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Olli and Indi

Two Longhairs

     ~ From The Same Parents

Olli and Indi_0554
Olli does not share his sticks with anyone…except, now, his sister Indi.  After we got the good news of Indi’s titer test, we took her to Olli’s favorite dog park along the Mississippi River.  He loves to swim and amass a stick collection; Indi is learning to do the same.  She is not at the point of wanting to swim but she goes deep into the water to help Olli carry back his stick prize.
At just over 4 months, Indi is growing like a weed and highly trainable.  She hates to have Olli go anywhere without her so going for a run in the morning can be a challenge as she wants to run after us.  She is a snuggler and keeps hoping that we will give in and let her just sleep on the big bed.  Olli gives her the “been there done that” look…!
All in all, she is doing fine and the crate training concerns of the early days are a distant memory.  We are so happy that Olli and Indi are a part of the family!
Hope all is well with both of you.
PS: The connection that these animals bring us is amazing.  From western Oregon and beyond – it is a community that comes together over the love of a breed. You and Cliff have done an outstanding job of keeping the connections and ensuring that the puppies are of the highest quality.  Every day is not always perfect and there are plenty of trying times but the sun always comes up and we start all over again.  With the tails a-wagging and puppy licks for everyone 🙂

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear that Olli has adjusted and that he more than accepts Indi. We are happy to hear that the Vaccine Titer Test came back with good results. It is always a good feeling to know the titers indicate they have good immunity.

I am confident that the two get a lot of positive comments. We are ever so thankful for people like you–our loyal Weim-loving folks mean more than words can express. We are indeed blessed. There are more and more people discovering the Longhair. We love all things, Weimar. What can we say? I suppose as addictions go, I prefer this one to others. (Haha)


Loves the Water

image-28-08-18-10-23-1We spent the week in Coeur D’Alene and Remy joined us of course. image-28-08-18-10-23She loved swimming and being on the boat with us. She’s such a great pup, we can’t imagine our family without her 😀image-28-08-18-10-26


Hope you guys are well!

Breeder Comment

Thank you, for remembering us and sharing this with our audience. We do so appreciate it. It is great to hear that Remy is much loved. Also, that she loves all things water related–she swims. Mostly we love seeing how happy you folks are to have her as a part of the family. We love it when we see the Weimaraner doing whatever with the family–not left behind. We all know that they are in their element when they are with their beloved humans.

Dora (a Blue Weimaraner) swims and more

2012-07-12 19.27.12We hope you enjoy this video of Dora Mose swimming. She’s so funny and proud of herself. And we’re very proud as well 😉

She also got stung by a bee the other day, much to her dismay. She has a bit of a bee phobia, and what we call “the bee run”, with her back arched, her tail tucked and a wild look in her eyes, which we learned to recognize after she got stung a few times last summer. It’s not really funny, but we do get a chuckle out of her antics.

This time she was enjoying a swim session with several other dogs (one of which also got stung) but decided right then and there it was all over. Her doggy friends continued to swim and play, but Dora sat down next to me and moped/licked her sting for the rest of the time. Always dramatic, this one!

So good to hear that Dora’s puppy siblings got placed well this year. I love love to see all the faces on the blog- all such perfect variations on a theme. 🙂

Thanks for keeping us all together and updated on the blog. You’re doing such an awesome thing. ~ Carrie

Breeder’s Note: Many Weims are allergic to bee stings. They will swell up like a basketball. Ask your vet about Benedryl dosage–you might need to be prepared for such a reaction.