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Doc Holiday

It’s Been Almost Six Years

Just wanted to say Thank you. We got Doc Holiday from you almost 6years ago. He is the smartest sweetest dog. He has brought joy to our lives. Thanks again. Also, love reading your daily posts. 

What Else Can I Say?

He is very routine oriented. If my alarm goes off and I do not get up he will tap me with his paw to wake me back up. He is more than happy to sleep in on the weekend, but if the alarm goes off. It is time for his breakfast! He also will wake you up to cover him up at night. He loves his blanket.

Merry Christmas a little early.

                         ~ Dara and Doc Holiday

Breeder’s Comment

We are ever so thankful that you took time to update us on your wonderful family member–Doc Holiday. What fabulously clever name, too! 

This Week at OwyheeStar

Hello May

11174984_10205665926280960_5260943544742744978_nWe say good-bye April, and Hello to May–that just about sums up this week’s calendar. We are in no hurry to move forward toward mid-2015; however, it pulls us along as if it were the engine, and us the attached container. Down the track we go, and we are shocked at the speed time is traveling. We have discovered as we get older, the engine accelerates.

11143508_1649928658569696_710881562918852954_oThe spring pups have departed for their forever homes. They all appear to be making an excellent transition. What more can we hope than to get the ideal opportunity for each pup to thrive? We cannot thank every invested person, family member, or contributor enough. There are so many photos, and updates. Thank you for the celebration, and for sharing some of it with us. We chose this photo of Michael and Kula to represent a small portion of what has transpired. They are pictured here; what could be more apropos? Well maybe a girl and her pup. It is equally good.

There are those of you waiting, and hoping we can produce your next family member. Most (of you) want them to arrive sooner, rather than later. As soon as the spring pups arrived, and it was clear we were short on silver-gray, and gray pups, the question came flying our direction. When will you have another litter? It is a million-dollar question, which cannot be easily answered. If you are waiting for a silver gray, or gray pup, we may have one born this summer. They would most likely be ready either late August, or early September. That is an educated guess. Not every mating produces a litter. Who can guess the number of pups that will be born, the sex of the pups, and in some cases the coat color? If you are on the list for a puppy, you will get news when we can speak with confidence about the topic. To guess, is never a good idea. False hope can lead to discouragement. Hang in there; we have not forgotten you if you are on the waiting list.

This Week on the Blog….

Thank you everyone for the wonderful updates. Your wordy notes, stories, and photos are what make this possible! We always need material to work with; however, somehow it keeps working out just fine. Thank you everyone!

Sunday April 26 — Maggie

Monday April 27— Speaking from our Heart

Tuesday April 28 – Just Ducky

Wednesday April 29 — Layna is One Year Old

Thursday  April 30 —Eleven Days of Jaeger

Friday  May 1— Short Blurb Updates

On a very personal note……

Cliff and I think you know the challenges we have been facing. We have been transparent, because to not be so, would lead you to think we were disengaged. Nothing could be farther from the truth; however, we are limited. Cliff is very busy with the farmhouse remodel, farming, dog training, and preparing for the spring hunt test. I (Shela) am packing, cleaning, and doing all the things I normally do to keep OwyheeStar interaction on track. That being said, I am less able to be so instant. My left arm still swells, and needs a lot of rest to be able to do the minimum. We thank you for your patience, and understanding.

Richard is our first born–a son, who has his own construction business. He can do it all–tiling, finish work, and he has built a couple of homes (from the ground up) before the economic downturn. He could pretty-much tackle any remodel, or repair project that comes his direction. He is helping Cliff with the farmhouse remodel. He has built the new kitchen cabinet boxes, and they are sitting in the kitchen area. It is exciting; it is challenging. When this project is done, it will be a much simpler living situation. We have a long way to go, but we are hoping to get the basic overhaul done before summer’s end.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–we will use everything we can. Then too, I need them for inspiration, and they brighten our day. A big part of healing, and health is from our connections, and outlook. How could news not brighten our day? Well, there is the downside; some of these wonderful creatures pass over the rainbow bridge. There is no avoiding. Despite that fact, there are so many pluses. Thank you for celebrating the Weimaraner with us.

Here’s a picture of Maverick hunting a bird in our backyard.FullSizeRender

This is Scott from Las Vegas I bought a puppy from you almost 11 years ago–his name is Maverick. He is doing great! I live on a half acre lot with a big yard and a tennis court so there is plenty of room for the dogs to run. I have 5-8 hours of tennis lessons every day. The kids and their families who visit all love playing with Maverick.  I wanted to get another puppy and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else than you.

Thanks again for him he’s been my best friend for the last 10 years!! I look forward to starting a new chapter with a blue male from OwyheeStar.


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Hi Shela & Cliff,

I trust all is well at your end. I am attaching two pictures of trigger at three months of age. My family and friends love him. He has a very friendly personality. Very playful yet very obedient for his age. Thanks for giving us such a lovely dog. Regards, Waqar

Breeder’s Note: We are thrilled that Trigger is doing well, and is much-loved. It is news of the best kind!

Pups grow so quickly; within a very short time, they are adult-looking. Sometimes people forget they are still a puppy. Very soon Trigger will fall into this category–(Adult-Looking Puppy). We feel it is challenging to remember what is appropriate, and should be expected for a puppy this age. By the time they are four months, we hope they can attend a class to (further) expand their education, and on-going socialization. Of course, for those folks close enough to drive to Jan’s class it is ideal. Ruby (an OwyheeStar Weimaraner) is currently enrolled in Jan’s class. It is always fun for Jan to have the Weimaraner in her class. She has owned, trained, showed, and loved the Weimaraner for thirty-five plus years. She is a personal friend, and lives with an OwyheeStar Weimaraner named Willow.