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Weim Privilege Denied

`Maizie Gets her Chair

Maizie, age 8, has lived her life without being allowed full access on human furniture and beds.  (She has no idea other Weims get full privilege).  (She has numerous comfy beds and fleeces of her own in every room of the house). About two months ago, she weighed the situation and took a gigantic risk.  She stepped right up on the comfy recliner chair in our bedroom and curled up into a ball!  We were so stunned we were speechless!  She didn’t get yelled at!  We didn’t have the heart to scold her.  We relaxed our expectations justifying, “Well, she’s 8.5 years old….she’s getting older etc etc etc)”.  It’s Maizie’s chair now for certain times of day—at her choosing.  We ask her when we want to sit in it.  The power of the Weim!

Breeder Comment

The Weimaraner doesn’t see herself as a dog–and her humans use furniture. Having a fancy dog bed isn’t the same–look this chair just fits. What more should I say? Well, nothing more to say other than we do so appreciate this photo and your little story that we could use for the blog.

Reasons to buy a new sofa

Here are a few!

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Remember many years ago when there was the long list of things the Weimaraner wasn’t ever going to do? One of those things was they were not going to be on the furniture. Uhuh

Thunder prefers the driver’s seat…

My name is Thunder

            and I want to be in the driver’s seat !

Thunder prefers to be the one driving...

Thunder prefers to be the one driving…

Mom and Dad both work..

Last week I went to the office to help my Mom with her job. Now, we just got home from going to visit Dad at work. This work thing has me puzzled, but the folks say they have to keep doing it so I can have what I need. “Woof” –that means whatever in my language.

Growing like a weed

Mom says I am growing fast. She thinks I have long legs, and truth be told I do tend to stumble over myself.

I like to chew…chew …chew

I chew everything, I mean everything! I have ever kind of toy you can imagine, but I more often than not opt for the off limit things–like shoes, furniture and yes, I still chew on my sister.