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My Versatile Hunting Weim

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you a little bit about my weim. He has been a ball of joy since day one! He is my best friend, and we literally do everything together. And he gets so bummed if he doesn’t get to go with me when I leave, for something like school or work.
23231453_10156136166669411_7213260034136713095_nFrom a little puppy, I worked with him to become the amazing hunting buddy he is today. I’ve trained a couple of dogs before, and none of them were so coachable as him. He’s not perfect, but we are still in some of the training. By next summer he should be on point!!! He has an amazing nose, and I’m amazed by what he’ll find.
He is always happy and loves to go for rides in the truck, bed or in the cab with the windows down. And he starts whining like crazy when we’re getting close to our hunting spots outta can tell hunting is in his blood, he’s all smiles and joy when out in the blind, he watches all the birds flying and starts to wag his tail like crazy when they start coming in.
He does an amazing job at retrieving and pointing on birds, he does great in water and loves to be outdoors. He loves hunting!! 4:30 in the morning he’s up and pumped to go hunting and has plenty of energy to hunt all day but when we get home, and its time for bed, he jumps on my bed and turns into a snuggleball and take up most of my bed but I love it.
He has been the best hunting dog, truck passenger, Saturday explorer and most importantly, my best friend. And I’d like to thank you so much for everything you’ve done over at Owyhee Star. You’re my number one choice when getting a dog and always be!! Everyone asks where I got such a beautiful dog and Owyhee Star’s the answer!! Thank you again so much!!

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to learn that Trigger is a great Versatile Hunting Dog. Thank you, for the endorsement. It means the world to us. Most of our business comes from repeats or referrals.
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Featured Weimaraner — Arnie

Arnie and Gil duck hunting near Moses Lake, Washington-November 2012

Our Arnie’s first duck hunt happened this past weekend  He is a natural duck hunting dog. I am now going to get him on Pheasants as well as soon as possible.

Since things went so well, I thought I would send you a couple of pictures of our Arnie on his first duck hunt. I was not able to take him hunting last year. However, my son Mark and I were able to go duck hunting this weekend. We went to the Moses Lake, Washington area; and we took Arnie with us. He was great for his first time and retrieved several ducks for us.

Arnie is a Blue Weimaraner

Arnie is our first Blue; he is a BIG boy weighing 90 lbs. I would agree with you that he is a “typical” Weimie except for his coat color. He is one of the most gentle Weims we have ever had in our 40 years of having Weims. He never growls at other dogs and we exercise both he and Stella about 4 times a week where they can run off leash and also come into contact with other dogs. Both he and Stella never initiate aggressive postures against other dogs. We have had just a few other dogs initiate aggressive behavior but fortunately nothing that became a big dog fight.

Loveseat Weims

Stella and Arnie get along really well and thanks for your recommendation to get a boy weim when our Leela (our beloved Weimaraner that lived to be sixteen years and three months) passed.

Stella watches a tiny Arnie

It has worked out great. Both our OwyheeStar Weims are doing well–Stella stayed home on this trip.

Breeder’s Note: Gil and Fran are experienced with the breed, but even then this breed can be challenging to get raised. They have done a great job with these two wonderful Weims. As they alluded to, the Weimaraner can be territorial and almost aggressive. A person has to be able to work them through these potential pitfalls. Placing too much emphasis on these behaviors can be counterproductive. The person who is matter-of-fact rather than reactive is going to have the best results. It is important to think of these actions in the right way–Cliff says these behaviors are more possessive than aggressive by nature. Therefore, labeling or looking at the behavior as aggression (and overreacting) can ingrain the behavior rather than get them past it. Finally, respect is earned, and the smart handler/trainer learns to elicit in the right manner. Severe correction can only be used in extreme situations. The Weimaraner has a very tender nature. Good leadership skills will take you in the right direction, whereas the heavy-handed approach can damage your relationship.