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IMG_1387Dusty is an old man. He requires things to be a certain way. For example, if his morning food must be sprinkled with the NuVet with the Duralactin sitting atop or he will give me the look. Oh, better yet, he won’t eat a nibble. The trifecta –Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice, the NuVet (powder), and the Duralactin. They keep him mobile and more than comfortable.

Our Adults eat the Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice including Dusty. On occasion, we use a higher calorie food that is very similar–for those needing a bit more than the typical fare. The Duralactin is an all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement–it takes about two weeks to see dramatic results. It helps to diminish the need for prescription medication that is sometimes needed to manage inflammation.

We seriously believe the NuVet combined with a quality basic food (such as the Diamond Naturals) is an excellent diet. Dusty also enjoys steams squash, steamed pumpkin, various other veggies, and whatever morsel he can garner along with his basic diet.

IMG_1388Dusty has a crate (or maybe we ought to call it a hideout) that is located in our utility bath. When the door is open, he can put his eye on me working at my desk. I think he likes that arrangement. You can see his food hangs on the door.

We have had a lot of questions about food lately. Please be aware that your food company may switch the ingredients without warning. A person who was using another food had severe skin and coat issues–hair loss and sores. After spending some serious coin at the Vet Office, they contacted Cliff. It was then that we suggested they check their food for change–sure enough, there had been. They switched over to the Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice (ordering it from, and her coat began improving within a few days. We suggest you be aware of the food as well as snacks–keeping in mind companies can make these changes that may well raise havoc with the Weimaraner’s coat, or tummy. We can all agree that this situation is best avoided.


Hello Owyheestar!  



My two beautiful Weims

We’re coming up on a year since we acquired our Virgil from you. Skeeter is now going on 3 1/2 yrs old. I love these two so much. 



The lovely Longhair-Virgil

Virgil is such a beautiful dog and I’m so glad to have him as a member of our family.


Skeeter Valentine

He and Skeeter get along well. They run with me, swim at the pool, and visit the dog park. Virgil gets along with all dogs. He’s like this huge mediator…if things start to get weird, he will run at top speed with that fancy tail flying, getting everyone running around once more. 

No one can catch him or Skeeter, they’re soooo fast. People always comment on how nice they are and how beautiful they are. I always say it’s the Owyheestar breeding! Happy Holidays to you and thanks again, for my lovely friends.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate the news and the update. It is always good to hear that the OwyheeStar Weimaraners are thriving and much-loved. Virgil was a spur of the moment addition (because he became available) and we are so very delighted to know you love your Longhair. Getting your endorsement means, even more, when it comes from a person like you–a licensed, practicing Vet Tech.

We wish you continued health and wellness. It is a great comfort to know Virgil and Skeeter have so much going for them. Below are the links for the two from their previous pool work posts. Maybe one day there will be the opportunity to update us on their progress further.

Featured Weimaraner — Dutch

2013-01-25 20.42.56

Dutch is a LOT of dog!

I thought I would write a quick hello and send you a couple pictures of Dutch.  He is a LOT of dog, 91 pounds at last check, but he can curl right up into a small ball when needed to fit in just the right spot on the couch!

Dutch is Fun and Friendly…

He loves all his family and greets each family member every morning with the greatest excitement.  He knows the routine of the girls’ bedtime and always beats us to their bed when it time to tuck in for the night.

2013-01-25 20.43.53Dutch loves the hot-spot

Right now his favorite spot is anywhere his humans are but especially when we are in front of the fire.  The pictures I took last night were too funny not to share.

We enjoy reading about other Weims

Thank you for the daily blog updates, we always look forward to reading them.  We love our Dutch!  As I type this, I realize we are almost at his one year birthday!

Breeder’s Note: Thank you for the lovely update, and the nice comments. We are glad you like the OwyheeStar Weimaraner’s News (Blog). Honestly, it is rare to see a 91 Lb OwyheeStar puppy. Having Stackhouse in the stable, we may see more very good natured, larger, and hunt-potential Weims. It depends upon the lineage we select. Dutch’s father is about 90 Lbs, but more often than not, his pups do not mimic his size. Dutch’s mother is much smaller around 55-60 Lbs.

Last year's bunny is this years 90 Lb lap dog.

Last year’s bunny is this years 90 Lb lap dog.

Dutch doesn’t appear to be fat. For those wondering, it is very important to grow the puppy slow. Slow growth is vital to proper bone and joint development–to avoid hip dysplasia and other ailments. Regardless, some pups are going to grow faster. This is true even when their family uses the large breed puppy chow and is careful not to overfeed.