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~Among the Daisies

Porsche enjoys her backyard, sitting among the Daisies or catching her flying disk.


Breeder Comment

JuneAnn–it is great that she has a lovely backyard. Thanks!


~She’s Getting Bigger

She is our little girl and we love her with all our hearts. She loves the back yard and caught her first frisbee midair she loves playing ball , jumping into the hammock with mom. Her favorite thing in the yard is the fountain it is three tier and she likes the bottom she will drink water out of it and let all the water run down her face we now call it the dog wash.

Breeder Comment

It sounds like Miss Astra is doing well. The fountain thing is a hoot. Thanks for the share–we all enjoyed it.

Games Weimaraners Play

Today ‘s variation of Leave-it; thanks to Kendra for this one! 11731813_10207332710261565_1637238313019907931_oI know he may seem to look unhappy, but it is a favorite game. He is just waiting for the take-it command since the ring is his new fave toy! This game is the answer to being in distracting environments; he does it anywhere.

Oh and his eyes are not that dilated, he has dark brown rings around his pupils, for those of you who study the dog body language. (dear revered teacher!)