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Sadie is Glorious

Golfing with Sadie

golfer sadie 001

As Sadie nears her sixth birthday this month she has decided to take up golf.  Here you can see her checking her score card and deciding what clubs to use next.  She is the greatest of all of your fine animals.  Ron

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The Battle of the Weimlovers

057_first-pitch4It is great that you love your Sadie so much. We are positive others will take exception with your statement that she is the best, and we have no idea what to say. (Lol) There are those that write the same thing almost every day about their Longhair. We know Ron, doesn’t see the attraction; or the point to them.

Goldee’s Mama lives and breathes for their time together. Every day is an event. She is photographed by grandma Terri Jacobsen a Northwest Pet Photographer extraordinaire. We have been blessed to have several professional shutterbugs, but she is certainly one of the best. She keeps Goldee covered with masterfully captured snapshots; Holly, the mama, posts something they are doing at least once a day. Often, she has numerous photos and silly captions.

Whatever you prefer–the tradition gray ghost smooth-coat, the blue color, or a Longhair, the passionate are crazy for their relationship. Holly is frantic for the fluff, and she celebrates every tuft; Ron is adamant about sticking to his traditional Gray Ghost variety. Preferences run deep; however, there is a growing group of folks that want one of each. This is not the norm, but it is trending.