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It Was A Long Drive

~But We Made It Home

We slept great! He snuggled me all night lol!! He has been amazing!!

My kids are in love and so are we. We named him Nixon. Our other Dog’s name is Linken. And we call him Linky Lou. So we now have Linken Lou and Nixon Blu.

 I am a photographer so when I get my real camera out the poor guy will be overly photographed lol! You are welcome to use our stories and pics. When we got home we had 3 elk in our yard so had to do a good check of the fencing to be sure they didn’t ruin it lol.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you making the drive–it was fun to meet you. We look forward to hearing about your journey–and all those photos you want us to share. Everyone will wait breath abated, my friend.

Ace Update

~ Grandpa Will Reports–Part One

Day 1 with Elle and her fur baby!  Welcome Ace!

Since we got Ace on Feb. 8, 2019, the Spight household has been a whirlwind of activity!  I’m happy to report my first stint as a “Grandpa” has gone well.  Elle (Ace’s Mom) has been doing an outstanding job and continues to show amazing patience for her first very own puppy!

Since day 1, Ace has slept in Elle’s room and she’s the one who’s been getting up at night and taking him outside.  Every now and then she asks for an assist from Grandpa or Nana when she’s had a tough night with Ace or if she has Volleyball tournaments the next day.  So we swap rooms for the night and let her get some much needed rest.

Ace has done wonderful, we are following the Owyheestar protocol to the letter and have gotten him to the vet for his first round of shots (for us), and has his 2nd appointment soon for his 2nd set of shots.  After that we plan to do the tieter test and am excited to explore the lower cost option you mentioned in a blog awhile back.  We appreciated the BLOG article a week or two ago, concerning one of Ace’s litter mates who was getting more food and got soft stool.  We observed the exact same thing, Ace was asking for MORE food, and when we increased it, his stool got MUCH softer, so we reduced it a little and it’s a little better.  Still softer than we would like, but we continue to monitor.

Breeder Comment

We are so proud of Elle–it is a lot of work to raise the Weimaraner puppy. Of course, she has the best ever parents to help out when things become difficult. Nonetheless, Ace is turning out fantastic because of her expert care and attention to detail.

I know everyone loves seeing the photos–and they look forward to reading more about Ace and his adventures. Thank you, Grandpa, Will for the update.

First Weimaraner

~We love our Eazy

I’m sorry it has taken us so long but I wanted to send you an update. Eazy is fitting in sooo well here. Our boxer, Opie, has adopted him and has been teaching him the ropes. He loves his new humans and vice versa, as well.

We are still working on potty training so that is a struggle. He has already learned to sit and has lost 3 or 4 teeth! 

We took him for his first neighborhood walk today and he was so excited! He loved smelling and experiencing new things!
I have attached some pictures for you, too.

I did have one concern you might want to be aware of. It looks like his front ankles are turned in and paws are turned out. He is still growing and may grow out of it but, being a breeder, I thought I would let you know. You can see it in one of the pictures attached. Take a look and let me know what you think. This is our first Weimaraner so it may be normal.
I feel really bad for not sending any updates sooner so please be assured he is loving his new home and we love him so much it hurts 😍 haha!

Thank you,

Breeder Comment

Andrew, we are so happy to hear from you. Of course, we can never say enough how much we appreciate our Weimaraner folks. This is your first, as you say. It is a bit different.

The joints–we don’t believe it is anything to be concerned about. The lineages here have produced quality pups–Deja’s lineage is one we have had for several generations–almost twenty years. We do want to mention that a person needs to be very careful with vaccine–the reason we talk about our protocol is it is in the best interest of the Weimaraner. To venture outside that protocol could trigger a reaction which may result in inflammation of the joints. Sometimes the vaccine reactions can be life-threatening. It is why we make a big deal out of following our protocol. (Haha) No one wants to risk something happening that would compromise the well-being of their beloved fur-family member.

Housebreaking–most folks have very few problems. On occasion, the Weimaraner can get a different idea. (OMG) The trick to raising the Weimaraner is to get them to do what you want–and to think it is their idea. They are very concrete-thinking. A lot of folks think the occasional accident is okay–and it is, but with this breed if they get the idea they prefer an indoor spot to somewhere outside you have an ongoing issue. I am positive you will get this handled, but I wanted to mention it here. Any unwanted behavior is best avoided–this concrete-thinking thing often works in your favor when the behavior is one you want to encourage.


Happy, Healthy, and More

      ~a gift to our family


Winchester has been a gift to my family he is so loving and energetic and we are so happy to have him. We took him to his new vet’s office on Saturday for his 9-week booster and they said he is a very healthy pup and they all just loved him.


He has been doing much better with his kennel training. It is still not his favorite place but he is getting used to it. Brandon’s family members have been coming to let him out and play with him while we are at work. He loves his toys and stealing Brandon’s socks hee hee. He is still learning and growing but I know he is gonna be the best fur baby. Thank you so much!

Whitney and Brandon

Breeder Comment

There is nothing we love more than hearing someone is off to great start. It is good you have help–family support. The photos are precious. Thank you, for thinking of us and for sharing on Facebook, too!


First Vet Visit Done

Just wanted to let you guys know everything is going great! She did develop the puppy vaginitis like you talk about happening sometimes. Zula had her first vet appointment on Monday and did great! I did end up getting an antibiotic for her vaginitis. We are in the middle of to treatment so we will see how quickly it ends up helping her.

Zula is Winning Hearts

She is quickly becoming everybody’s favorite! This past week a couple of friends helped take care of her during my last week of work before we head off to Eugene for school. They absolutely fell in love with her! So much so that one of them made a video, which I have attached! ! Thank you again for giving me such a great dog and companion -Matt

 Breeder’s Note: We are thrilled Zula has gone to work at her full-time position–lover girl. We are sure everyone will enjoy this video of Zula. We also could go to the bank on the fact that soon she will be wearing Duck-Green.  


IMG_0796Our little velvet rabbit has turned into a little dog!  We have started puppy kindergarten and we are practicing all we learned last week so we can pay attention to new things tomorrow.  So much fun! Best new game – the stairs! We are also enjoying an early morning walk around the neighborhood. Here are some photos of our girl!

~Best to you, Nancy and Tony

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Sawyer and Titus

They are Amazing!

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I wanted to keep in touch and let you know how my boys are doing. From day one when we brought them home they have been amazing. So lively, warm, friendly, loveable, and smart. To see how their personalities are coming out it so amazing.

It works for us….

photo 3My husband and myself are so glad we got two. I know you say they can be a challenge but it has been so easy. Every work day the boy load up and come to work with me. The patients absolutely love them and they are so great when its kennel time. We have such a routine that I already predict what they will do next, which helps a ton.

Breeder’s Note: Two puppies at once are almost never a good idea. Yes, they will have each other, but there is a vast number of things that can go wrong. Honestly, we are rarely going to agree to this scenario. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to every rule-of-thumb. Even for this family, trying to recreate the same dynamics later down the road might not work. It is the breeder’s duty to assess the situation; to place the pup according to the best possible outcome. Remember, no one who fails ever believes they will. It is our duty prevent this, if possible!

The Kids First Puppy…

photo 1My kids have been so happy to add them to our family. I was in shock as they never have had a puppy before and to hear them rave about them. Shira-our 9 year old pit bull is slowly accepting them, she teases that she wants to play but realizes they are too small yet.

Looking Forward…

We’re finally getting sleep which is so nice. We got that down to getting up once a night and Sawyer is starting to use the bell. We’ve only had a total of 5 accidents. Which is amazing. They are the best of brothers and yet they listen to well. We start puppy classes next week and we already have sit on their brains.  I couldn’t have asked for a greater gift for myself and our family. Thank you so much for allowing us the privilege to add them to our family.  Here are some pictures I’ve taken. Can’t wait for the warmth and the Rafting adventures with the pups.