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Colorado OwyheeStar

~Office Help

All is well.  All systems are working and we have had only one accident (my fault), otherwise, she’s going outside regularly. She does well at the office and actually asked to go out!

P.S. please put me down for a blue female with the tail.  Let me know when I need to send a deposit.

Breeder Comment

First, we want to thank Steve for being such a fantastic Weimlover. Now, some of you might wonder he what he means when he says, “with a tail.” Don’t all Weims have a tail? Yes, they do.

Steve means he wants an undocked tail on his next pup–which is what this one has by request. We have a particular protocol we follow for this type of request. For one thing, the deposit is sizeable–because if the person happens to walk away, then finding another home for the pup is an arduous task. It can be done, but it requires a lot of extra work. Therefore, we need more to get on the Wait List for the undocked tail, as well as to reserve such a puppy. Once the decision has been made, as about one-week, then docking the tail also becomes more involved.

Skeeter Valentine

Hi Shela and Cliff! It’s been way too long since I let you know how our lovely girl is doing.

IMG_20150528_214612What a great dog! She loves people, she loves other dogs she loves us and her big sis Kava. Today was quite warm so we took her to the river. It was the first time we have been able to get her in the water and she loved it. She was cautious at first but when she saw Kava swimming about she went for it . All the way in swimming! So cool. So she’s almost a year old. She was from your July 3rd litter 2014. First born. She is soooo courageous. It took her awhile to win over our GSP who is 12 1/2 yrs old but she kept trying and she has actually taught the old girl some new tricks like how to play for Pete’s sake! Really sweet to see. Anyway sorry it’s been so long but time does fly. Take care, Kaliece and Gary (May 28, 2015)