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I just wanted to send you a few updated pics of Berkley. She’s 3 now! 

Here are her favorite things: sneaking under the curtain when the heat is on (doggie sauna), going for a hike with her family (and the car ride there, and the swimming that takes place when we hike to a lake), and snuggles on the couch (with me, preferably).

Occasionally she still runs away with something that’s not hers, and she still thinks she can get away with hiding under the coffee table (in this picture it’s a little elf shoe she took off the Christmas tree).

Note: Berkley is very clever with her Doggie Spa–we are impressed.

Finally, the Christmas sweater was a hit this year, but perhaps not with Berkley. She wasn’t a huge fan of wearing it. However, my goal was to cheer people up in our neighborhood this year. And her sweater definitely helped the cause. We brightened all kinds of people’s faces.
Happy New year to you and Cliff! Thank you so much for our sweet girl!!Sincerely, Amanda

Breeder Comment

I love that you brought a smile and a little sunshine to other people who are in desperate need with your Christmas sweater. And more than anything else–the way she is a part of everything family activity. Thank you for keeping us apprised of how things are going and her antics–and especially the Doggie-Spa.


~Beautiful Thief, she is–

When ever I take a shower, I have to leave the door cracked, otherwise, she will scratch and whine, waking up the rest of the house (she gets quite loud, haha).  

And EVERY single time I get out of the shower, I have a piece of clothing “gone”….yep my beautiful Weim is a “thief”.  I  usually find it under her, or in her mouth.  She hasn’t damaged anything (yet),  but if I’m missing something, all I have to do is find her (which isn’t hard) and I’ll find my clothes.  Gotta love little thieves (lol).

Looking forward to our next thief!
Robin and Mark

Breeder Comment

Well, we have been friends for a long time–like so many people in our life, it was the Weimaraner that introduced us. This addiction to this crazy breed cannot be explained to everyone. It is most certainly not for everyone, either. (That being said)–we look forward to placing another with you as soon as possible. Thank you–for your loyalty, friendship, and the love of the Weimaraner.


~ The Adventure Begins

Meet Brady

–From Larry July 23, 2019

And the adventure starts. No more sleeping in —- up at 4:30 or 5:00 in the AM. I have to go to bed at 9 or 10 at the latest. You and Cliff sure know how to pick a dog for me. This guy just wants to be with me and that is want I wanted. Brady was great on the way home.   I think that he will be easy to house break, I just have watch him like a hawk. I went out with him at 4:30 am, he went pee and came right back into the house. But he would not lay down to go back to sleep. So We went out again, he did a  # 2 this time, back in to the house, went to sleep this time. I just have to think like a pup and give him more time. He will tell me what he wants, I just have to pick up on his clues.

We have made it through a couple of day and nights. Brady is working overtime on our training. Ila is having a time with Brady. He has attacked her shoes and bit her on the arm, the blood was flowing.

I know everyone tells you how smart their weim is – its true I think that all of the OwyheeStar weims or very smart. The only thing left is to train the owners so they are as smart as their weim.  ( Are you smarter than as eight week old weim ? ).

Ila and I want to thank you for all that you do to provide these great pups. 


Breeder Comment

You might remember Reno (a long time OwyheeStar Blog favorite). Unfortunately, Larry lost Reno–it was a devastating and swift loss of the worst kind. It was a rare bone cancer–took him quick. The grief is unthinkable, but no one (human or critter) is immune. For a goodly number of years, no OwyheeStar ever died of cancer–I wish it were still so.

I am sure you and Ila will get this pup raised–but there is the stuff of raising pups for sure. The shark-biting baby (and older skin is the worst). I am sure you got the tips I sent to you along with everyone else that has a Bernie X Boone pup–on puppy biting. Thank you, Larry–for your loyalty and the fabulous update (with photos). As always –your photos are great.

Our Penny

~A different Life now

Hey There–here we are with Penny (Polka Dot X Blue). I got her from you some time ago (about 8 years ago)–since then our life has changed a lot. We want to add another OwyheeStar to our family, but let’s update you first.

I am very excited also to share “Penny’s” (Pendleton Juno Kopeck’s) story with you. I initially got Penny (who we picked up in Pendleton when getting her hence the name) when I was single and now Penny has a whole family, a dad and 2 brothers age 1 and 3.  We live on a cattle Ranch (my partners family is 5 generation cattle ranchers in British Columbia) so Penny really is loving the dream and thinks she is now a cow dog. 

My partner (Clint) actually raises border collies and breeds them.  We have 4 borders and Penny.  Penny is the only real indoor dog of ours, except for when puppies come. We have had our challenges over the years but I think that’s owning a Weimaraner.. haha.  She still is my snuggle bug and sleeps in bed, under the covers, at my feet every night… 

Breeder Comment

It is great to connect with you again. Wow–there have been a lot of changes since we met nearly a decade ago. Thanks for sharing with us and returning for another OwyheeStar.

We look forward to the day we meet again, and you bring home your new family member.

Doc Holiday

It’s Been Almost Six Years

Just wanted to say Thank you. We got Doc Holiday from you almost 6years ago. He is the smartest sweetest dog. He has brought joy to our lives. Thanks again. Also, love reading your daily posts. 

What Else Can I Say?

He is very routine oriented. If my alarm goes off and I do not get up he will tap me with his paw to wake me back up. He is more than happy to sleep in on the weekend, but if the alarm goes off. It is time for his breakfast! He also will wake you up to cover him up at night. He loves his blanket.

Merry Christmas a little early.

                         ~ Dara and Doc Holiday

Breeder’s Comment

We are ever so thankful that you took time to update us on your wonderful family member–Doc Holiday. What fabulously clever name, too! 

Perfect Addition



Abby & Rylee at the trailer

Rylee is growing so fast it is unbelievable.  She is so much fun and is getting busier by the day with her endless energy.  We just love her being a part of our family!!

It was a Great Family Outing


The kids on the Santa Cruz Lifeguard Tower


The photos are from Rylee’s first vacation with us.  We didn’t take her out for walks for the first 8 weeks to ensure she was safe from the Parvo concerns.  We limited most of her activity to the backyard and immediate front yard.  When we got her in the car for our trip she just fell asleep like a little baby for the 5-hour car ride.  When she got to the beach it was fun to get her some running room, digging areas, exposure to some water, bird chasing and just other people/activity.  She seemed like a well-trained show dog at times but then we all just laugh since we know her energy spurts are just around the corner.

 Breeder Comment

We thank you for taking the best possible care to raise Rylee in a safe environment. We appreciate you, and your daughter, for flying into Boise and carrying her home on the plane too! We were happy to meet you at the airport. As you have discovered, the adjustment period is important.

The experience got you off to a great start. It was also a very memorable moment for you and your daughter (as well as for us). We hope things continue to go well, and we look forward to hearing from you in the years to come.

Breeder Note

dixie-x-blue-june-5-2016b-pgThis would be a good time to mention that Rylee’s Mama is a Silver Gray Longhair. All of her pups were tradition smooth coats. This is because the sire of the litter  (Blue) didn’t carry the Longhair DNA Marker (aka the fluffy coat marker). Had he of carried the marker 50% or more could have been affected –been Longhairs. For some folks,  this is a troubling issue. Others understand the depth of the gene pool this brings as well as some other varied benefits. The photo below is of the younger Dixie–at about one year old. dixie-5140-2

Zeka Brings Home Lucky

A Good Fit For Us!

Lucky is just what we were looking for – a companion for Zeka. One that can entertain her and wear her out since our runs don’t seem to be enough for her.  He has done exactly that for us. Now the only problem is that he wears her out, she sleeps half the day. Then he needs to be entertained 🙂  
I have attached a short video of them.  We walk around the farm a few times a day, and this is what they end up doing. I love watching them; it is funny.  Lucky is so much faster than Zeka. She often cheats by cutting corners; it’s her only chance of keeping up.  They run until Zeka gets tired and lays down.

We Are Working It Out

He is a good boy.  I took Thursday and Friday off to work with them since Avery was going to be at some training; I have gotten to know him pretty well.  The ride home was pretty uneventful, they had a few words together, but they did fine. I attached a picture of us driving home in the car.  Zeka is passed out, and he is wide awake.  They have had words since, it’s usually because of Zeka. She is way more possessive of her stuff than Lucky.  She is always jealous of whatever he has and tries to take it; he is usually ok with it. She is a bully to him.  He tolerates her picking at him most of the time, but he lets her know when he has had enough. Chow time was pretty eventful the first day as well, but I think we have it all figured out now.

Lucky is Avery’s Shadow

He really bonded with Avery, it’s comical; he is (literally) Avery’s shadow when he is here.  He sits in front of the bathroom door and waits until he is done showering or the front door when he leaves until I convince him to come hang out with Zeka and me.

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They Are Going to Be Great Together!

Zeka and Lucky wrestle and play all of the time….until Zeka lays down for a nap.  He has been napping more the last two days; he must feel a little more comfortable.  I did take him to the vet on Friday. That didn’t go well at all.  Apparently he doesn’t like people near his face or over the top of him; however, he lets Avery, and I smooch on him all of the time. So I was taken aback when he gave the vet a hard time. (He didn’t like Zeka in his face at first either but he has gotten over that) It was not a fruitful vet visit; nonetheless, he did get his rabies shot.  He has a really bad and big hot spot on his chest that I have been doctoring.  Other than that, he is perfect.  We are very happy and lucky to have him. He and Zeka are snuggling as I write this – very cute.  Thank you for our amazing kids.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I will send more down the road.


Breeder’s Comment

We do not get a lot of returns; however, we usually have one or two available. We also have moved to a process of rehoming our females earlier so they can have a second career. This was a difficult decision, but we can see how beneficial it is. We are working on a post that will warm your heart. One of the former girls is excelling in her new career as a therapy specialist. We are thrilled that Lucky (who is Blu’s brother) has found such a wonderful placement. We thank Ginger and Avery for adopting him and reporting back to us. 

Skeeter Valentine

Hi Shela and Cliff! It’s been way too long since I let you know how our lovely girl is doing.

IMG_20150528_214612What a great dog! She loves people, she loves other dogs she loves us and her big sis Kava. Today was quite warm so we took her to the river. It was the first time we have been able to get her in the water and she loved it. She was cautious at first but when she saw Kava swimming about she went for it . All the way in swimming! So cool. So she’s almost a year old. She was from your July 3rd litter 2014. First born. She is soooo courageous. It took her awhile to win over our GSP who is 12 1/2 yrs old but she kept trying and she has actually taught the old girl some new tricks like how to play for Pete’s sake! Really sweet to see. Anyway sorry it’s been so long but time does fly. Take care, Kaliece and Gary (May 28, 2015)

News of a Different Sort

Dear Friends, and Weimlovers..

We have made a concerted effort (over the last few weeks) to post news regarding Zula Blue’s litter. Actually, we planned to post something weekly, but time gets away from us.

Our  must-do list has a voracious time-eating appetite. We made mention of the pups on several occasions. Here are the two blog posts we posted…

Puppy Therapy

They have reached the five-week mark. It is time to let you see what has transpired. They look a little different than the last viewing on the blog.

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Zula Blue’s Pups slated to Join Their Families

(photos featuring Alice (Zula Blue X Blue 2013 litter)

Ready for her flight home with her new happy parents

Alice preparing to fly from Boise to California

Zula Blue’s pups will leave for their forever home in a few weeks. It will happen after the Christmas holiday. By then, and things will have settled a bit. It will work to everyone’s advantage. Pups arrive on a schedule that is not always ideal; females come into season every six to eight months. We are sure there are people scanning the Internet in search of a Christmas puppy.

Christmas and the holidays impact our lives in unique ways. Some people find that little changes for them. They lead a quieter life, either by choice, or design.  Other folks find every moment jam-packed from Thanksgiving to the New Year. These types should never add a puppy to the mix. It is irresponsible, and an unfair thing to do to a puppy. To others, the addition of the puppy is more important than the usual holiday fanfare. To say no one can do a Christmas puppy is not fair. We are not all cut from the same cloth (as the saying goes). Nonetheless, there is always a public outcry, because all too many who are caught by the puppy-under-the-tree-idea, are anxious to drop the Christmas-pup at the shelter by Easter. Beyond the holiday scenarios, there are other reasons a placement fails. Zula’s pups are promised to excellent home. Most of these folks have waited for some time to get a puppy; they look forward to beginning the new year with a new family member.

Alice and Emma share the new bed

Alice and Emma share the new bed

Alice (Zula Blue X 2013) flew home on the big airplane with her parents. We show two photos of her; one as she left, and the other of her a few months later. She has an older sister (Emma); she is also an OwyheeStar girl. We thank Cheryl and Dave for their dedication, and loyalty.

Realistic Expectations

~a few simple thoughts on avoiding one unthinkable scenario

Weimaraner pups grow up fast. They go from what we might consider a mouse-sized beginning, to be adult-looking in four-months. They are by no means adult-acting; and setting expectations beyond the pup’s ability is fertile ground for disappointment. Frustration often leads to blaming, and trying to find someone to fix the perceived problems. Labels get attached, and the focus goes from embracing the new family member to fixing them.
A pup, once labeled, will feed off the owner’s frustration. This in turn leads to more acting-out behavior, and a breach in the relationship. It is a combination of the two working together that produces an escalation in the unwanted behavior. Nothing is more significant than your relationship; it is the key to turning around any situation. Regardless, when things seem to awry, it is important to remember what is most important. The key to turning things around is a healthy relationship where you are gaining not only their adoration, but their respect.

Did we say that the Weimaraner pup grows up fast? They go from what you might consider a mouse-sized baby beginning, to be adult-looking in four-months. They are by no means adult-acting; and setting expectations beyond the pup’s ability is fertile ground for disappointment. Wrongly labeled pups stem from one of two methodology errors–the first could be summed up as a failure to understand, and follow through. The second is the other extreme. The person who expects too much, and/or is being heavy-handed. Extremes do not produce the desired outcome. This approach is often based in a person’s ego; this is the person who feels their dog reflects their ability. We are all proud of what our dog does. Nevertheless, the person who wants the well-trained perfectly behaved pup, and they will settle for nothing less; this breed might prove beyond difficult.

This is a journey. This is about what you can become together. It takes time, investment of yourself, and more than a little fortitude to get the desired result. Sending a pup off to the trainer, is more often than not, a bad move. The Weimaraner is all about the relationship–you and they must find the way. Regardless, of what happens (and even if you chose to send them to a trainer), it is imperative that you are engaged with the pup. The type of leadership you provide must be one that evokes respect, and at the same time is sensitive to what works. A lot of people try to bamboozle the Weimaraner into doing what they want. Others exert pressure in order to force their dogs to obey. The Weimaraner needs to want to comply with your expectations. How do you get them to want to do your bidding? You have to invest the time, and follow through early-on. You spend time having fun together, and build this relationship. This journey is a life-time commitment. The Weimaraner is not one you train, and forget. Failure to remember them, and their special needs will end in disaster.

Featured Weimaraner — Charlie

Charlie  (7 months olds) is the joy of our life. 

Thank you OwyheeStar for finding the right puppy for our family. 

We adore him!image001 (4)

image004 (4)

Charlie at 7 months

He is a natural…

I would be honored if you can use my photos and feature our Charlie on your OwyheeStar Blog.. I would add that he is obsessed with tennis balls and we look forward each day to spending time with him playing fetch. He points and retrieves like a trained sporting dog like its inherit.  ~ Darlene

Breeder’s Note: Like so many of you, we met Darlene after the loss of her beloved Weimaraner–Duke. No, we could not replace Duke, but Charlie is applying healing salve for a very painful event. When we met to show them Charlie, they were somewhat reluctant he was going to work. He was a bit older, and a little larger when he left OwyheeStar. He was going into a family with two active big dogs. In the end, we believe this made the transition a lot easier.