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Under the Weather

~Awesome Girl–Jorja

We haven’t been feeling well, so the house wasn’t kept up with properly.  Today disinfecting the house I found these open chips of the coffee table near her toys. They were there for at least 2 days. She took the bone off the table while she was with me. So proud she never touched the chips!

Hard day today! Missing Arleen! 
But these good and new things (Pheasant Hunting) make me appreciate the great start she had from you all and Arleen. Xoxoxo Eileen and Jorja

Breeder Comment

Dear Eileen, I know so many of our readers feel your pain of the loss of your lovely Weim-loving sister Arleen (and of course, Arliss who passed not long after her). Arleen was a friend to so many–an advocate for pets. We are sorry for the loss you must face day in and day out.

Thank you–for this cute story about Jorja. We sincerely hope you are feeling better. Prayers for you, Eileen.

Featured Weimaraner — Jorja

Jorja and Betsy on the Rug

Jorja and Betsy on the Rug

Yesterday Jorja made an appearance on the blog — click here!

Eileen Reports–On the 19th of January 2013, we had a big party (40-50 people) to celebrate my 5 yr cancer-free milestone.  The plan was to have Jorja in her kennel in the camper- away from all and noises.  Well with all the out of town friends visiting, and shopping it never happened.  Jorja was with us all and was SOOO GOOD!

Counter-Surfing Happens!

There was one mistake, and it was my fault. Silly me–I left the ham bone too close to the edge of the counter (no issues since, but we are being careful all the same –  I know it takes just 1 time… because these are Smart dogs!) Nonetheless, with all the people and food she was great!  The next day our out of town friends commented that Jorja was great and it was Betsy that was naughty=my son and not listening….

Jumping Up on Visitors

I almost forgot to mention the front door- she never tried to go out. Each time the door opened, she waited. Of course, I initially held her by collar. We are still working on the proper protocol for greeting guests. We practice a lot; she waits when we’re going for a walk.  During our big event, I held her, but once I let go she greeted them. She didn’t jump up on people, even though many we’re new people to her.

She is a good fit for our family!

Needless to say I am so proud of her, and her growing obedience, her desire to please, and her sweetness (she is a love and very affectionate). Thank you, love my “little” girl and she’ a good fit ( quote from the daily 5 Weim I sent you a while ago).

Breeder’s Note: Thank you for sharing your success with us. We are so thankful you could celebrate five years of being cancer-free. We wish you many more. We love hearing about Jorja’s antics, and love how she makes you laugh. Thank You!