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Laughing Again

Thanks To Lily


I had to share. Lily was extra precious today. The top picture is her watching me fold laundry. The bottom is from her day camp’s Instagram page. They always try to get pictures of her but she doesn’t usually stop long enough. Today they got three! One with two of her “dog buddies”. I can never thank you enough. My son said it best. “Now that we have Lily Mom, we finally laugh again. Really laugh. ❤️


Breeder Comment

Please, Lily is infamous in her circle of friends and family. Most of her photos find her her wrapped in her human brother’s arms. She is a busy and happy girl. We see her often on Facebook. What can we love more than seeing a family activity and there is the Weimaraner? Nothing much! There is always the question when the family is camping or doing some fun activity, where is their Weim child? We don’t know. Not every activity is Weim friendly; however, some families go to great lengths to be inclusive. We love it.

We are glad Lily has brought healing to the family. You had been through a rough patch of unfortunate circumstances. I think when we walk through catastrophe, we either become bitter and resentful or frame everything in the future as a blessing. We are glad Lily is one of the many blessings. Thank you, for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

Weimaraner in the White House

Bandit Christmas 2011(1)Long before the Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog, or the Bush’s Scottish Terrier and their English Springer Spaniel (Spot) there was another dog in the White you might find familiar looking. She was a Weimaraner named Heidi, owned by President Eisenhower. (Click here to see a photo of Heidi.) Heidi split time at the White House and Ike’s Gettysburg farm.

Post WWII Weimaraner Popularity

Finding a Weimaraner in the White House during the mid-fifties seems apropos. Many Germans were hard-pressed to keep their Weims during and after World War II (WWII). Many a well-bred Weimaraner was sent to America, and some came with returning servicemen. The height of the Weim’s popularity was post WWII, but the touted ‘wonder dog’ failed many a person’s expectations. All too soon, they fell out of favor. It seems they have been eating the Labrador’s dust every since then.

Labrador is #1, and the Weimaraner is #32

The Labrador is the most popular dog in America, and for a good reason. They are easy to raise, equally easy to live with, and they do not require constant attention. That cannot be said about the Weimaraner. While the Labrador Retriever earned AKC’s most popular dog for the 22nd consecutive year, the Weimaraner sits at number thirty-two.

 AKC describes the Weimaraner

Often referred to as the “grey ghost” because of the distinctive color of its short, sleek coat, the Weimaraner is a graceful dog with aristocratic features. Bred for speed, good scenting ability, courage and intelligence, he remains an excellent game hunter and active participant in other dog sports.

Originally known as the Weimer Pointer (derived from the court that sponsored the breed), the Weimaraner is a product of selective German breeding and comes from the same general stock as other German hunting breeds. It is believed to be a descendant of the Bloodhound and was originally used to hunt wolves, deer and bear. Over the years because of the rarity of bigger game in his surroundings, the Weimaraner adapted to become a bird dog and personal hunting companion.

Lauded for his ability to work with great speed, fearlessness and endurance when on the hunt, the Weimaraner is also known for being an easily trainable, friendly and obedient member of the family. This is a breed that loves children and enjoys being part of his family’s “pack.” Grooming maintenance is low due to his short coat.

What choosing the Weimaraner says about us…

We like sleek, neat clean lines. Even if we don’t always have them on our body (Lol), we have an appreciation for them. We like simple elegance, and it is not important to impress everyone with our choices. We are happy with our choice, even if others do not get us (or the Weimaraner).

Quite possibly it says things that speak deeper truths about who we are too! The concrete-thinking Weimaraner is all about the relationship. They are not for the lazy pet owner. They are engaging, high-energy, and more. It requires a sense of humor to live with their creative antics. Nonetheless, we know they give back more than we can ever put into words on this screen.

Read more about the Weimaraner in pop culture–click here!

A bit of trivia–President Eisenhower (Ike) was not the only president to share residence with the Weimaraner!

AA Megan's Blue Boy with CliffHappy President’s Day!

Take a moment to ponder this thought for the day. If you are the King and Queen of your castle (home), are you, likewise, the President and First Lady? Check with the resident Weimaraner, and I think you might be surprised by their answer.

Is it OK to lavish a little extra attention on the President and First Lady of your little kingdom (and their subjects)? Cliff and I think so!