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House Rules

~Regarding–the Furniture

We try to have strict rules so all the furniture doesn’t get taken over by the dogs since both Jim and I are allergic to big loads of dog dander.

Our compromise is this:  One ancient sofa near the front hall is all theirs.  Sucia and Patos know that they can wrestle, scratch, jump on, chew toys and rough-house all they want on “their” old couch. The rule for the rest of the furniture is off-limits.  The one exception is this gray couch, and by invitation only,  in this picture is that it is off-limits, UNLESS it is covered with one of their fleece blankets.  they can only be on it when it is covered with one of these fleece blankets, usually when one of us is on the couch and want a pup to snuggle next to us.   Clearly, this was an afternoon that Sucia and Patos discovered that the fleece blankets were left on unattended…….😊

Breeder Comment

Every household has rules–spoken or unspoken. Sometimes we humans fail to keep our end of the bargain, and it is either confusing or allows bending the rules a bit. (Haha) Weims have a way of working things to their liking. We all know that. Don’t we adore them for their shrewdness — for the challenge they present? I think we can agree, we do.

Thank you, Megan, for this fabulous update. We truly appreciate it!

Speaking of Sofas

Armless Sofas not preferred

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Comfort is Important

The Weimaraner can make do in the absence of luxury. They know how to adapt when it comes to comfort. They expect to use the sofa, and they need a pillow the arm may work well. Some Weims use the sofa back as a perch. In the absence of a pillow, they will do just fine.

Just say, “Pillow.”

Pillows of any kind work well- -even your head. A sofa arm will do. On the bed, they love your pillow too! Your Weimaraner says for you to bring and extra please. That way they can use it too!