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As promised we wanted to keep in touch with our pup Luna from Lynnwood, WA. She just passed the 5 month mark and she is doing great. When she runs out her energy she’s so sweet but has lots of personality — which we just love. She’s been well socialized around other dogs and people and loves her daily walks and trips to the dog park.

But what I’m enjoying most of all is her as a bird hunting partner. I had taken it slow with her over the summer: introducing her to guns and quail and big open fields so I didn’t know what to expect when her and I did our first pheasant hunt (DNR planted birds in western WA). But wow was I impressed with her prey drive and stellar nose! And she’s not gun-shy! First, she gets super excited when she knows we’re going out, and for as young as she is, works the fields hard bounding all over the place in grass way over her head. Then when I’ve knocked down a bird in some heavy cover I was nervous we wouldn’t find it to reward her with. But wow was I surprised when she used her nose and tracked it down! – she wasn’t even 5 months yet. She doesn’t point or retrieve yet (obviously) but we’ll work on that next year. I hope to get her into the local NAVDHA club next year too.

So, all in all, we’re doing great and loving life. Hope you enjoy the photos.
All the best,
Mike and Michelle

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear from you. It is great to find out that Luna is doing well. Thanks for all the hard work — we realize that pups take work. We truly appreciate you sharing about the field work–she is coming along quite nicely.

We recommend joining the International NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) because to participate in the local chapter you have to join anyhow. There are some nice perks such as their magazine. It is always essential to keep in mind that pups can be no older than sixteen-months for the NAVHDA Natural Ability Hunt Test. It takes some planning and preparation. Typically, you want to enroll in the spring test early to get a slot. So, it is advisable to keep apprised of the scheduling, because slots fill quickly.

Zula Blue retired–she has been such an excellent addition to our breeding program. We kept her as a pup from two of our lineages. It turned out well. Since her retirement, she has joined Marie and Pushkin in Western Oregon. She is affectionately known as Zoo Boo. Maybe you noticed she had been featured on the blog a couple of times.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

June is preparing,

         to wrap up its 2014 business…….Stackhouse Swimming (2)

We will wave good-bye to June this coming Monday, after saying hello to summer at the end of last week. There will reports of folks floating the Boise River, and a lot of swimming going on. The heat will (surely) arrive in full-force.

Extreme heat is often directly followed by the violent ripping thunderstorms. Toad-strangling downpours, hail, and dry lightening sparked range fires are some of the things that can happen during such an event. The storms are fun to watch, as long as they don’t shred or burn something close to your heart.

This week’s blog had a theme–the swimming Weimaraner. People have told us all kinds of stories about their Weim, and the water-work. These stories have ranged from the surprise swim, to the person who threw their Weim over the side of the boat. The latter is not something we can endorse. Yes, the tossed-in-the-water Weimaraner may swim to save his or her life; however, it may well ingrain the fear of water making the voluntary swim impossible. Employing knack, patience, follow-through, and fun water’s edge games will take your further. Cliff believes wholeheartedly in instilling the love of the retrieve, and keeping it as the focus. This one thing (along with a fun-upbeat relationship) works nearly every time people use it.

 Here are the links for this week’s blogs….

On a personal note……Jeep and ripening grain

Cliff continues irrigating–the hay and the winter wheat. The golden hue is coming to light; soon it will be time to harvest. Our neighbors will combine the wheat. Cliff will be planting alfalfa (in this field–now planted with winter wheat) once the field is prepared. The second cutting of hay is around the corner too. Those events pale in contrast to the arrival of our first great grand child–Evangeline Grace. We ( like her parents, and grandparents), wait breath-abated. A family Baby Shower is slated for later today. It should be a really fun time. Before Eve’s arrival, pups should be on the ground. It will be a busy July for sure!

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. In the weeks ahead we can use them. We appreciate you all!


Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!


Luke and Clyde are doing well

IMG_0583 - CopyThe boys are doing well, Clyde is doing remarkably well at a spry 11 years next month. I recently learned of a 16 year old Male Weim that is holding his (38) - Copy

photo (45) - CopyThe boys grouch at one another when it comes chow time and gulp their food so we introduced new bowls which distribute their kibble around three protrusion (pegs if you will) that come up from the bottom of the food bowl. This makes for a 12 minute meal versus the previous 4 minute inhaling of their food.IMG_1069photo Aug 2013 Luke and Clyde - Copy

Here they are with a stay-over friend Szabo

Here they are with a stay-over friend Szabo

Breeder’s Note: There are various types of dishes designed to stop your dog from gulping their food. We feel it is important to teach them to eat slower. Some Weims are nibblers, but others gulp their food. There is evidence that gulping food and water, can lead to bloat. Regardless, eating slow is better for the digestive system.

We know the Weimaraner that lives past the norm does so for many reasons. There are many dangers, and potential risk lurking about. Health issues can arise (as they do for humans). Good nutrition, age-appropriate exercise, and a healthy diet go a long way toward promoting health. No one can guarantee longevity, but beating the odds is more likely with the best of care. Thank you Cal for providing the best for these two wonderful Weimaraners.