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~Part Three

~ We Miss Our Sweet Girl

This video (click here) was a couple years ago, after Cabela had had her teeth cleaned and a small growth removed from her eyelid. Ella (our middle kiddo) was all about taking care of her.

Thank you so much for chatting with me, I’ve found comfort in sharing our memories of Cabela. Like you, I feel like it was just yesterday that you were emailing me to tell me her miraculous birth story. She is so very missed. 

Jessica ❤

Breeder Comment

I know we can relate to the loss or the fear of the loss of our beloved Weimaraner. No one is ever prepared to say goodbye. Cabela had the best possible family and life–for that, we are ever so thankful.

Her family knows she cannot be replaced, but Caleb (the gray male they got from us some years ago), needs a new sister. So, soon Clover (another Blue Female) will join this family. We are honored to know them, and touched by their loyalty.

How Things Unfold

~A Beautiful Blue Girl

I don’t think these photos require an explanation. That is a perfect scenario for a Sunday when I am behind the curve. (Haha)

Featured OwyheeStar — Faith

faith 008CHappy Holidays.

I just wanted to let you know Faith is doing great .We did some dove hunting she was outstanding and we have done some other hunting were she did great for the first year. Thanks for the great dog and friend

As you well know, this is our second family OwyheeStar Weimaraner. Faith and I look forward to more bird hunting. ~ Jeff (Montague, CA)

Featured Weimaraner — Delilah

It is hard to put into words how Delilah has changed my life…

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I have tried multiple times to sit down and write about how much I have enjoyed getting a Weim and how it has changed my life. I can’t describe it perfectly, no matter how hard I try. There is no way to really share how much having Delilah in my life has changed me. She is by far the greatest dog I have ever had.

Delilah — My OwyheeStar Blue Weimaraner

She is smart, loves to cuddle; she has protected me on some of my night time jogs. She has given me many laughs, and she has taught me to be patient. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to adopt Delilah. You were absolutely amazing to work with. I’ve heard many horror stories about working with breeders, but I have nothing but good things to say about you. My vet was very impressed with the quality of a dog that Delilah is, and the materials you gave me. Every chance I get I direct people your direction when they talk about adopting a Weim.

You folks got it right!

Here is a bit about how Delilah has developed (your personalty test was spot-on =D): She is very well-mannered and observant. When I taught her to sit (a week after I got her) I first asked my friend 1 year  Golden Retriever to sit in front of Delilah. Delilah watched as the Golden obeyed and was rewarded. Then I turned to Delilah and asked her to sit. She did it immediately and has done it every time since. It amazes me that she can learn by simply watching. Training her has been very easy. She was pretty much potty trained when I got her, she has known how to sit and lay down since the first month I have had her. She now knows how to heel, come, stay, and wait.

Delilah not only snuggles, she is fast…
Delilah LOVES to chase. I take her to a 26 acre off leash dog park multiple times a week and just let her run and play. Her favorite toy is her chuck-it. She could chase that ball all day if she could. Above all, her favorite thing to do is cuddle. She thinks she is a lap dog and is constantly finding a way to sit/lay on my lap. She is very shy of people, but once she warms up she just loves to lick and cuddle.

There may well be a second Weimaraner in our future…
Anyway, Thank you so much for everything! Delilah is such a great dog that she has convinced my boyfriend that we need a second Weim in the next couple of years.