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~Off to a Fabulous Start

Played with his duck for about an hour and fell asleep right on top of it. Such a beautiful dog, thank you so much! 

Breeder Comment

We spent the last three days meeting people with their pups. The homes we have for each pup are extraordinary–and we cannot wait to hear from each family as their journey unfolds. Oliver (AKA Ollie) isn’t looking back, he bonded to his people, and life is so exhausting as you can see.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

2014 is off and running

I am just saying....

I am just saying….

We hope your 2013 was memorable-in the best possible way. It is time to make new memories. Possibilities abound, and much of what we will see will be of our own making. We know there will be some hiccups, as well as bumps in the road. Nevertheless, the longer you live, the more you realize this is how it works. Pick up, and go on. Life is precious, and fleeting at best.

There is no time to waste bemoaning past (or present) troubles. Embrace the moment (and those you love–especially your faithful Weimaraner); and enjoy life. Fear is the polar opposite of trust. Trust, hope, and a positive outlook will take us down the right path.

Puppy ready for the right home…

5_Duchess X Blue 5WKS (17)If you are considering a grey ghost male puppy, we have a family who had a last minute crisis; they cannot bring home their puppy. We are accepting applications for him. We also have some longhair pups that will be ready in a few weeks. I will be getting the availability updated across the web soon. :O) Cliff and I thank you for your continued interest.

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Saturday January 11, 2014……

Puppy Exit Jan 11, 2014 (50)Cliff is on the road to meet some folks with their new OwyheeStar pups. Puppy Exit Jan 11, 2014 (17)

I looked at the Oregon Trip Check website, and the roads appear to be good right now.  Wind and rain seem to be the biggest potential problem. The wind can get very brisk along the Interstate. All-in-all it looks like we netted a pretty good winter trip day.

Remember to Embrace the moment…

Whatever you find yourself doing today, be safe. Have fun, and embrace the moment. One day, all too soon we will look back upon this holiday season. Someone who shared this moment with us, may not be here next year. Whether this is a fur family member or those of the human persuasion, they will be missed. If you are suffering a recent loss, our prayers and thoughts go out to you. Take care of yourself.


Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!