is not scared of them and wants to chase them….I’m afraid she’ll run into one during rutting season and get hurt 😦 We also live across the street from a lake, which until the summer began she thought was her own personal lake as well. (Click Here to watch Emma Swim!)

She has had her fair share of injuries since we have come here. I promise you she is under constant supervision, however she still seems prone to bizarre injuries. We joke that we need to bubble-wrap her to keep her safe.  She is tough though and so far has healed well from all her accidents 🙂


Remember When……….Oh my goodness.

Her birthday is coming up! Can’t believe she will be two on July 30th! She has been an absolute joy, a life-changing experience, and a blessing. She is our everything and we can’t imagine life without her. Thank you so much for giving us the most beautiful thing we have 🙂 ~Tanya & Aaron

Breeder’s Note: We understand how busy life can become. Thank you for remembering us in the midst of all you faced this year. We wish you many more years of joy, and fewer mishaps.