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Summer Heat


It is that time of year, when those of us who normally do not deal with scorching heat face it head on.

This sign is circulating the Internet. Many folks want to see if posted in every parking lot. Of course, determining if it is too hot will leave a lot of folks making a bad decision. Wouldn’t it be grand to have a device tell us how warm it is inside the car. I can see the day when our cell phone will get a signal from the car–someone is trying to steal it, the temperature is thus-and-such, etc. Maybe in the meantime, we need the sign on the door as we enter the store asking us if we forgot our child or pet in the car. I am not sure what will totally cure this problem. People make decisions.



Revival Animal Health has an article on keeping your pet safe. Yes, they are marketing products, but the article has many good ideas. It is worth the read ==> OverheatingDogPopsicles

Let’s help prevent the unthinkable loss of our pets due to a heatstroke; and remember every year both pets and beloved children perish in this unimaginable manner. Folks, it can happen even when you are being careful. The heat is not our pet’s friend. They do not sweat like we do, to cool their body. They pant. They need our help to stay safe during the heat. It is a small thing when we consider all they give us. Water to drink, shade, water to play in, and sometimes it is too hot to be out for an extended length of time.

Rowan loves her drinking fountain

Rowan loves her drinking fountain