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Score More

-I need the ball

Stackhouse loves the Boise State Broncos–only because he gets to play the game of toss and catch the football in the living room every time they score. So, he wags and says, “Woof, Score More!”

But he has a colossal complaint–late-night games cut into his beauty rest schedule. So, it was a nap during the halftime.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Means This

   ~ Stackhouse Football Ready

Stackhouse Bronco Fan Sept 2, 2017-19

Yes, I just learned this is game day. Does that me we have pizza for dinner or chip and dip? I thought when the Broncos didn’t pull out the win last week it meant I was done being a good luck token. I guess not!

Stackhouse Bronco Fan Sept 2, 2017-21

Do you know it is an Orange-out night? I don’t think I own the right fan attire. Don’t get any ideas about pompoms. I draw the line in the mud a tutu and pompoms. I also am not doing push-ups for scores. That Bronco dude is amazing but I am more of a Go Broncos, and I think I’ll take a little nap unless we have popcorn and goodies.

Join Me

I (Mr. Stackhouse) and some of the Football gang are getting our mugs posted on an OwyheeStar Web Page. Mom is running behind the curve. The new photo of Asher has not been added yet–maybe today.

Do you have an OwyheeStar Football Fanatic in their game attire? Join us–send your photo to Shela ( “Woof!”

For All of Us Who

Welcome Football Season


Stackhouse Bronco Fan Sept 2, 2017-17

Mama, football is boring. I say it is a yawn…..

What is it about this game that is so addictive? It is probably the same thing that causes us to be crazy for the Weimaraner.  Addictions of this sort are different in some ways to the ones associated with alcohol and drugs. One way it differs is there are no treatment programs to help us curb the desire. Typically, this job is handled by our soulmate.


Maybe that is why we torture them with the fan-based attire. Stackhouse sported the Boise State Bronco shirt. We may expand on that, but we are easing him into the lucky-charm job. BTW-he did a good job with the juju juice today. Boise came away with a nice win. The game was exceedingly entertaining for BSU fans. 20374367_10212371794562973_2040857289649523892_n

Waylon donned the Oregon Green to root for the Ducks! That game went extremely well for Duck fans too! It looks like Waylon will be wearing his jersey often.

If you have photos of your Weimar in game day attire, we would love to post a photo or two of them. If we get enough, we can create a Football Fan Page. What do you think?








NW Football Fans watch in their Own Way

Remy puts on his Game Face; Game Attire10354673_834463439921296_7895747230022446090_n

Siena Watches Football in her relaxed Mode;

                      Snoozes during the One-Handed Catch

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This Week’s OwyheeStar News


   Football, and Other Fall Fun… 

We have turned yet another corner, and there is a lot to celebrate. We love the idea of harvest; however, I don’t care for the after-harvest bareness. Yes, the fields sport Weimar-gray, but if I had to choose an environmental team color, it would be green. I like all shades of green.

1_Lacee's  Summer 2014

Today, Lacee’s puppies join their forever families. They will not be biting my legs anymore when I am cleaning the lawn. (oops) Puppy-biting is one of the biggest issues with the Weimaraner. The underpinning of getting them to stop doing this is to earn their respect, as well as their compliance. If they want to please you, then it is easier to get them to stop the biting. The worst thing a person can do is to over-react. This could not only be counterproductive, but lead to on-going behavioral issues. Puppy-biting is not aggression, but the snappy-lunging not only seems to be mean, but its bite hurts. Your success at halting this behavior is going to be resident in how you feel deep within. It never ceases to amaze us that this behavior will continue with one person, and not another. That speaks volumes about the fact that they have less respect, and feel they are not required to be as pleasing to this person. For those guys who feel it is always the woman who ends up being the target, think again. We have seen instances when the young Weimaraner respects the woman of the house, and totally subjugates the man. (Go Figure) This is more about what the Weimaraner can do, and how they perceive the pecking-order. Children are a whole other matter. Of course, the Weim sees their self above the kids in the pecking order. Usually, the younger members within the family fuel the fire (and desire) to continue the puppy-biting. The young Weim sees it as play, and as a way to establish the upper paw. It is true, that all too often children, and young adults engage the pups in the wrong manner. One way they fan the flames is by using their hands to engage the puppy in play. Another tendency is to let the Weim win at games (such as tug-o-war) The young are like the Everready-bunny–they fill the air with excitement–add a spark to the mix. Cliff is a pro at getting a pup to stop biting, but his methods will not work if they are not followed exactly as he does them. In fact, if done incorrectly, it will make the biting worse. In the end, we must admit; we do not find ourselves embroiled in puppy-biting issues. We give, and get respect from the pups at an early age. Our seemingly good luck stems from the fact that we have more opportunities to work with a puppy than the average pet-person.

Sunday August 31  — Celebrating the Trip Home

Monday September 1— The Working Weimaraner

Tuesday September 2– Goldee

Wednesday September 3 — Giardia

Thursday September 4 — Blu

Friday September 5 — Summer of 2014

OwyheeStar Summer Notes……

Duchess and Mousse Pups at 5 Weeks-7

This summer’s labor was blessed indeed. Lauren has helped us all summer long with whatever we needed to accomplish. Many people would see this is a glamour position; however, it is replete with things a person would like to avoid. There is plenty of cleaning–Weim ears, puppy baths, pooh, and a lot of other things have to be kept clean. Slater on 4 wheeler (5)The record keeping is involved, and must be accurate. We take and process countless numbers of photos. Lauren would arrive at the appointed time, and find a lengthy list of things that needed to be done. In many cases, she completed everything (or almost everything) on the list. Recently, Slater (her brother) has offered a helping hand.

Cliff has been working on the new hay field. There are a few minor things to complete in order to get water on the ground. He is starting to get a feel for some aspects of what we do. It takes a while to catch on where things are stored, and the protocol we follow. A willingness to learn, and a helpful heart go a long way. We truly appreciate everything they have done.

Looking Forward…

We are hoping for fall puppies; we certainly expect to have pups again before the holiday season. There are always so many unknown factors. Everyone would like news, but sometimes we cannot share, because we don’t know. If you are on the formal waiting list, and in line for a puppy, we will let you know when we are certain things are going to produce a litter. Thank you for being patient.

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. In the weeks ahead we can use them.

We appreciate you all! Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!