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Our Luna

Personality Plus

    and my hunting partner


As promised we wanted to keep in touch with our pup Luna from Lynnwood, WA. She just passed the 5 month mark and she is doing great. When she runs out her energy she’s so sweet but has lots of personality — which we just love. She’s been well socialized around other dogs and people and loves her daily walks and trips to the dog park.

But what I’m enjoying most of all is her as a bird hunting partner. I had taken it slow with her over the summer: introducing her to guns and quail and big open fields so I didn’t know what to expect when her and I did our first pheasant hunt (DNR planted birds in western WA). But wow was I impressed with her prey drive and stellar nose! And she’s not gun-shy! First, she gets super excited when she knows we’re going out, and for as young as she is, works the fields hard bounding all over the place in grass way over her head. Then when I’ve knocked down a bird in some heavy cover I was nervous we wouldn’t find it to reward her with. But wow was I surprised when she used her nose and tracked it down! – she wasn’t even 5 months yet. She doesn’t point or retrieve yet (obviously) but we’ll work on that next year. I hope to get her into the local NAVDHA club next year too.

So, all in all, we’re doing great and loving life. Hope you enjoy the photos.
All the best,
Mike and Michelle

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear from you. It is great to find out that Luna is doing well. Thanks for all the hard work — we realize that pups take work. We truly appreciate you sharing about the field work–she is coming along quite nicely.

We recommend joining the International NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) because to participate in the local chapter you have to join anyhow. There are some nice perks such as their magazine. It is always essential to keep in mind that pups can be no older than sixteen-months for the NAVHDA Natural Ability Hunt Test. It takes some planning and preparation. Typically, you want to enroll in the spring test early to get a slot. So, it is advisable to keep apprised of the scheduling, because slots fill quickly.

Zula Blue retired–she has been such an excellent addition to our breeding program. We kept her as a pup from two of our lineages. It turned out well. Since her retirement, she has joined Marie and Pushkin in Western Oregon. She is affectionately known as Zoo Boo. Maybe you noticed she had been featured on the blog a couple of times.

Not so long ago

River Joined Our Family

     ~ So Tiny that there was room for two!


She Loves the Drive Thru

      ~ She has Grown but not outgrown Dutch Bros.

On the close up we were in the drive through for Dutch Bros, we’ve been taking her to the same location since we got her as part of her socialization and now she gets all excited and happy whenever she sees that we are pulling up into their drive through. She is one of the most popular pups there and everyone is always so glad to see her, it probably helps that she gets a nice dog treat from them every time.
Breeder Comment
Thank you, for letting us know that River is doing well. It is great to hear she is so popular too!

Beautiful Friends Begin Here


To say that we value those folks who share our passion would be an understatement. So many of you who bring home the OwyheeStar pup make them an integral a part of your family. We see the Facebook posts. It warms our hearts to know that all the work we pour into the process makes a huge difference.

We have included a smattering of photos we saved. Some were sent to us via email. Others were Facebook posts–some of which you had tagged us in the post. The OwyheeStar might be found on the sofa, on the bed, and in at least in one instance on the piano. We understand Gibson is challenged as a support artist. They can be found staring out the window anxious awaiting somebody’s arrival or making sure there are no interlopers. They frequent boats and are at home in and around the water. More than anything they want to be ultra close. You make a great pillow if you can just stay still long enough for them to get a nap. For your information, the two pictured using their master’s head as a pillow are not the same Weim. Another place you might encounter the OwyheeStar is on the beach. More often than not we are speaking of the Oregon or Washington Coast. Some of these Weims live at (or near) ocean front locations. Some, like Rupert and Wendy, visit the coast often.

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Thank you for sharing with us via email, Facebook, and in other ways. Our hearts are forever joined by one or more of these wonderful creatures.

Featured Weimaraner — Sucia

Breeder’s Note: Please understand that Meg is a doctor. She works around the clock on some days. Her schedule varies, and for this (and other) reasons she wondered if she should bring home a Weimaraner puppy. The question was not so much as if, but when. Should it be now, or should she wait until things are more perfect for bringing home a puppy. No one can tell a person when the right time is to move ahead; but we know a lot of people who have put their dream on an indefinite hold. Things have never been ideal. We are glad that Meg could make this happen now. Here is the lovely note we received regarding her new best friend.

Look closely, and you will see two girls smiling in the kayak :O)

Look closely, and you will see two girls smiling in the kayak :O)

Shela and Cliff-

Thank you, thank you, thank you….. for such a lovely dog!  Sucia (named after one of the San Juan islands I love to paddle around) has been an absolute joy!  She is playful, inquisitive, beautiful and makes me laugh so many times each day.  She is independent and plays well by herself and with others.  She does have cuddly moments each day, when she seeks out my lap and snuggles into it, burying her nose into my side and making little contented puppy sighs and grunts as she falls asleep.  Very sweet.

She has fit right in at Jan’s (who you met) house where she lives when I work my 24 hour work shifts.  Sucia is being ‘parented’ by Jan’s two sweet pit bulls, and is being socialized by them how to interact with big dogs.  It is a joy to watch Sucia go zooming around the yard at Jan’s, playing with her two big sisters.  In addition, Jan has a 14 yo neighbor girl who lets the dogs out each morning and afternoon to play in the yard if Jan is working.  Mindy is over the moon in love with Sucia and is keeping a puppy journal about what she does every day. Sucia is a great car traveler, and spent 5 days with me on Orcas Island at my tiny cabin last week.  She enjoyed the freedom of exploring my property and sniffing out all the good sniffs there. She loves stalking and pouncing on big pinecones!  She has gone swimming in the freshwater inland lakes there and is a good hiker and beach walker.  Imagine all the good smells on a saltwater beach!

I took her to the Orcas Farmer’s Market on Saturday and she made many new friends.  Everyone wanted to say hi and she was mellow and warm with adults, little kids and many other dogs.  She is getting a great socialization period.  I am thoroughly enjoying her and appreciate all the hard work that both of you have done to breed such wonderful pups.

In short, I am in love.  Thanks, Shela, for patiently waiting for me to realize that little girl number 3 was supposed to live with me. ~ Meg