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~Off to a Fabulous Start

Played with his duck for about an hour and fell asleep right on top of it. Such a beautiful dog, thank you so much! 

Breeder Comment

We spent the last three days meeting people with their pups. The homes we have for each pup are extraordinary–and we cannot wait to hear from each family as their journey unfolds. Oliver (AKA Ollie) isn’t looking back, he bonded to his people, and life is so exhausting as you can see.

Skye has a busy first week

I am Skye!

Jean and Skye on shoulderJuly 27- August 2, 2013

Going Home- My First Week.

I took my first car ride to meet my new mom (Jean) & her friend on Saturday. Cliff & I met them in a big parking lot in Pendleton, Oregon.

IMG_2290Intro to camping

On the way home, I got to go on my first camping trip, because Jean didn’t want me to have to be in the car all day. It was really fun sleeping in a tent- and I slept really good, except Jean says I groan a lot when I sleep.

998856_10151456703762574_312659417_nMe at Palouse Falls

The next day Sunday, I got to see Palouse Falls. If this is a taste of my new life- I love it! We get to do all kinds of cool stuff! Jean carries me everywhere because she says I’m too little, and doesn’t want me to get dog germs.

Meet the Family…

IMG_2319Monday I got to meet my new family. Whoa! What a mix! Donkeys & sheep & horses & chickens & dogs, oh my! So even staying home is fun and busy too. IMG_2334I’m learning to really like my crate. I eat all my meals in it, and take all my daytime naps in it. I have a special bone in there! I slept quite well in my crate at night. I didn’t even have to go out until 5am and then I went right back to sleep until 8am!

I garner a lot of attention…

Tuesday I got to go meet the tellers at the bank. They all think I’m so cute and they all want to take me home- but I’m stickin’ with Jean!! Jean takes me out to potty right after I eat, and every couple of hours. I’m already learning what “get busy” means, and I’ve been accident free! I slept all night in my crate- made it until 6:30am, went potty outside, and right back to sleep until 8:30, yay!!

Aunt Kassie Rocks…

On Wednesday I got to go for another car ride to town, with my aunt Kassie. She’s a big golden retriever mix. We were helping Jean with one of her dog training clients- an Irish Wolf Hound- all I can say is he’s HUGE! I stayed in my crate and watched. Wednesday night I slept all night! I woke up at 7:30 am and then we were ready for the day.

It seems I have a job as Jean’s assistant

On Thursday I went with Jean to her physical therapy appt. because they all had been waiting to meet me. Tyler the doctor, has a really cool dog who Jean also trains. Her name is Stella, and she is huge too!!! She really likes me and Jean said we can play sometime soon. My night crate time is really good- I’ve decided I can just sleep through the night. I don’t have to get up to go out. Jean is so happy!

I travel well…

Friday is yard sale day. I did a lot of car crate time, and met lots of really nice people. I’m learning to just go to sleep when the car is moving. It makes the time go by so quick! Jean also clipped my nails while I was asleep- that didn’t bother me at all! I go in my crate by myself now when I get sleepy and want to take a nap. I’m so glad Jean decided to crate train me!

No this is not my travel mode, but it is pedicure mode....

No this is not my travel mode, but it is pedicure mode….

So that’s my first week at my new home. So far, so good. I’m a pretty happy girl!!