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Happy Birthday Sadie

Today (June 26, 2014) is our big girl’s 5th birthday.  It seems like just yesterday she came home curled up in Sandy’s lap. Sadie at 5 Years of Age

A Full-Figure Gal

She was a big pup but has grown into a nice large lady.  She is the essence of our lives.  Everything every day revolves around her.  This month has been a big month for her.  She added two squirrels and a large marmot to her list of retrieved violators of her property.  She protects Sandy’s strawberry patch as well as the entire yard.  She is 90 pounds and 29 inches tall at her shoulders.  Not an inch of fat any where on her.  She runs like the wind and swims like a fish.  I asked Shela for a dog with great hunting instincts, I have never seen one with greater instincts and ability than our Sadie.  So Happy Birthday Sadie and thanks Shela and Cliff for our great family member on her 5th birthday.