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Edgar Celebrates One


It’s¬†Edgar’s first birthday ūüéČ
Happy ONE, Ed We love you!


Doug Writes

He and the kids are so close, it’s really neat to see how he treats each of the three a little differently. Thanks, Shela and Cliff! He’s a cool dog.

Breeder Comment

This makes us happy. The impact of these relationships will change the future. Isn’t it awesome?

Laughing Again

Thanks To Lily


I had to share. Lily was extra precious today. The top picture is her watching me fold laundry. The bottom is from her day camp’s Instagram page. They always try to get pictures of her but she doesn’t usually stop long enough. Today they got three! One with two of her “dog buddies”. I can never thank you enough. My son said it best. “Now that we have Lily Mom, we finally laugh again. Really laugh. ‚̧ԳŹ


Breeder Comment

Please, Lily is infamous in her circle of friends and family. Most of her photos find her her wrapped in her human brother’s arms. She is a busy and happy girl. We see her often on Facebook. What can we love more than seeing a family activity and there is the Weimaraner? Nothing much! There is always the question when the family is camping or doing some fun activity, where is their Weim child? We don’t know. Not every activity is Weim friendly; however, some families go to great lengths to be inclusive. We love it.

We are glad Lily has brought healing to the family. You had been through a rough patch of unfortunate circumstances. I think when we walk through catastrophe, we either become bitter and resentful or frame everything in the future as a blessing. We are glad Lily is one of the many blessings. Thank you, for allowing us to be a part of your lives.


Colby Finds Comfort 

Kletzi's Colby Baby SnugglesI don’t really send much on Colby these days. But I wanted to take a moment to share a couple photos I snapped of our youngest with him the other day.
Kletzi's Colby Baby KissesIt’s been a little rough for Colby with the passing of our older dog, Sable. ¬†It hit him worse than anyone, since the rest of us were prepared for this to happen. ¬†We’ve been giving him lots of loving and he is milking it pretty well. ¬†Case in point: letting him on the bed with the baby.
He doesn’t know of to be cognicent when she is laying around and stepping on her is a possibility I’d rather avoid. ¬†When he came up to attempt a nap, I charged him a few photos. He grumped off shortly after he realized no nap would be happening here.
The weim grieves loss just like we do. But a little love can help to mend a broken heart.

Breeder Comment

I think Weimaraners, just as humans, process loss in different ways. Some seem to go on with life and adjust quickly. Others suffer intensely.

It never ceases to amaze me how most Weims adapt to life changes. I truly believe much of this is due to their inclusion in the family. When some add a baby, they forget that the Weimaraner was the center of the universe before the baby arrived. Others include the fur-family members without expecting them to be relegated to the background.

Many times a pup who comes into a family with children will be fueled by the energy of the toddler and younguns running around. Unwanted puppy nipping and also jumping up are typically the issue. It can be challenging. In the same family, if there is a baby, it may well never be a problem. The Weimaraner often are more careful and found to cuddle in with the baby. I used to have a photo of a baby sleeping on the Weimaraner. The family said it calmed the baby. Our relationships are complicated and amazingly unique.

Skeeter Improved!

Kaliece Writes

Happy New Year.

I took SkeetSkeeter Valentine_2146er to the pool for some dock practice…only the 2nd time and she’s doing great.

I sent you a you tube video from Gary’s phone.

Breeder’s Comment

You have to be patient, but when you see Skeeter’s Recent Dock Dive you will be impressed. Maybe you remember their first outing. If not, click here to revisit that blog featuring Skeeter.


What If???

Your Beloved Weimaraner Went Missing?

Would You Get Them Back?

Dear OwyheeStar Client,

IMG_0077Question–Did you register your pet’s AKC Reunite Microchip with AKC?

Almost two years ago we upgraded to this fabulous program called AKC Reunite. Anytime after spring 2014, your OwyheeStar Weimaraner Puppy came home with the AKC Reunite Microchip installed There was also paperwork in your packet to help you register that microchip.  If you have not registered the AKC Reunite Microchip with the AKC Reunite Organization we urge you to do so.

Cliff is aware of the number of chips registered, but not to whom they were registered. If you have lost your paperwork just have your Vet office scan for the microchip and use the number to get them registered. Having them associated with the AKC Reunite Program might pay off in ways you never dream. Please read on about Trigger’s recent experience.


Trigger Went Missing


Here he is on his way home after we got him back!

Thank you, thank you thank you for microchipping your pups before they leave your home. Our Trigger is now safe at home. Our daughter accidently left.our gate open and we couldn’t find him. So relieved to get a text saying our pet has been found. What a blessing. I don’t know what we would’ve done. We all cried when we picked him up. They think a female is in heat and that’s why he took off. Time to invest in an invisible fence since the vet suggested waiting to neuter him till he’s a year old. Whew. Crisis averted thanks to Owyheestar!

~Natalie (12/22/2015)

Do You Want to Know More?

I registered him with the AKC reunite with the paperwork you sent home with him. The humane society scanned him and my info came up. He wasn’t in their database, but he is now so if it happens again, they will have him.

The AKC reunite is who sent me a notification that he was found and gave me a number to call. The humane society also called me. So I had two different people  helping him get home. Yes!  Please use our story on the blog so it will help others. ~ Natalie

Here is the notification…Screenshot_2015-12-22-21-07-04[2]

Make A Part of the New Year–Get Them Listed with AKC Reunite Please!

Can You Sing Along?

The Answer My Friend is Blowing in the Wind12076527_1170217196325578_282088048_o

Not a New Concept

Bob Dylan wrote and sang of finding answers in the blowing of the wind. Several artists have done a remake of this popular 60’s top tune. There have been many remakes of that song; some might be better than the original listed here. Nonetheless, it is etched in our memories–at least for those growing up in the 60’s.

Ears–The Weimaraner ear situation can be challenging. Like any flop-eared dog, a person needs to keep tabs on the condition of the ear. Clean them on a regular basis. Zymox makes some good products. Some ear issues are yeast-based and affected by diet. Moisture can contribute to bacterial growth–sometimes a powder ear product can help a lot.Vetericyn makes an excellent ear product; regular Vetricyn by all appearances will work. The ingredients are the same. In a pinch, a 50% cider vinegar and pure water mix can certainly be used. Never probe the ear canal. Clean the outer ear only, being sure not to push wax and debris deeper. After a swim or a bath, the powder can help the ear canal dry.

Sunday View

Smoke Permeates the Treasure Valley

¬† ¬† …and most of Eastern Oregon and Idaho¬†

Smokey day for Toby, Ryan, and BrittanyYesterday, was a smokey day on top of East Mountain Lookout. Toby is with his folks–Ryan and Brittany. There is no escaping it wherever you go it seems. New fires have erupted. Some are from sparks floating from existing fires and others from lightning strikes. Our hearts go out to those facing the firsthand ravages of the fires–prayers for safety. There has been the loss of life and property. In the valley, the smoke has created another health hazard. Our air quality in some places is very poor and others it has reached dangerous.

If you are interested in more information on the fires that are blazing through the Northwest click here. Here is a map they have posted listing the current fire status. I said yesterday that there must be fifty fires; however, I was wrong. There is nearly double that number. lg_fire_nifc_2015-08-16


Loving, Fun, and Friendly

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My fiance and I have a puppy from Cindee and Blue’s 12/9/14 litter. We’ve been meaning to send you an update on him! He is such a loving, fun and friendly puppy! Since we live in Portland we wanted to go with a Portland name, so we named him Burnside after one of the main streets and bridges in the city. We have loved getting to know him and have him become such a big part of our family over the last 7 months. We took him to puppy kindergarten this spring and he graduated with flying colors. He is such a smart dog! We always get so many compliments from other dog owners at the dog park and from our various sitters that watch him. Everyone seems to love him ūüôā
At his 8 month vet checkup he weighed in at 55lbs. We’re waiting to see when he’ll start getting taller :). He is quite the cuddle bug and definitely a velcro-dog, staying at our side whenever possible. He adjusted to his crate fairly well and has earned our trust to be home alone, not in his crate for a few hours at a time. He was a dream to potty train! Only 5 days of tracking him around the house before he started asking to go out.
Being our first puppy he has been quite an adventure! But worth the time investment. I’m already thinking about when we should put ourselves on the waiting list for another!
Attaching some pictures for you to enjoy. Thank you for giving us such an amazing puppy! We love him.
Hope you are doing well,
Kellen & Jordan


Hello OwyheeStar

It’s Geoff and Fallon here with a couple of quick puppy update photos. It took me a while to get a good outside picture, but I attached a few. We got her set up for all the vet stuff, chip registered and have the AKC transfer in progress.

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The Weimaraner Clings

Molly is doing excellent, learning quickly (as we expected), and we never knew just how clingy these Weims were until we finally got one, hah! She is doing great with the crate and the kitty as well.


I have one quick question for you regarding her ears. I’ve seen a little bit of earwax: it was nothing more than the expected amount. Nevertheless, I was wondering what you and Cliff use for ear cleaning and how often you clean them?

Breeder’s Comment: There are many good products that you can use. We use Vetericyn quite often. If the Weim appears to have a wet ear we often use a powder to create a dryer atmosphere. The moist ear is best avoided. It makes for a perfect environment for bacterial and viral infections–not to mention yeast infections. We use a powder after the bath or swim to ensure the ear dries out.¬† Any good non-alcohol ear cleanser can be used. Ear maintenance is nothing to be overlooked. Some ear canals are smaller than other, and this can create an ongoing ear issue. When cleaning the ear, you can use a cosmetic pad (a round cotton pad) to clean the outer ear. A Q-tip can be used, but you should never dig deep, or push the wax into the inner ear.¬† A homemade mixture of 50% cider vinegar and 50% purified water can be used to instead of¬†store bought the cleanser. This vinegar mixture can be useful if the problem is yeast based. There are some very good over the counter products. One you might consider other than Vetercicyn is Zymox. ¬†

Luey is a Gem

A Note from Julia

My name is Julia, and My parents live with and for Luey the Bluey van de Ven. I have been totally smitten with him since he was a pup. (They are Carmella & Martin.)

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I have been looking for just the right dog, recently, since losing my best friend two years ago.

Luey is Well-balanced

I respect the time and effort you put into Luey’s breeding as well as shaping his world. Now that I live with Carmella and Martin, I am so lucky to take Luey running, hiking, to social events. Sometimes we just hang out – like this weekend when my brother in law finished the Leadville 50. The personality and composure of Luey cannot be matched.
I am a Registered Veterinary Technician & have 20+ years in the field. That said, I ¬†expect my only dog to be active with me. The list of potential activities will include doing the things he/she has a penchant for – obedience, agility, rally, conformation, tracking…., etc. I want to know what the dog likes! (Who doesn’t love agility?)
I cannot wait to hear from you! In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of Luey.
Breeder’s Note; As you might guess, we receive a goodly number of inquiries that are a direct result of a loss. It is beyond sad to hear of such a loss; however, we know these precious creatures do not live long enough to suit our taste.¬†
Return clients, as well as referrals, make up a considerable percentage of our puppy placements. On more than one litter, fifty percent would fall into this category. We cannot thank you enough for sending good folks our direction. We do not take your vote of confidence lightly.