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Slower Eating Bliss

Our New Food Dish

I just picked up a new food bowl for Bliss from her Daycare.  I’m surprised how much it slows her eating.  It’s made by Kyjen and is called a Slo-Bowl.  New Bowl_1963
Our kitchen looks like dog central as our new GSP puppy “Joy” is still learning to be well mannered like her big “sis!”  At four years old I had forgotten Bliss’ more manic and destructive days.  So for those with a new Weim puppy, take heart.  With some patience and persistence your biting, non-stop Weim can grow into a regal, calm adult (most of the time).
Thanks again for such a beautiful companion, Katherine
Breeder’s Note: We have talked about these type of food dishes before; however, in the midst of raising your puppy you might have forgotten. The habit of gulping food is not healthy; however, for the Weimaraner it can lead to deadly bloat. We also are encouraged by how well Katherine and Bliss have done. She told us she would have opted for another Weimaraner; however, her husband wanted the GSP. That sent her on a search to find a same quality GSP. That is another story. She did, and all is as they expected.