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Pumpkin Sunday

Sadie likes pumpkin and apple

You are telling the whole world what???

You are telling the whole world what???

This is Ron with exciting news about an outstanding product we stumbled upon.  You might know all about it but if not it’s good to check it out and recommend to clients.
Prior to finding this product, we had been feeding Sadie yogurt with her morning meal, and pumpkin with her evening meal. 

Got BlanketWe came across a dry product that is excellent.  It’s dehydrated pumpkin and apple in a granule powdery form that can be mixed with their feed.  It is so fuss-free–there is no opening of cans, no mess, and it’s better than canned pumpkin.  The product is called Firm Up by Diggin; their website is

It’s 100 percent pure product, and all made in the USA. They are based in Reno, Nevada.
Since Sadie has been on it her stools, which mostly were good, are all now firm and perfect tootsie rolls like you said was optimal.

Breeder’s Note: We have not tried this product, but it seems to be a great one. We like recommending pumpkin, but this (USA-manufactured) product seems fuss-free. There is a lot to be said about quality, and convenience.