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~Reports on his Camping Adventure

We just got home from the best camping trip ever. I remember this place from when I was little mom and dad took my last year when I was just a puppy. But now that I’m bigger it was so much more fun.

We dug in the sand for clams and I got so dirty. I jumped in the water to clean myself off I loved the water. We even ran on the beach. There was water there too. At night when mom and dad are sleeping I love to jump into their cots and hog all the bed. I can’t wait til we do it again.

Love Winchester 

Breeder’s Reply to Winchester

Dear Dude–what a fun place to go camping. At the dirt, the water, and the fun combined to make it a memorable trip. I appreciate you dropping us a note and getting someone to snap the pictures of you, too. You write really well–I should find out where you studied. (Haha)

One of Each

A Smooth Coat + A Longhair

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We are doing fine since we have added Daisy (our longhair girl) to the family. I retired from the Navy on 16 January and I start my new career on 9 February. The weims have been keeping me busy.

Daisy had a check up today and she weighs 23.6 lbs and Bella weighs 67.4 lbs. Darilyn is working hard and I’ve been doing a little relaxing.

I read your blog news about your last treatment and we are so happy for you! How are you feeling?

Comment From Shela: Thank you for asking. Yes, we are thrilled that the actual treatment is done. Of course, the doctors are never done–that is a good thing. I have appointments tomorrow, and next week. It is nothing huge, but it will be on-going. I am doing some special massage to relieve the swelling in the arm caused by the surgical removal of the lymph nodes. I am also doing acupuncture–the first treatment didn’t fix me per say; however, I am amazed that it made a difference. The external damage from the radiation is healing; there is less pain every day. They tell me that the effects of radiation keep giving for about two weeks. Of course, we know there are further consequences, but sometimes you have to do what needs to be done. It seemed like the right choice. Overall, we are doing a lot better. Thank you for asking!