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Sunday Faces

~Honestly, can we get too many looks?

–going with anything is better than news, and puppy faces are a welcome relief.

Puppy Faces

Spring Pups 2020

Maybe This

~ When Shela runs out of Updates and Words

Dear Friends, I am positive I have a little something tucked here or there, but it alludes me. I will check again to see what I have for the coming week. I hope something. (Haha) Today–I thought you might forgive me for taking the more natural approach–puppy faces are typically welcome.

Housecleaning is for the Birds

I Wonder Why Mom Does This!


She would be a lot happier playing with me. Wait a minute. I guess it is me that would be a lot happier. Maybe she would be happy if I am happy. How I am, I doing? This unspoken exchange is a like a perplexing chess match. The match is on. I cannot tell where it is going. I got the right game face, though.