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Sweet Zoe

At Home

In our Arms, and in our Hearts!

Spaulding's Zoe2

All is going well with sweet Zoe! She wanted to be held the whole ride home and has ever since been attached. The first night in the crate was rough, but last night showed a lot of improvement. She’s quickly learning where to do her business and has only had a couple of accidents in the house. She’s eating well & showing good signs of playful activity! We played fetch for about 15 min last night (retrieved every time!) and then she passed out! She’s so intelligent!  She’s at home today with the grandparents who are as equally in love as I am.  She is happy and adjusting very nicely!

Spaulding's Zoe1Uh–the Crate

I think the hardest thing is they bond with you and feel they will forever be in your arms from that moment—unless they bound out to do their own thing. Ha ha, Then we darned humans leave them in the crate. Ha

Thank you for all the communication and very easy process! Yes, she is a smart cookie……thank you, Courtney

Breeder Comment


Dear Courtney–you are correct. It is the most difficult thing to juggle the bonding and the crate-training. Both are necessary components. If the Weimaraner could choose, they would crawl under your skin next to your heart and make it home. They kind of do that, but it absolutely must be balanced with learning how to be away from you. If not, then bad things happen. These various negative occurrences frequently involve destructive behaviors due to the feeling of being abandoned. The Weimaraner is prone to separation anxiety, and it is so darned easy for us to make it worse. Our good intentions often take us from likely to suffer separation anxiety to a severe case. You are doing the right thing. Ultimately, this will help her learn to adapt and become a better-balanced Weimaraner adult. Of course, that is always our goal.

It is so difficult to remember that our good intentions often lead to behavior issues. Before you go with what seems right, it is always a good idea to ask yourself if this is what is best for the Weimaraner. Friends, family, and even some trainers are quick to offer ideas that might not prove beneficial for the long haul. Keep on the path Courtney. You and Zoe are off to a great start. We could not be happier!

Our Friend Jan

If you live near Jan Magnuson, I hope you can take advantage of her All-Breed Training. She has had the Weimaraner 45+ years, and therefore, she knows a thing or two about the breed. Here are a couple of ways you can learn more about Jan and get in touch with her.

Goodies from Grandparents

Lucy and the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Grandma and Grandpa bought me (Lucy)  this new ball today. It is called a Wobble Wag Giggle. Gosh, don’t you just love grandparents?  I like to push it with my nose–it makes these funny giggle sounds. I know how to capitalize on these moments. All you Weim kids reading this blog, remember when your grandparents, or your parents get you something new it is important to make a huge fuss about it. I did a great job this time (in part because I love it)–I went nuts with it!

Silly Mom thought that I might not care for the Giggler because it is made of hard plastic. I showed her how great it was, and demonstrated it by pushing it all over the living room. Well when Luigi came over to investigate I put him in his place (silly brother), and I pushed him out of the way. To be sure he didn’t steal any of my thunder; I quickly grabbed the ball and ran down the hall with it!!( Ha ha Luigi)03521B5E-F3DE-4F06-BC7F-94A79E81401E

Being on my best behavior during dinner is always a plus for Mom and Dad. I went and got the ball and brought it to my bed. Mom thought it was cute, so she took this picture. I was looking at Bob (oh I mean my Dad), and saying this is my Ball Dad. I am telling you no one else can play with it but me!!! LOL!! Mom invariably says, “Lucy is always so animated.” I will tell you she is easy to entertain–this is never truer than when she is tired.

Another Birthday

Ruby is One Year Old!

February 3, 2015

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Hi, I just wanted to send a quick note.  Ruby is doing great and is such a big part of our life I can’t remember any time before she joined our family.  Here are a few photos of her from today.


Ps. I threw in a few older photos too….  You will notice she has claimed the couch as hers, but she does let us sit on it with her though…

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Christmas Bella

Or Christmas Bells for Bella and CompanyChrismas BellaAre you ready for Santa. Bella awaits her opportunity to open a present. She is a good girl; the tree is upright. The packages are perfect.

Not that long ago Bella looked like this:

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We wish Bella and her wonderful family the best Christmas and a Happy New Year!


zeka 2

Time with Zeka

I was so lucky, I was able to spend Sun – Wed with Zeka.  She is so much fun; I love playing with her.  ….and OMG, how cute is she when she pouts 🙂 I had no idea – so funny.  I can’t believe how much she sleeps but I love having my very own cuddle bug!  Thank you again.  Hopefully these pictures work for you.

Avery watches over Zeka

Oh – I forgot to tell you, Avery had to take her in the day I left for a UTI.  It appears to be getting better, poor thing.  …and she loves the NuVet and the other stuff; I was relieved, I thought it would be more like medicine for her but I use it as a treat in the mornings because she loves it so much. ~Ginger

Breeder’s Note: Unfortunately, Puppy Vaginitis (as well as UTI’s) can happen to the young female–with the developing immune system. Should this happen, we recommend being as holistic in the approach to treatment as possible.

Zelda is a good fit

Zelda update –

Zelda_AydenBreeder’s Note: OwyheeStar wants to thank Will and Jill for introducing us to this wonderful family. Referrals are how many people learn about our Weimaraner puppies. It is especially sweet because both (Will and Jill) and Zelda’s parents (Rob and Jill) live in the Treasure Valley. Each family has a longhair Weimaraner. The longhair is not well known, so they are local ambassadors.

Zelda has fit into our family well, and has adapted to our ever changing schedule.

What a difference one month makes.

Zelda is growing, growing, growing – she is a big girl! She is learning fast. She will sit, lay down, and stay on command. She walks well on a leash and still loves to retrieve. She is pretty talkative and can sound like a teenager that is talking back when she is not allowed to do something that she thinks she should be able to do! Her favorite things are getting belly rubs, picking flowers, and hunting for roots with her nose…tree roots, old perennial roots, grass roots – oh and bugs. After all, It is only fun if it requires some searching. I am not so thrilled with the grass roots and buried tree roots, so we are working to curb this behavior! I think most of her antics are pretty typical Weimaraner things, but her latest thing with her partner in crime gave me quite a start!

15 MinutesZelda_Tyler

One afternoon I ran over to the neighbor’s house for 15 minutes, and put Zelda up in her cage. However, I left Max, our Maximillian Pionus Parrot, out. When I returned home I walked into the kitchen area and found Max perched on top of Zelda’s crate! Max could not have flown that far, so she had to have climbed up the side of Zelda’s crate. Zelda acted like there was nothing unusual about Max coming to visit. Max rarely gets off of her cage and play structure so we have become pretty lackadaisical about leaving her out if we are going to only be gone for a short time.Zelda_Max_Parrot

Guess we will have to start putting Max up when we leave. Even with Max’s ability to protect herself with her beak, it is really not safe for Max to be climbing around on Zelda’s kennel, as cute as it was to find!

Zelda Fetch copyZelda at Redfish Lake and McCall

Zelda got to go to Redfish Lake with us and try out fetching in the stream.

This last weekend we had a wonderful time in McCall with Zelda. This is her second weekend to McCall (first trip was at nine weeks) but you would have thought that she has been up there more with the way she feel right at home there. Her favorite part about McCall is all the smells! She tracked a gopher and became insistent that she must dig up its hole in the yard. She did leave it alone once we told her – but she wanted us to know that there was something in that hole and we really should be concerned about!

Here are some current pictures of our big girl.Zelda_101_Uses_for_Stairs copy Zelda_8_2013_Sit Zelda_8_2013_Ball

Featured Weimaraner — Virginia’s Stormy

What do you mean I am not girlie?

What do you mean I am not girlie?

Here is my Stormy Monday at 15 months. She is well over 95 lbs.  Last time she went to vet she weighed 88 lbs. She is definitely a Big Girl.  She seems to love to sleep with her legs wide open and her private parts exposed, along with her teeth.

She is my girl, a handful all the time.  We always say, if she was a person, she would wear a baseball cap backwards, wear low hanging jeans, and flannel shirt. There is “nothing” lady like about Stormy, she is a tomboy thru and thru.

Stormy in the pool

Stormy in the pool

Breeder’s Note: Females in this breed are often more challenging than their male counterpart. (Lol) People who come to this breed relate to their previous female, and believe the Weimaraner female will be an easier choice. To that we say maybe. A male Weimaraner may be oppositional, and challenge your authority, however; they normally are invested in pleasing you. Whereas, the female can find ways to subvert your authority, and to get her way. They are cunning, manipulative, and sometimes naughty. There are exceptions, but overall (to one degree or other) this is true. Nevertheless, many prefer the female finding their behavior entertaining.

Featured Weimaraner — Charlie

Charlie under the treeBreeder’s Note: The lovely Charlie developed a (Urinary Tract Infection) UTI. Unfortunately, a percentage of female Weimaraners will develop either a UTI or puppy vaginitis. In our experience, usually the pups who have the UTI develop vaginitis. Vaginitis is so common in female puppies that there is little to nothing you can do to prevent it. Some clients have had success by using the Vetricyn to clean their private area. We have never known a girl , not to grow out of this problem. About the time, you want to pull your hair out (if you have any) the problem mysteriously goes away. Dr. Calhoun (at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital) shared with us that he sees this happen with a lot of pups, and usually around six months it clears up. Another time this problem might develop is near their first heat cycle.

Charlie settles into her new family!

We are a few days in on Charlie’s medicine and things seem to be getting better, although it still seems like she squats to pee quite often..  We go outside and she pees, then sometimes she will squat again a min or so later.  This doesn’t always happen, but I’m extra sensitive to it now.    She might just be too busy to finish the job the first time :).Charlei stays warm

She got Chilly when we were outside putting up Christmas lights on Sunday :), She’d have fallen asleep in my coat but Elle wanted to hold her..

Other than the UTI, all is going well!  We hung some bells from the door that she goes outside from and she started ringing the bells when she wants to go outside!  She’s slowly earning some freedom, but generally she’s in her pen or under close eye while we work through potty training.

The crate training is going wonderfully, we keep her busy for about an hour before bed and generally speaking she is sleeping through the night without any accidents and not waking us up to get out.  When we have to go somewhere that the dogs can’t join, we are locking her up in the crate and she has made it several hours during the day without any problems also.Charlie being cute under the tree