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Stackhouse Ready and Waiting

Well, the Bronco’s offense made Stackhouse pretty darned happy. Every score means a football toss in the living room.

Score More

-I need the ball

Stackhouse loves the Boise State Broncos–only because he gets to play the game of toss and catch the football in the living room every time they score. So, he wags and says, “Woof, Score More!”

But he has a colossal complaint–late-night games cut into his beauty rest schedule. So, it was a nap during the halftime.

Decorating for Christmas

College Football and the Kids

Christmas 2014LucyBob and I are sitting here watching the Boise State (vs Utah State) Game. They are looking good so far! We were watching the USC/Notre Dame game today while putting up our tree. We were getting the stuff out of the garage and bringing it in the house. I had an open big bag of cotton that I put on top of one of the boxes. When I went back out to the garage to help Bob, little miss Lucy decided she was going to help decorate. When I returned with the next box, Lucy had pulled the cotton out of the bag and had it all over the living room floor!! Mommy was not too happy about that!! Bob came in and said Lucy is just being. Weimaraner!! LOL!! Luigi did itLike you have said in many of your blogs, they never grow up no matter how old they are. They always have their child-like antics!! Here is a photo of our finished tree. It is minus the tree skirt. That is missing this year thanks to Luigi; last year, he got in a snit while we were gone one night. We came home to find it was all chewed up!!! I need to buy a new one. We just bought this tree last year at Home Depot. It is a Martha Stewart tree. I purchased a lovely skirt to go with the new tree last year. I had the old one that I had used since we first got married and of course that one was never touched.

 Football Is Important

Football Fan

Football Fan

Lucy may not care so much about this game. She loves her football. Nevertheless, this is turning out to be quite the game huh? The Oregon/Oregon St game is a blowout! There are a lot of good final games going on today!!

My team, the Cowboys,  played horrible on Thanksgiving. I hope you had a nice day. You mentioned that you were going to keep it quiet. Well, you take care and my thoughts and prayers go to you for your upcoming radiation treatments.

From Shela: Thank you Idelle and Bob. We appreciate our friendship; the years spent linked by Lucy. Thank you for all you do for her, and with her. We appreciate the update–this story is a gem.

Yes, we watched several games too! We are thrilled that Boise State continues to do well. For those who live here in the Treasure Valley, they understand what is behind their success; we see firsthand how they do so much with so little. It is amazing. Not long ago the news reported that they had fallen into irrelevance; nevertheless, here they come again. Losing Coach Pete was difficult, but then Harsen takes over. It is a special place.