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Featured Weimaraner — Emma Blue

Puppy Class Graduation

Puppy Class Graduation

Training Emma Blue the Pet Store Way

We tried the Petstore puppy class…..Eh. It was great for socialization, and of course Emma learned all the commands in minutes (sit, down, stay, come, roll over, bow, crawl, etc)…but she would only do them for a treat because that was their training method. We went into the class not using treats, were convinced to use them, and now we are not using them anymore. We found that she became hyper-focused on the treat.

Another method of training for Emma Blue560178_10151414513747591_1764298751_n

At her six month birthday we started the Don Sullivan training you recommended….boy do I wish we would have started that from the get-go! We have seen miles of improvement, mainly on the walking nicely on a leash. Walks used to be daunting because of the pulling, and now they are a daily routine. She still pulls when we go to really exciting or new places (the feed store/a new hike, etc), but we just have to calm her down and let her know she has to listen even though she is excited 🙂 (Email us for more information on this system  — )

FetchKeeping Emma Retrieving

We also took his advice and worked harder on fetch. We like many other Weim owners found that she wasn’t really interested, or that she would do it 3 times and be done. It took me working on it as I hard as I was working on other commands like ‘come’ and ‘stay’ at all times of the day and just within the last few weeks it finally clicked for her. It has been a huge help being able to expend some of her energy by playing ball!

Emma is good at a lot of things...

Emma is good at a lot of things…

Featured Weimaraner — Beorn

snuggle time

snuggle time

Happy six month birthday to our Beorn!  (It’s a little early, but the 26th is coming up fast).

He is a family member!

I am very excited to give you an update about Beorn and his place in our family.  He is growing fast, like always.  He is weighing in now at 48.5 lbs.  Big boy!

Puppy Bites are not fun!


Family Member He is!

We lived through the puppy nipping and got wise and started wearing gloves when we were training him.  He now only mouths us in a very gentle way. 

We all were on the same page with our training program!

The Don Sullivan collar and training video helped us manage this behavior while Beorn was young, so I think it saved us all.  The other very helpful thing we did was to include the whole family (except the cats that is) in the training process.  Beorn listens to commands from both the kids now too (11 and 4). 

The Cat Rules the Roost!Beorn Riddle Snuggle

Our 20lb male cat is still the dominate pet in the house.  He tells Beorn when he gets to close, but they get along ok.  Our younger female cat and Beorn are great friends.  They play hide-n-seek, all in good fun.  They even snuggle together.  He has never shown aggression to our cats, which is a relief.

Beorn is developing into a Running Companion — appropriate distances for his age of course!

running buddies

running buddies

Beorn the nurse

Beorn the nurse

We are busy and on the go and he seems to be adjusting to our schedule.  Alex is at home during the day and I’m home on the weekends.  He does not spend to much time alone honestly, but we do use the crate daily. Most importantly we use the crate at our family meal times and when we are not at home to watch over the pup. 

Beorn travels and adapts well to each adventure!

DSCN2352Beorn loves going to new places and enjoys traveling.  He has been on some snowshoeing expeditions with me at Trillium Lake and also sledding. 

Snowy Nose

Snowy Nose

He loves the snow!  We will be taking him for his first trip to the coast in March.  I hope he loves the waves.  We will be staying in a Yurt, so it will be a fun adventure.DSCN2340

Beorn will be neutered in March as he is showing he is ready for this.  We have an excellent vet and are a little nervous about the surgery, but we know all will go well.

DSCN2337I guess a lot has happened since our last message.  I’ve included some of our favorite pictures.  We are so thankful for Beorn and our chance to be his family.  He has changed our lives in so many ways, we are very happy.  Thank you a thousand times!